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Subject: shared research "Cory/Corey", Adams
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Memoir and Personal Recollection of J.(James) B. Corey
	Pittsburgh Printing Co.  1914

>>>>>J. B. Corey and his family were "famous" in the Braddock/Port Perry area's history.
His father and uncle built Lock & Dam#2 across the Monongehela.  J.B. was a noted river barge man
on the Ohio/Mississippi routes, one of Pres. Linconl's civil war Quartermasters, and coal mine
owner/operator in the Braddock, Mifflin, /Duquesne areas.  He associated with the Mellons and Carnegies
in business and was quite wealthy and well traveled, having met with european royalty and traveled the holy lands.
He wrote this book when in his eighties and there are some conflicts with names and dates.  If I
suspected an error, I either "?" marked or double listed it with a "/".

Benijah Cor(e)y, b. 10/24/1778, Burlington VT; d. 3/4/1870, near Ft Wayne, IN at his son's (John Nelson Cor(e)y) home.
wife: Deborah Talford (nee: Williams) Cor(e)y, b. 9/10/1780, d. 8/25/1872 at her daughter's (Lydia Stouts) home in Wheeling WVA.
They were married 2/20/1799.

12 Children:

Anna, b. 2/20/1800
John, b. 7/4/1802
Alfred, b. 4/6/1804 - "Manhattan Island", NY   J.B. Corey's father
Moses, b. 6/9/1806, d. 2/28/1858
Charles Wesley, b. 7/19/1811
Lewis, b. 9/11/1813
John Nelson, b. 1/27/1816
Lydia W., b. 5/17/1818
Phoebia J., 4/4/1821
Deborah M., b. 7/5/1823
Melissa and Evaline, b. 11/6/1825

Notes: The "e" as added to the Cory name for good luck by sons Alfred and Moses. Benijah owned 
300 acre farm in Manhattan (NYC!), sold and moved to large farm Brookville, Jefferson Co., PA.
approx 1823. Moved to large farm near Ft Wayne, IN; and later to large farm near Peru, IN.

J.B. Corey's other grandparents - from the James Adams, Sr. and Isabella Weldon Adams family:

James Adams, Sr., b. 10/30/1734, d. 10/1824 - Capt., 4th Co., 5th Battalion of 
Cumberland Co. Militia, American Revolution.
married 4/26/1756 Isabella (nee: Weldon) Adams, b. 9/22/1736, d. 9/1825 


Joseph, b. 3/18/1757, d. 11/17/1784
Jacob, b. 9/23/1758, d. 8/23/1803
William, b. 9/24/1760, d. 10/26/1805
Jonathan, b. 12/20/1762, d. unkwn
Jesse, b. 10/2/1768, d. 5/1852
Lydia, b. 10/2/1768, d. 9/3/1847
David, b. 9/7/1766, d. 8/10/1787
John, b. 9/23/1772, d. unkwn
James Adams, Jr., b. 10/30/1770, d. 8/8/1851. married Elizabeth(or Rachael) (nee: Black) Adams, 
	b. 1775, d. 9/1866, Franklin, Venango Co. PA. (J.B. Corey's grandparents)
Isaac, b. 11/12/1774, d. 2/15/1783
Weldon, b. 11/12/1776, d. unkwn
Eli, b. 5/28/1780, d. unkwn
Levi, b. 2/18/1782, d. 10/27/1784
children of James Adams Jr. and Elizabeth/Rachael (most dates not given)

Henry Bowman
	Lydia - married Moses Corey 1830, d. 9/3/1847
	Rachael - marrried Alfred Corey 4/25/1831 (J.B. Corey's Mother)
Notes: Alfred and Moses formed A & M Corey, built sections of Sandy and Beaver Canal.  In 1839,
built Lock and Dam #2 at Pierierstown (Port Perry). They later were storekeepers.

Alfred and Rachael Corey

James Benijah (J.B.), b. 4/23/1832
Matilda Jane, b. 8/15/1834, d. 4/3/1894 in Portland OR

	Matilda married Baptist Rev James Walters in 1850; had two sons; moved to Illinois.
	Later widowed, married J. K. Phillips; had two sons and two daughters - one of which
	was Alice Corey Phillips (nee: Wallace)

Eliza Ann, b. 9/25/1837

	Married William Whitaker, lived in Dravosburg PA, had four sons and a daughter.

Lydia, b. 10/23/1840 in Port Perry PA.

	Married John Baldridge (d. 5/29/1909), had five daughters, three sons and "several others
	dying in infancy"

William Augustus, b. 11/10/1844, d. 9/28/1843

Rachael Deborah, b. 9/6/1844, d. 10/20/1864 Braddock PA

	Married "_______" Cline, died giving birth to William C. Cline who grew to be a freshwater
	sailor in Erie PA.   Husband remarried and moved to Racine WI.

John N., b. 12/17/1846 Port Perry PA; d. 6/19/1875 - murdered by a drunken brakeman whom
he had fired from work - for drunkeness.

Lewis Cass, b. 4/14/1849 Port Perry PA.  Spent 33 years in the "west" and was living 9-10 years
on his farm in Jackson MS.

(J. B. Corey's Uncle's family)
Moses Corey, married to Lydia Corey (nee: Adams)


Matilda Jane
Elizabeth Ann, married John Patterson, d. 1858
Alfred Adams, d. 1883
Mary Emmy, married Samuel Wright 12/23/1913
Moses Jr., d. 1875
William Ellis

James Benijah Corey, married to Elizabeth Ann Kidd (twin sister to Margaret Jane Kidd), 5/26/1853
	children of James and Elizabeth

Magaret Jane Corey, (married  "________" Lawhead ????), married S.C Weimer
	their children:
		Mary L.
`		Elizabeth

Mary Effa Corey, married William Yost
	their children:
		John James Yost
		Margaret J Yost
		other daughter ?? 

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