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Alexander Brackenridge Lot In Allegheny Cemetery, Pittsburgh

Information prepared by William H. (Bill) Baker,
a ggg grandson of Alexander Brackenridge.

Cemetery Records
The lot number is 56 in Section 16. It measures 300 square feet.
Seven graves are identified; there appears to be room for one additional.

Front row includes (left to right) 2, 3, 4, and 5.
Back row includes (left to right) empty, 7, 1, and 6.
The location of grave number 7 is an educated guess since the burial,
is recorded but not the exact grave location.

The cemetery lists interments as follows (dates are death dates):

Alexander Brackenridge: May 4, 1870, Sec 16, Lot 56, Gr2
Sarah W. Brackenridge: 74 years February 18, 1845*, Sec 16, Lot 56, Gr3
Hugh: 17 months, 8 days August 18, 1800, Sec 16, Lot 56, Gr3
William H. 36 years   April 24, 1833, Sec 16, Lot 56, Gr3

The remains of these individuals were moved from the First Presbyterian
burying ground November 6, 1880**.

Mary Porter Brackenridge:  May 17, 1857***, Sec 16, Lot 56, Gr4
Dr. Hugh H. Brackenridge:  September 28, 1864, Sec 16, Lot 56, Gr5
Linwood Brackenridge:  September 28, 1864.  Memorial only.  No burial, Sec 16, Lot 56, Gr5
Susan Emoch:  May 10, 1881, Sec 16, Lot 56, Gr6
William Porter: 40 years  September 15, 1808, Sec 16, Lot 56, Gr7
Virginia Brackenridge  1 year, 4 months, 7 days  March 20, 1826, Sec 16, Lot 56, Gr1
Alexander Brackenridge  7 years, 3 months, 15 days  February 25, 1837, Sec 16, Lot 56, Gr1

The remains of individuals in graves 1 and 7 were moved from the
First Presbyterian burying ground March 20, 1903**

*The cemetery record is incorrect.
This is Sabina Wolf Brackenridge, Alexander's mother.

**This burying ground was in downtown Pittsburgh.
Remains were removed when land was sold for building construction and
erection of the current First Presbyterian Church.  Cemetery records
do not state who authorized the removals although I am certain it was
Mary Brackenridge Ewart, one of Alexander's daughters and a member of
the First Presbyterian Church.

***Cemetery records list an in correct death month.  February is correct.

Who's Who

Alexander.  Judge, son of Hugh Henry Brackenridge.
Sabina.  Alexander's mother.
Hugh.  Alexander's brother.
William H.  Alexander's brother.
Mary Porter Brackenridge: Alexander's wife.
Dr. Hugh H. Brackenridge:  Alexander's son.
Linwood Brackenridge: Alexander's son.
Susan Emoch.  Identity unknown, possibly a servant in the Brackenridge house.
William Porter:  Mary Porter Brackenridge's father.
Virginia and Alexander Brackenridge: Alexander's children.

Cemetery records state footers, i.e., flat stones for graves 2, 3, 4, and 5.
Grave 3 in fact has an upright stone, an obelisk style mounted on a base.
I've read, or attempted to read, all markers as follows:

Alexander Brackenridge, grave 2. It's in great shape, easy-to-read.
"Brackenridge  Alexr  Husband of Mary and Paterfamilias
 Born Jan. 23, 1792 died May 4, 1870."

Sabina Wolfe, et. al, grave 3.  A tad difficult but I persevered.
"Memory of Sabina Wolfe relict of Hugh Henry Brackenridge
 Died Feb. 18, 1845 Ages 74 Years
Hugh, Son of H. H. and S. W. Brackenridge
 Died Aug. 8., 1800 Aged 17 m, 8 days
William Henry Son of H. H. and S.W. Brackenridge
 Died April 24, 1833 Aged 36 years
 Removed from Buring (sic) Ground of 1st Presbyterian Church 1880"

Mary Porter Brackenridge, grave 4.  Marker is very bad shape.
I made what I believe is an accurate reading.
"Mary Porter Wife of Alex Brackenridge February 17, 1857"

Dr. Hugh H. and Linwood Brackenridge, grave 5.  I could read most.
"Brackenridge M.D. Hugh Henry
 Died Sept. 24, 1861 Aged 33 years 6 m 14 days."
 A line follows that I couldn't read.
 Brother Linwood was in the Civil War, died in Tennessee and is buried
 there.  "Linwood Brackenridge (can't read the next line) died in
 hospital in Chattanooga."  I can't read the remainder.

More Information
If you can't get to Allegheny Cemetery e-mail me at
Snail mail is OK:
609 Partridge Drive,
Cranberry Township, PA 16066.
Phone?  I normally let the answering machine pick up but it's:
(724) 776-9798.

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