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Aspinwall, PA / "the" School

*"A small log house of one room, built in the side of the hill on the Stone property just west of Aspinwall, housed the first school. Later "the" one-room school, was built at the corner of
Center Avenue and Fifth Street."

 (*a transcription of Aspinwall School history/information from a booklet entitled
"Aspinwall and Vicinity" by Ethelwynne Boyd, March 1931.)
Submitted by Carolyn "Cari" (McQuaid) Thomas,, January, 2006

Some photos of students from "the" Aspinwall School

ROOM  FOUR / Photo #1 (circa 1906 -- 1916)

Photo #1...."Room Four" is only identification on the back. However, the school building definitely is the Aspinwall School and the students are on the steps at the Center Avenue entrance. Note wooden steps and wooden bannister.

ROOM  SIX /  Photo #2
(circa 1906 -- 1916) ...with wooden stairs and bannisters

 Photo #3......on back:  "From Grace Evans"
 (the teacher here resembles the same as on the Room Four photo above, 
which could indicate a different year among the younger kids)

Photo #4 (new cement stair entrance?)

Written On Back of Cabinet Card:
    "Stewart Minn (sic); Vincent Morgan; John Connell; Willis Ireland; Lucile (sic) Waldo;
Helen Crates; Anna Martin; Elizbeth (sic) Rambow (sic); August Buch" (could be Bush)
(1910 Census: Pennsylvania: Allegheny County: Aspinwall Boro: ED 2: Roll 1292, Book 2
discloses further details on some of the named individuals in Photo 4.)
(Larger images of above photos are available upon request)

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