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Pictorial Section Extracts

September 28, 1924

The following photos were scanned from an old yellowing and crumbling "Pictorial Section" of
The Pittsburgh Press (a defunct newspaper), 
dated September 28, 1924. 
Some photos display a "source" and others do not.  When a source is visible it will be notated for that specific picture.

It is not the intent of this website to plagiarize others work nor to lay claim to such.

This is an attempt to salvage remnants of Pittsburgh's photographic history of people and places for those of us who came along later
in life
and whose family members may have appeared within the photos being presented. 
Photos are presented here in greyscale and re-sized for viewing.


(For larger or better views you can save these images to your computer by placing your mouse over the desired photo,
do a right click, then left click on "Save Image As", then left click on SAVE. Open the photo(s) in your graphic software
and click on the magnifying glass icon to enlarge the image to your liking.)

  Some viewers of these webpages were children on September 28, 1924, or possibly parents,
therefore I've chosen to show the children's photos first, in no particular order, and I've re-typed the photo captions
beneath each photo for viewer clarity.  Following the children's photos area you will find other photos "of the day",
then a series of yesteryears business advertisements which were scannable.  Enjoy!

September 28, 1924

Anna and John, children of Mr. and Mrs. George Leiterman, East St.

Annabelle, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E .J. Kummer, Valencia, Pa.

Bobby, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. Knesel, Allen Ave.

Emerson and Walter, sons of Mr. and Mrs. Ellsworth Jordan, Coraopolis.

Catherine and Cathaleen, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Loraw, of Tunnelton, W.Va.

  The grandchildren of Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Williams, of Smithton.

?Vera Marie, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. ???? Lubinetzky, New Kensington

Frederick, son of Mr. and Mrs. Audley Limberg, of Butler, Pa.

Frank, son of Mr. and Mrs. Peterson Kensington, of North Shelbourne St., Philadelphia.

Richard Emil, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lester E. Burnett, Strauss St.

Divina and Augustin Pizzuti and -- Valentino Pizzuti, children of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Pizzuiti, Third St., Monessen

Robert W., son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry W. Sorg, Franklin Road, N.S.

Sherley Mae Wills, of New Kensington, Pa.

Tommy and Martha Jean Harris, of Ellwood City, Pa.

Virginia Rose, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. V. Johnson, Sheraden.

Unidentified Baby & Woman (torn off)

Unidentified Girl in Chair (torn off)

- Photos of the Day -

Bored with the social whirl Miss Beatrice Henning, daughter of the assistant secretary of labor, is taking a course in a business school, and henceforth will earn her living.  (Source: "Underwood & Underwood")

The "Betty" British six-meter yacht, rounding a buoy on her way to victory in the first of the series of international races sailed off Oyster bay recently. (Source: "Underwood & Underwood")

Here is a fine view of the naval oil reserves at Elk Hill, Cal., looking west,
which Secretary of the Navy Wilbur inspected before his recall to Washington.
(Source: "International")

Commander J. H. Klein, Zepelin expert, shown as he sailed on the
S. S. Mauretania for Germany, where he will assume command of the new navy dirigible ZR-3.
(Source: "International News Reel")

Mr. and Mrs. Elbermont Nash visit their son "Golden Rule" Arthur Nash, Cincinnatti clothing manufacturer, for the first time in seven years.
(Source: "United")

Edythe Lawrence, one of the attractive feminine principals in operatta, "Blossom Time," which tells of the unhappy love affair of Franz Schubert.

Mr. and Mrs. Domingo of Sacramento, Cal., and their 16 children won first prize, an automobile,  at a country fair, for having the largest family. Bread is their principal food. (Source: "International")

Charles De Roche as Pharoah of Egypt in Cecil B. DeMille's big motion picture production, "The Ten Commandments," now playing at the Nixon theater.

Splendid view of the work going forward on the new high bridge over Jack's run,  Bellevue, the second largest concrete span in the world.

Here is another excellent photo of the new high bridge in Bellevue.
This picture is a side view of the big concrete span which connects
the borough with the Northside.

Ten million women will vote for Senator La Follette for President in November, says Miss Ethel Smith, legislative secretary
of the Women's Trade Union league.
(Source: "Underwood & Underwood")

Justine Valse, film actress of Los Angeles, was proud of her ???? bathing costume ???
(Source: "International")

Rengo Belt Corset Advertisement

Thelma Hill, another of this year's Sennett beauties who has received the reward of a good little bathing girl and been given the leading role in a comedy. (Source: "International")

Tom Mix and Dolores Rousse, in "Oh, You Tony," a comedy picture in which the western star wears eastern clothes and discards his familiar apparel.

This helmet of slate grey velvet, with crest formed of black panne was exhibited at the annual millinery show in New York city. It is a late fall style. (Source: "Underwood & Underwood")

The famous leaning pines located along beautiful and picturesque Gravel bar run near Vandergrift, Pa.  E. K. Thompson submitted the picture. (Source: "E.K. Thompson")

G. W. Frush, who fought with the Union troops at Antietam, with Gen. Lejeune of the U.S. marines during the re-staging of the famous battle a few days ago. (Source: "International")

Milton D. Smith, Washington motorcycle cop, holding a rattler that was used by a constable in 1849, instead of the whistle now in vogue by police when calling for help.
(Source: "International")

'GENERAL' ALARM' enjoys a precarious perch on the breach of one of the big guns at Fort Wadsworth, Staten Island, willing to do his part to guard New York. (Source: "United")
This beautiful autumn time scene was taken at picturesque Gravel Bar Falls near Vandergrift, Pa. E. K. Thompson submitted the photo to The Press.
(Source: "E.K. Thompson")

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