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Pittsburgh Press Pictorial Section Extracts

The following photos were scanned from an old yellowing and crumbling "Pictorial Section" of
The Pittsburgh Press (a defunct newspaper), 
dated September 27, 1925. 
Some photos display a "source" and others do not.  When a source is visible it will be notated for that specific picture.

It is not the intent of this website to plagiarize others work nor to lay claim to such.

This is an attempt to salvage remnants of Pittsburgh's photographic history of people and places for those of us who came along later in life and whose family members may have appeared within the photos being presented. 
  Some viewers of these webpages were children on September 27, 1925, or possibly parents, therefore I've chosen to show the children's photos first, in no particular order, and I've re-typed the photo captions beneath each photo for viewer clarity.  Following the children's photos you may find photos relative to the Pittsburgh area.  Enjoy!

-- September 27, 1925 --

Frances, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ben BLOCK, Franklin ave.; Woodlawn.
Jackie, son of Mr. and Mrs. N. J. HUCKESTEIN, Admiral st., Spring Hill.

Son of Mr. and Mrs. URAN of McKees Rocks.

Betty Jane, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. MURRAY, Bridgeville.
Albert William Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. A. W. MICHEL, McLain St., Allentown.

Children of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob MARCUS, Melvin st.
Samuel, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Ray BARTLEBAUGH, Lang ave.

Children of Mr. and Mrs. Peter EBNER, Lincoln ave., Millvale.
Edith Ella, daughter of Mrs. Amos DEHOSSE, Meadow ave., Charleroi.

Billy Ray, son of Mr. and Mrs. William F. AUL of Pittsburgh.

Son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred BAUR, Forty-second st.
Doris Elizabeth, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George R. GOLTZ, Center ave., Leechburg.
Donna Elaine, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. S. DOTSON, Greenwood, W. Va.
Dorothy May, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bob PENISH, Ledgwick st., Millvale.
Betty Louise, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. G. HEPLER, Mill st., Wilkinsburg.
Robert Wright PARKER, grandson of Mrs. Harry G. PARKER, Kenilworth ave., Brookline.
Children of Mr. and Mrs. George KING, Horning, Pa.


Walter NICE, Tamaqua, Pa., who hiked to Omaha for the American Legion convention, being registered by Miss Vera ATKISSON and Miss Florence HART, charming Nebraska girls.


The ever popular DUNCAN sisters, now appearing in their own musical comedy success, "Topsey and Eva," which will be
seen in Pittsburgh on the stage of the Nixon theater.


William HODGE, famous actor, with his favorite dog, "Neighbor."  Mr. HODGE wil be seen the week of Oct. 12 at the Alvin theater in his new comedy, "The Judge's Husband," said to be one of the finest plays he has appeared in in several years.

Princeton Park Ad-s.jpg

The New Plan of Lots - 2nd Ward, Wilkinsburg
The Last Vacant Property In Wilkinsburg.

The first issue of this series is located at: The Pittsburgh Press, Sept. 28, 1924
The second issue of this series is located at: The Pittsburgh Press, Oct. 5, 1924

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