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Ice Making at Beyerlys Ice Pond, 1936

Etna, Pennslvania - (Allegheny County)

Ice Making at Beyerlys Ice Pond, 1936, Etna, Pennsylvania

People at Beyerly Ice Pond, 1936--bottom forefront, smiling at camera, Sam PUNTURERI(Samuel D.), and right behind him (back turned) is George KLEEB. Others unidentified.
Sammy Puntureri was the son of Joseph E. Puntureri - born Ardore, Italy 12 July 1885, and Mary Zatterio . Sam became a Chemical Engineer. One brother was Anthony J. Puntureri (MD).  His other brother, Hugo was a teacher for Etna schools. The Puntureri's had a shoe shop at 21 Grant Ave. (Etna, PA) Joseph  immigrated to America 3 May, 1911. Mary Zatterio was born in Beaver Falls and grew up there. These photos belonged to my father, Edward C. Neff.

The 1880 census indicates the John Beyerly family from Germany had an Ice Business in Shaler Township. The 1900 and 1920 census indicate the Beyerley familys lived in Shaler township and have an Ice Business on Beyerley Ave. in West Etna, Pennsylvania. The Ice Pond was their property.  Some of the Beyerley names in the family were John; Henry; Thomas; George; Albert; Walter; Frank; Conrad; Mary; Maggie; Myrtle; Oscar and Bertha Ella.  Some variations of the surname spelling are Beyerley; Beyerly and Bylerly.
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