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George Wanner Sr.

George Wanner, Sr., one of the oldest and prominent
citizens of the borough, passed away Tuesday evening,
after a short illness, aged 70 years.  Mr. Wanner was
born in Switzerland in 1827.  He emigrated to America
in 1851, and located in New York city, where he operated
a flour mill for a time.  Shortly before the war he
came to Etna, where he was appointed postmaster which
office he very creditably filled.  He served as
postmaster for ten years, after which he engaged in the
fire insurance and real estate business and was agent
for several trans-atlantic steamship companies.  Mr.
Wanner married twice.  By his first wife, who died
three years ago, he had nine children, all of whom are
living.  His second wife is still living.  Mr. Wanner
was a very successful business man and had amassed a
considerable fortune in his life.  The funeral services
were held this afternoon at two o'clock, from the
residence of his son, George Wanner, Jr., North Main
Source: The Sharpsburg Herald, Feb. 25, 1898
Contributor: Norm Meinert


                        WILL OF GEORGE WANNER, SR.

                    He Very Judiciously Distributes a
                    fortune Among His Family--Valued
                         at About $35,000.00

The will of George WANNER, late of Sharpsburg, has been filed for
probate with Deputy Register Fredrick W. Edwards.

Wanner bequeaths to his widow, Lydia WANNER, the use of one-half of
his estate, the front orchard in Elliott borough and $300 per annum,
so long as she remains a widow.  The annuity is to be paid from the
dividends earned by WANNER's 600 shares of stock in the German
Insurance Company.  The widow is also given one-half of the furniture
in the homestead of the decedent.  Should Mrs. WANNER marry, the
stock is to be divided equaly among the testator's daughters.

George WARNER, Jr., a son, is bequeathed $2,000.  Should he die each
of his children is to get $300.  Lizzie STREIB, a daughter, is given
one-fifth of the remainder, less such sums of money as have been
advanced to her; Carrie HEIL, a second daughter, also gets one-fifth,
less advances; Jacob WANNER is given the house and lot, 176 Jackson
street, Allegheny, and $1,100 his father advanced him; C. H. WANNER,
another son, receives $5 and a debt of $4,403 is cancelled; Kate FISCHER
gets a one-fifth, less $4,500, Maggie KAY also receives a one-fifth,
and Emma HOFFMEISTER, another daughter, is bequeathed a one-fifth, less
advances.  John M. WANNER is bequeathed $5 and $3,348 advanced to him.
Should any of the legatees die each of their children is to receive $300,
and the remainder of the legacy reverts to the estate.  The Fidelity Title
and Trust company is named executor.
Source: The Sharpsburg Herald, Mar 4, 1898
Contributor: Norm Meinert