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Subject: Mates-Linhart Cemetery additions and corrections
Date: Sun, 8 Apr 2001 16:37:32 EDT

Thanks for posting this cemetery.  I do have more information than is
posted here, as I am a descendant of Christian (Christopher) Linhart (d.
1810). This cemetery sits on land originally patented to Christian Linhart
in 1785.

The I.M. is a companion of the Linharts who came with them to the area. 
His last name was Moury.


(*I have pictures of all these tombstones.)

The ones I am listing are either additions to the Linhart/Mates burials
there, or corrections.)  I have not listed the others that are there, which
are correct, as far as I know.)  Please note my change of address!  Thanks!

*Hawk, Julia Ann, "wife of Michael Linhart, Died July 20, 1870, Aged 94
years"  (Her married name is not listed on the tomb.)
The poem (which is also on her son Michael's tomb) says:

                            Mourn not for me, I am at rest
                         My soul is ....... , my Saviour blest
                         I am from (grief?) and (sorrow?) free
                           Prepare for death and follow me."

*Linheart, Christopher (Christian, Sr.) 1722-4/15/1810 - This is the way the
name is spelled on the tombstone -  I have several pictures of it.
*Linheart, Mary (Anna Maria Heindler) 1740-2/9/1827 - Also spelled Linheart.
She is the wife of Christian, Sr.

*Linhart, Christian (NOT Chris. M. - I just went back and magnified my
picture of the tombstone on my computer, and it definitely says
"Christian Linhart"! died 8/15/1823 - 21 years.  (Son of Julia Ann Hawk and
Michael Linhart)

*Linhart, Michael 1/10/1770-10/31/1818 (a tree has grown where his headstone
marker was, but the footstone marked
"M.L." is still there. It is between Julia Ann Hawk and their son, Christian.

*Linhart, Peter 3/17/1805-4/18/1878 (unreadable, but these are his dates).
Son of John Adam and Sally (Maria Sarah)
Baughman Linhart; husband of Margaret Brown

*Linhart, Samuel (dates unreadable):  dates given by Linhart researchers:
Abt 1784-1831.  Son of Christian, Sr. and Mary.

*I.M. 775  This is I(saac/Isaiah?) Moury, a friend of the Linharts who came
west with Christian, Sr., and his three oldest sons.  His was the first
burial in the cemetery.

*Mates, Mary (Linhart) 12/6/1784-6/28/1861 "Mary Mates Died June 28, 1861,
Aged 80 years" - wife of John, Sr.
(This information from a gg granddaughter: Mary Linhart was born on
Dec 6 1774. She died on  Jun 28 1861 in Wilkins Township,
Allegheny, Pennsylvania. She was buried in 1864 in  Mates/Linhart Cemetery,
Wilkins Township, Allegheny, Pennsylvania. Parents:
Christian Linhart Sr. and Anna Marie Heindler. She was married to John
Mates Sr. in 1802.)

Those are the tombs that still had stones in June of 1999.  Last summer
Peter and Samuel were gone.  I'm afraid that there has been some vandalism
there.  And, with the acid rain, etc., the older tombs are even less legible
than in 1999.

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