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Tombstone Inscriptions from
St. Peters Lutheran Cemetery
6933 Lemington Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA
(412) 441-5775

Section M


Unless otherwise noted, listings & notes were recorded and contributed by
George & Jean Klein, kleingw AT


Contributors Notes for Section M:

Sec. M Readings taken on 10/18/2005

The rows are parallel with the road with row "1" next to the road and the higher the row number
the further from the road. If the stone is above the rest in the row it is given a sufix of 'a"
and if the stone is below the rest in the row it is given a sufix of a "b".

The flat bronze markers are indicated with a "F.B." in the description, and flat granite
(or marble) ones are marked with a "F.G.".

If we think person is still living we put in "*" for any dates given, for example, July 3, 1950
as born date would be given as *,*, ****, or another example would be;
1950-blank would be given as 19**-blank


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Posted: January 18, 2006 / Last Update: February 26, 2009
Surname, First Name, Birthdate, Deathdate, Other
BARREN, LUCILLE "Kitty", 1930-2003, FG, Sec. M, row 1
BLACKWELL, CHARLES H., Oct. 3, 1936-Jan. 28, 2004, Remembered by loved ones, FB, Sec. M, row 1
BOOKER, M., no dates, cem. tag, Sec. M, lot 19, gr 3, row 1
BROADUS, JULIA E., Sept. 11, 1919-Mar. 10, 2002, FB, Sec. M, row 1
BYRD, EPHRAIM RICHARD, Nov. 30, 1920, Nov. 12, 2002, S1 US Navy WWII, FM, Sec. M, row 1
ELEAZER, AARON W., 1982-2005, Forever in our hearts, engraved photo, Sec. M, row 2
FIELDS, CATHERINE, Dec. 16, 1936-Apr. 18, 2003, In loving memory, FB, Sec. M, row 1
FREEMAN, DONALD, Nov. 22, 1931-Feb. 4, 2003, Sgt US Air Force, FB, Sec. M, row 1
HARKNES, JESSIE, Sep.9, 1918-Mar. 20, 2003, In loving memory, FB, Sec. M, row 1
HAWTHORNE, K., no dates, cem. tag, Sec. M, lot 18, gr 6, row 1
JACKSON, HARTWELL, 1916-2002, FG, Sec. M, row 1
JACKSON, MARY, Jan. 22, 1917-Mar. 1, 2003, Beloved mother, FB, Sec. M, row 1
JENKINS, I., no dates, cem. tag, Sec. M, lot 18, gr 3, row 1
JOHNSON, ALVIN, Jr., July 12, 1925-Dec. 27, 2001, US Navy WWII, FB, Sec. M, row 1
JONES, DALE L., Aug. 16, 1940-Jan. 23, 2003, US Marine Corps Vietnam, FB, Sec. M, row 1
JONES, ROSE L., Oct. 23, 1914-Feb. 25, 2002, Beloved mother & sister, FB, Sec. M, row 1
LOVE, ROBERT L., Mar. 3, 1938-Feb. 16, 2003, If any man serve me let him follow me, John 12: 26, engraved fish, Sec. M, row 1
MAR, NEZIAH, Jun. 19, 1928-Jan. 31, 2004, FG, Sec. M, row 1
MAR, PEARL F., Mar. 12, 1933-Feb. 22, 2005, mother, FG, Sec. M, row 2
OWENS, ERNEST LEE, Nov. 26, 1929-Mar. 13, 2002, Msgt US Air Force Vietnam, Sec. M, row 1
PAUL, WILLIAM LEE, Dec. 20, 1948-Nov. 20, 2004, Beloved brother, Tubby, FB, Sec. M, row 2
PERRIN, D., no dates, cem. tag, Sec. M, lot 19, gr 5, row 1
POELLNITZ, WILLIE J., June 14, 1936-Jan. 8, 2002, FB, Sec. M, row 1
RUSSELL, R., no dates, cem. tag, Sec. M, lot 18, gr. 2, row 1
TAYLOR, MARGUERITE H., Aug. 25, 1928-Dec. 14, 2004, mommie first, grandmother always, FB, Sec. M, row 1
THOMPSON, WILLIAM M., Jr., May 5, 1926-Nov. 18, 2002, STM1 US Navy WWII, FB, Sec. M, row 1
WALKER, LILA BUTLER, Dec. 29, 1899-Nov. 15, 2002, In loving memory, FB, Sec. M, row 1
WELLS, PHILOMENA ANN, Oct. 16, 1931-Jan. 1, 2003, mother, she gave so much & demanded so little, Sec. M, row 1
WILLIAMS, L., no dates, cem. tag, Sec. M, lot 19, gr 1, row 1
WILLIAMS, WYATT C., May 29, 1921-Jan. 1, 2005, Sgt US Army WWII, cross and flame symbol, Sec. M, row 1
WRIGHT, ROBERT ALEXANDER, Nov. 3, 1951-Dec. 24, 2003, Pv 2, US Army Vietnam, FM, Sec. M, row 2

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