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Tombstone Inscriptions from
St. Peters Lutheran Cemetery
6933 Lemington Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA
(412) 441-5775

Section H


Unless otherwise noted, listings & notes were recorded and contributed by
George & Jean Klein, kleingw AT


Contributors Notes for Section H:

Read on 10/12/2004.

Sec H is a very small pie shaped section with the stones facing in different
directions. We numbered the stones starting at the Section H sign beginning with
Young as #1 and continued down the hill, ending with the Shepley stone as #11.

Flat bronze markers are indicated with "F.B.", and flat granite or marble
markers are indicated with "F.G.'. Flag holders are indicated by "F.H.".


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Posted: November 7, 2004 / Last Update: February 26, 2009
Surname, First Name, Birthdate, Deathdate, Other
BARNETT, HARRY A., 1875-1940, (dbl with Tillie), Sec. H, #8
BARNETT, TILLIE M., 1878-1954, (dbl with Harry), Sec. H, #8
BLISS, MILTON H., April 14, 1905-Feb. 4, 1985, father, F.B., Sec. H, #10
BLISS, SUSAN E., Sept. 3, 1918-Nov. 21, 1986, mother, F.B., Sec. H, #9
COHICK WILLIAM H., 1885-1935, our daddy, Sec. H, #2
GREGORY, HORACE B., died Feb. 27, 1925, looks like space for more on stone, Sec. H, #3
HAUSWALD, ROBERT E., Feb. 19, 1893-April 30, 1935, Sec. H, #4
LINK, CHRISTINE C., May 16, 1861-July 12, 1940, (dbl with Julius), Sec. H, #5
LINK, JULIUS, Oct. 3, 1875-May 7, 1941, (dbl with Christine), Sec. H, #5
POLLOCK, BERT B., Jr., Dec. 4, 1908-April 30, 1940, F.B., Sec. H, #7
SCHIRRA, EDNA B., 1901-blank, (dbl with Ernest), Sec. H, #6
SCHIRRA, ERNEST J., 1894-1939, (dbl with Edna), Sec. H, #6
SHEPLEY, CHRISTIAN, 1860-1924, (trpl. with J. Oliver and Katherine), Sec. H, #11
SHEPLEY, J. OLIVER, 1904-1961, (trpl, with Katherine and Christian), Sec. H, #11
SHEPLEY, KATHERINE, 1860-1946, (trpl. with J. Oliver and Christian), Sec. H, #11
YOUNG, CLARENCE, 1878-1938, (dbl with Sadie), Sec. H, #1
YOUNG, SADIE, 1882-1954, (dbl with Clarence), Sec. H, #1

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