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The Turner Graveyard
Tombstone Inscriptions
3424 Beechwood Boulevard
Squirrel Hill, (Allegheny County) PA

Cemetery is administered by:
Mary S. Brown-Ames Memorial United Methodist Church
3424 Beechwood Blvd.
Pittsburgh, PA 15217
(412) 421-4431


Some history . . .

The Turner Graveyard is located beside the Mary S. Brown/Ames Memorial
United Methodist Church on Beechwood Boulevard at Browns' Hill Road.
This cemetery has approximately 20 to 30 stones left standing but
not all are legible.

From A Contributor. . .
"What I am about to tell you about the Turner Cemetery is from a small
homemade book in the Squirrel Hill Branch of the Carnegie called "Keep
The Home Fires Burning" by Paul Keith Heckethorn - 1989.

He writes of many things in the area and on page 27, he tells of the land
being given on the TURNER FARM by John TURNER. It is less than half acre
and many pioneer families of the city's 14 & 15th wards are buried there.

The first burial in this lot is said to be that of John TURNER's mother,
Mrs. Mary Newton GIRTY TURNER who died July 31, 1785. Establishing TURNER's
Graveyard the second oldest in Allegheny County, with Trinity Episcopal
in Downtown, Pittsburgh, first oldest.

The list on pages 28 & 29 list 52 church members and two Shanwnee
Indians, who were said to be killed by John Turner. The book makes
for interesting reading, but I had to photocopy the pages I needed as
it is the only one they have and is for reference only.

On page 30 is a Chronological History of the Church since 1904 which
is very informative; it also says that some of the corpses were moved
to other cemeteries at different points in time. When I called the
Minister of the Church, after many tries, he advised that they had no
records whatsoever on the Cemetery but wished that they did as many
times they have inquiries. I sent him a copy of the 8 pages that I
made. They will be the only record he has, I'm sure.

There is also a notation in the grave listing that says that there
is a Col. John SCHOONAKER, lst rec. of the Nation Cong. Medal of Honor
buried there." -- (Source: Kay Santa,


The "Historic Pittsburgh" link below (University of Pittsburgh's Digital website)
was provided by Sherri Ihrman, and contains additional
information about this cemetery, its' history and interments. Some of that
has been extracted and recorded below on this webpage.
Click here for Pitt's website

It's been said that a copy of the interments for this cemetery
may be found at the H. J. Heinz Historical Center on Smallman
Street in downtown Pittsburgh.

Last Update: October 16, 2011

ATTISON, Elizabeth, d: Nov. 28, 1828 age 73, (HP)
Bell, Mary R., Wife of William C., (MP)
Bell, Samuel, infant, (MP)
Bell, Thomas, Son of ? Bell Died April 22, 18_8 , (MP)
BELL, William, d: July 6, 1851, age 38, (HP)
BLASHFORD, James Jr., March 15, 1795 / May 14, 1859, (HP)
BLASHFORD, Violet, d: July 30, 1830, age 68yrs 6mo., late consort of James Blashford, (HP)
BOOTHER, Abraham, bur: abt 1820, Revolutionary soldier, (HP)
BREWNO, Henry, (no dates), Mexican War soldier, (HP)
BURCHFIELD, Adam, Feb. 15, 1762 / d: April 24, 1826, 65y/o, (mvd to Homewood Cem.), (HP)
BURCHFIELD, Mary C., d: Oct. 19, 1853 aged 80 years, (mvd to Homewood Cem., (MP)
CARR, Edward, b: Aug.13, 1767 London / d: Oct. 5, 1834, age 76, (HP)
CARR, Elizabeth, Nov. 16, 1778 / Oct. 19, 1818, (HP)
CASTLEMAN, Rachel, d: Oct. 13, 1832, 82y/o, (HP)
CLARK, John D., (no dates), Co. 103 PA Inf., War of the Rebellion participant, (HP)
CRAIG, Mrs. William, d: 1804, (HP)
Craig, William, War of 1812, (MP)
Duncan, John S., Died Oct. 10,1861
"professor in penmanship, Died Oct. 10,1861.This monument is erected by his pupils,
a memorial of their esteem for him as a preceptor, as a citizen, and as a christian friend.", (MP)
DUKE, James, d: Sept. 18, 1835, age 13, (HP)
EBE??, Edward Schenley, d: Apr. 21, 1880, 23 yrs, (worn)
FOWKES (Fawkes?), Samuel, d: March 30, 1863, age 57, Co. K. of 102 Reg. Vt., War of the Rebellion participant, (HP)
GRUEBAUGH, David, d: Dec. 19, 1845, 56 yrs
Hackathorn, Elizabeth, d: October 22,1835, 27yo, d/o John & Jane Reading, (MP)
JEMISON, Henry, d: Sept. 5, 1848, age 62, (HP)
JONES, Delmont, b: Aug. 3,1803 / d: Dec. 30, 1878, age 76, (HP)
LITTLE, Joseph, d: Oct. 25, 1860, age 72
Little, Joseph Jr., b: Tyrone, Ireland March 26, 1826, d: Sept. 2,1886, (mvd to Homewood Cem.), (MP)
LITTLE, Maria L., Mar. 2, 1821 / June 13, 1852, consort of John C.
Little, John C, broken stone June __ ___, (MP)
LITTLE, Mary, d: Feb. 20, 1852, 77 yrs, w/o Joseph
Little, Mary A., (no date) (mvd to Homewood Cem.), (MP)
McCASLIN, John, d: March 13, 1846, age 51yr 6 mo., (mvd to Allegheny Cem.), (HP)
Mulligan, John G., b: May __ ____ d: Oct. 11, ____, (MP)
Mulligan, Mary, (MP)
NELSON, Wm. Co. G 2 US Cav. (War of the Rebellion)
PATTERSON, Anna, d: Feb. 12, 1800?
Patterson, Jonathon,
b: Feb. 7, 1837 d: Feb. 12, 1863, s/o Geo.& Anna, (MP)
READING, Jane, July 31, 1783 / Aug. 17, 1855, (HP)
READING, John Jr., d: Feb. 17, 1829, age 15, (HP)
READING, John, July 21, 1772 / March 27, 1844, (HP)
READING, Nancy, d: Sept. 24, 1816, 15y/o, (HP)
SCHOONAKER, Col. John, lst rec. of the Nation Cong. Medal of Honor, (indicated in book history)
Sutch, James, d: 1854 aged 74 years (mvd Homewood Cem.), (MP)
Sutch, Jennifer, d: 1883 (mvd to Homewood Cem.), (MP)
SUTCH, Margaret, Jan. 1, 1776 / July 29, 1849, (HP)
TOMKINS, Thomas, d: Mar. 1851 (worn), Native of Wales
TURNER, John, d: May 20, 1840, age 85, fought in different campaigns against the Indians, (HP)
TURNER, Mrs. Mary Newton GIRTY, d: July 31, 1785, (mother of John Turner--first burial here--indicated in book history)
TURNER, Susanna, d: April 1, 1833, age 71, consort of John Turner, (HP)
WINDERS, Ann, d: Mar. ??, 1850?, 27 yrs, w/o James, nee TOMKINS, d/o Thomas TOMKINS
WOODROW, Robert, d: Dec. 11, 1836, age 7, (HP)
Zschoegner, Infant son of Traugott & Barbara, (MP)
Zschoegner, William b: July 17, 1852 d: Dec. 24, 1853
, s/o T. & B., (MP)
ZSCHOEGNER, William, (stone buried)
Warmcastle, William, d: Sept.13, 1843, s/o
John & Leah Mitchell, (MP)
??????????e,? 18__ age 2 months & 21 days. Inscription: (I loved him on earth I will meet him in heaven), (MP)
?????ngan, John, worn stone
?????, Thomas, d: Apr. 22, 18?? (broken off)

Foot stones found, initials only:
J. B.
E. L.
E. H.
T. T.
J. S. O.
J. R.
E. R. S.
J. P.

Additional Contributors:
(HP) =
(Historic Pittsburgh website)
(MP) = Mark Pearson from USGenWeb by permission.

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