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1932 Motor Square Garden, (East Liberty, PA)

(Contributed by Judi Erick, Judierick AT aol DOT com)

In May of 1932, a fund-raising Dance Marathon was held at the Motor Square Garden, located in East Liberty --  an eastern suburb of Pittsburgh PA.  Details are sketchy but it's assumed the Marathon ran for at least 5 days and the top prize was $100.  The competition was established to help the un-employed during those hard times.

From the top left column above:

The contest as it nears the end seems to show with a great percentage that the male contestants in this contest have a greater chance to finish in the prizes offered them. . .  (article torn/missing) . . .  the girls have not been showing themselves to be in the best of spirits as exhaustion is trying hard to take them. Florence FRANCHINA of Couple 11 last Friday collapsed into the arms of a trainer at the dinner table, later on in the evening Vera MIKUS of Couple No. 13 collapsed to the floor  during the five hour grind in the third hour, her partner, Tony ALTIERA, the only one on the floor was allowed to assist her to her feet.  Should Vera not have come to within the three minutes alloted her, she would have been disqualified.  Last Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Vera MARCHONE was showing a tendency that exhaustion was going to get the best of her.  Mary PACHON of Couple No. 27 who has been suffering from a cold for the last few weeks and had made herself better known to the marathon followers as "Whispering Mary", but is still in excellent condition.


From the bottom left column:


Couple No. 13, Vera MIKUS and Tony ALTIERA, Couple No. 27, Mary PACHON and Elmer EASTLAND, who have started in this contest together and never made a change of partners.  These two couples are the only two original teams left in this contest, Eddie CARTER has had two partners, Hamilton and Vera MARCHONE, and Vera's first partner was Frank FALVO.  Eddie BONACH, who is better known in this contest as the bluebeard, because he has already worn out three partners, Edna BARRET, Alice BARRET, and Lucy "Hotcha" DENICOLA, and his present partner, Florence FRANCHINA, and Florence's first partner was James ALBERTS, Mary LAMAR, and her last partner, Eddie BONACH.

"PLEASE DON'T BOOH OR RAZZ the contestants in the contest!"

Ladies and Gentlemen, may we ask from you one favor while you are here at Motor Square Garden.  You have come to see the Marathon Contest and to enjoy a pleasant evening.    You are here so enjoy the evening.  PLEASE DON'T BOOH OR RAZZ the contestants in the contest. . . .


Official List of Contestants that dropped out since June:

. . . (article torn) . . . Helen LAMAR, Rae MacGREGOR, Charles RICHMAN, Jessie SHAW, Catherine MINERD, Chester JACKSON, Ethel RODGERS, Catherine BULGER, Laura RAPONI, Lucy DENICOLA, Josephine FRANCHINA, Lois CHESTNUT, Morry MARTIN, Alice BARRETT, Edna BARRETT, John REED, Margie McDONALD, John COLE, Theresa MARTIN, Jerry BUTCH, Matty LaMAR, James HARVEY, Albert HARVEY, Colletta GALLAGHER, Walter Koehler, Colonel BRACHEY, Joseph Fritz HAMILTON, Fess TIBITZ, Margie HALSTEAD, Fannie ORLANSKY, Helen DIETRICH, Loretta THOMPSON, Lucinda BOYCE, Evonne MENJAUR, Mary MAHONEY, Eleanor NOWICKI, Elsie CAMPBELL, Mary MARTIN, Michael LEONARD, Edward DOWDEN, James Graham, Harry FLACH, Bob Barnhardt, Frank FALVO, Floyd STALMECKER, Joe SCHOOLEY, James TONER, Walter MALICH, Edward HECKMAN, Tony CARLINO, Willand BITTNER.


. . . and, so it was . . . in 1932.

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