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Extracts from microfilms of
The Sharpsburg and Etna (PA) Herald -- 1897

(Microfilms are available through inter-library loan
from PA State Archives--Harrisburg, PA)


While researching, a portion of my time was spent reviewing microfilms of "The Sharpsburg and Etna (PA) Herald", a weekly newspaper whose origin is dated 1878.  This paper served several small areas in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, for many years and  included the towns of Sharpsburg, Sharpshill, Etna, Glenshaw, Aspinwall, Blawnox, Fox Chapel. My general research interest was in obtaining copies of obituaries, death notices, and Society column news, such as weddings, engagements, etc., and tidbits from towns surrounding the Sharpsburg, PA area.

The images below are of a slightly lesser quality than the microfilmed originals (because they are copies), and of course none of them can be better than the originals!  Sometimes the originals were faded, creased, inked over, written on,  pieces torn off and missing, and sometimes they were crooked, or folded over. 
To print out a copy of a microfilmed newspaper page, it had to be divided into 4's on the microfilm reader to produce one full readable page, thus one newspaper page would/could produce 4 printed pages.  I did NOT copy entire pages in most cases, only portions that I found of interest.

These files are named to reflect the date of the edition (source) in which they were found, as some images do not display a date in the data shown.  If a particular page contains more than one file for that date, the file names will contain an alphabetic reference (i.e.
Jan-3-1897a; Jan-3-1897b; Jan-3-1897c, etc.).  Any single image could simply contain one enlarged single obituary, or it may contain a portion of a Society column, or it may contain an article of interest (or portion thereof), or it may contain an advertisement.

These are my "extracts" and NOT the complete papers.  After viewing a selected page here, use your BACK key to return to this index page for additional selections.

Enjoy! -- Norm

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January 8, 1897a
January 8, 1897b
January 15, 1897a
January 15, 1897b
January 15, 1897c
January 15, 1897d
January 15, 1897e
January 29, 1897a
January 29, 1897b
January 29, 1897c
February 5, 1897a
February 5, 1897b
March 19, 1897
March 26, 1897
April 2, 1897a
April 2, 1897b
April 2, 1897c
April 2, 1897d
April 2, 1897e
April 2, 1897f
April 2, 1897g
April 9, 1897a
April 9, 1897b
April 9, 1897c
April 16, 1897a
April 16, 1897b
April 16, 1897c
April 16, 1897d
April 23, 1897a
April 23, 1897b
April 23, 1897c
April 23, 1897d
April 30, 1897a
April 30, 1897b
April 30, 1897c
April 30, 1897d
May 7, 1897a
May 7, 1897b
May 7, 1897c
May 7, 1897d
May 7, 1897e
May 14, 1897a
May 14, 1897b
May 14, 1897c
May 14, 1897d
May 21, 1897a
May 21, 1897b
May 21, 1897c
May 21, 1897d
May 28, 1897a
May 28, 1897b
May 28, 1897c
May 28, 1897d
May 28, 1897e
June 4, 1897a
June 4, 1897b
June 4, 1897c
June 4, 1897d
June 4, 1897e
June 4, 1897f
June 11, 1897a
June 11, 1897b
June 11, 1897c
June 11, 1897d
June 11, 1897e
June 18, 1897a
June 18, 1897b
June 25, 1897a
June 25, 1897b
June 25, 1897c
June 25, 1897d
June 25, 1897e
July 2, 1897a
July 2, 1897b
July 2, 1897c
July 2, 1897d
July 9, 1897a
July 9, 1897b
July 9, 1897c
July 9, 1897d
July 16, 1897a
July 16, 1897b
July 16, 1897c
July 23, 1897
September 3, 1897
September 10, 1897
September 24, 1897
October 1, 1897
October 8, 1897a
October 8, 1897b
October 15, 1897a
October 15, 1897b
October 22, 1897a
October 22, 1897b
November 5, 1897
November 12, 1897a
November 12, 1897b
November 19, 1897a
November 19, 1897b
November 19, 1897c
November 19, 1897d
November 26, 1897a
November 26, 1897b
November 26, 1897c
November 26, 1897d
December 3, 1897a
December 3, 1897b
December 3, 1897c
December 3, 1897d
December 10, 1897
December 17, 1897a
December 17, 1897b
December 31, 1897

-- END 1897 --