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Some 1895 Obituaries
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(spelling errors reproduced as is, surnames capitalized for clarity.)

Source: SHARPSBURG AND ETNA HERALD, November 2, 1895


  Mr. Benjimin MILHEISLER, an old soldier, known by most
every one in this community, passed away at the home of 
eis brother, Michalas, on Ravine street, on Sunday
morning. The remains were laid to rest in St. Mary's
cemetery, Tuesday moring at 8:30.


   Jas. M. WIGHTMAN, son of Johyn and Mary WIGHTMAN of
Hoboken died at the family residence last Saturday
afternoon at four o'clock, after a lingering illness.
Interment occured at Greenwood cemetery Tuesday
afternoon at two o'clock.


   Mr. Lawrence RYN one of the oldast and most widely
known residents of Shaler township. Died Sunday, last,
at the family residence. The remains were interred in
Pine Creek Cemetery; Wednesday morning at ten o'clock.


   Mrs. Maggie HENDERSON, one of the most widely known
and highly respected ladies of this community passed 
away at her residence, Grant avenue, Etna, on Saturday,
October 26th at 11 P.Mr  The funeral took place from
the residence of her mother, Mrs. J. M. MARTIN, Fairview
Guernsey Co., O., Tuesday, October 29th, at 10:30 A.M.

Source: SHARPSBURG AND ETNA HERALD, November 9, 1895

   After continued illness of many months duration Mr.
S. D. MORRIS passed away on Saturday morning last. Every
human effort possible was put forth to save his life
but the disease clung tenaciously on until relieved by
death. He was buried Monday afternoon at Greenwood
cemetery, Zeradatha Lodge F. & A.M. attending the body.


   John II., son of Elizabeth and the late Henry DIEBOLD,
died at the residence of his mother, No. 27 Tenth street,
on Monday evening, Nov. 4th at 6:30 from a complication
of throat troubles. Deceased was a prominent member of
St. Mary's R.C. church, at which place the funeral
services were held at 10 o'clock Wednesday morning.


   Mr. and Mrs. O. W. McCULLOUGH have the sympathy of a
large circle of friends in the death of their bright
and interesting little son, Winfield Scott, who died
suddenly on Wednesday morning of dyptheria. The funeral
took place from the family residence on North Canal st
Wesnesday at 2:30 P.M. Interment at Uniondale.

Source: SHARPSBURG AND ETNA HERALD, November 16, 1895

   Mr. Harry SCULLION, of South Canal, street, lost an
interesting little son, aged two years, by death on
Monday. Remains were interred in Greenwood two o'clock
Tuesday afternoon.


   Mr. Jacob KLEIN, one of Etna's oldest and most highly
respected citizens passed away at his home on Nineth
street, last Saturday. The interment took place on
Sunday afternoon at the Etna cemetery. Deceased was one
of the oldest employees of Spang, Chalfant & Co. He
was a staunch member of the Etna Luthern church.


   Mr. Peter MAHAN passed away at the advanced age of
75 years, at his home in Tarentum, on Wednesday, November
13th, at 7 A.M. The remains were brought to Sharpsburg,
and the funeral took place from the residence of his
son Patrick MAHAN, 1815 Middle street. High mass and
requiem was held at St. Joseph's church Friday morning
at nine o'clock.


   Mr. Henry WEICHELL died at his late residence in
O'Hara township, Monday night, November 11th, in his
84th year. Mr WEICHELL lived and died in the place of
his birth. He will be greatly missed in the community
where he spent 84 years. He was a devoted husband,
kind father, and obliging neighbor, and a good citizen.
He united with the Presbyterian church of this place
some fifty years ago, and was among its best supporters.
But for sometime past, on account of physical inability
has not enjoyed the ordinances of the sanctuary.
Wednesday afternoon the funeral took place which was
conducted by Rev G. M. POTTER, and was largely attended
by old friends and acquaintances of the deceased.

Source: SHARPSBURG AND ETNA HERALD, November 23, 1895

Death again entered the RITTER home plucking from its
midst Joseph, the second son of Catherine, and the late
Sebastion RITTER, in his 33rd year. Joe, as he was
familiarly known was sick but a very short time. He
complained of not feeling well a few days ago and thinking
he was not very ill reluctantly took his bed never to
leave it again. Immediately typhoid fever in its worst
form set in and notwithstanding the untiring efforts of
the family and the physician Joe's vitality left him and
he was unable to battle with its ravages, and on Wednesday
morning died. The death of Mr. Joseph RITTER is exceptionally
a sad one and to their many friends it seems as though
the hand of fate has followed them with unusual
destruction. Within the past four years death, through
fever, has broken the family ties four times. Mrs.
RITTER and family have the sympathy of their many 
friends in their bereavement.


   Mrs. Jane DAVIS, an aged and very much respected
resident of upper Etna, died Wednesday night. Mrs. DAVIS was
79 years of age and for over a quarter of a century had
resided where she died. The deceased leaves four children
to mourn her demise:--William DAVIS, Mrs. Samuel MOORE,
Mrs. Jas. HAWKINS and Mrs. George KEIL. The funeral
took place this afternoon at two o'clock.

Source: SHARPSBURG AND ETNA HERALD, November 30, 1895

   On Sunday morning at 4:30 Mr. George S. HANNA, the
oldest passenger conductor, in the service of the West Penn 
Railroad Company, passed away at his home in Springdale.
Mr. HANNA had been in feeble health, for a number of
years, but he worked ahead corageously notwithstanding
his physical condition.
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Source: THE SHARPSBURG AND ETNA HERALD, December 6, 1895

The Death of Mrs. Mary R. Aspinwall

   Word was received in Pittsburg, from Edingburg, Scotland,
of the death of Mrs. Mary R. ASPINWALL, the multi-millionare
widow whose large fortunes are distributed in and around
Pittsburg and part of which was the property now known
as Aspinwall. Her grandfather was Judge ROSS, from whom
the ROSS estate was named. She is also owner of one half
of that vast estate. Mrs. ASPINWALL's wealth was the
endowment of relatives, and with the eccentric and
secluded life she lived accumulated with wonderful rapidity.
Among her eccentricities was that for many years she
allowed no man to see her face and when out shoping with
her carriage caused a great curiosity to passersby from
the manner in whih she dressed. Her face was always
heavily veiled and accompanied by a coachwoman driver.
The ASPINWALL estate was valued at $3,000,000.


Source: SHARPSBURG AND ETNA HERALD, December 13, 1895

   With sorrow we announce the death of Miss Yetta BLOOMER,
of Etna. Miss BLOOMER was stricken down with typhoid fever
some two weeks ago, and while her illness was not considered
dangerous, on Tuesday night, a sudden change for the
worse set in and death ensued in a few short hours. The
young lady had just entered the prime of life, and, with
her Christian character and pleasing disposition had
endeared to her all with whom she came in contact. She
was an active member of the English Lutheran church
and an earnest worker, always attentive to her duties,
and a mark of the high esteem in which the deceased was
held, Rev. DAUGHERTY has decided to deliver a memorial
sermon in honor of Miss BLOOMER. The text will be "The
Entrance into Rest," Miss BLOOMER leaves two sisters,
Misses Nettie and Carrie, and a brother, Mr. Charles
BLOOMER, of Etna, to mourn her loss. The interment took
place on Friday morning from the residence of Mr. and
Mrs. R. T. GRAHAM, Butler street, Etna, Rev. S. D.
DAUGHERTY having charge of the services.


Source: SHARPSBURG AND ETNA HERALD, December 20, 1895

   One by one our pioneer citizens are passing away. On
Tuesday afternoon at one o'clock William SWINDELL, one of
the most widely known residents of Sharpsburg, died after an
illness of several months, aged sixty years. While his
illness was considered somewhat serious, his death was
unexpected and created surprise tomany. Mr SWINDELL was
one of the early settlers in the borough, coming to
Sharpsburg in 1857, and lived here constantly until death.
After locating here he learned the carpenter trade under
Mr. William BURNS, and later was foreman for the late
Jas. SAINT one of our earliest contractors. Serving some
years in that capacity he resigned to engage in business
for himself, forming a partnership with Mr. COWAN. While
thus engaged he erected numerous large buildings of note
both in Pittsburg and Sharpsburg, among which were the
Morrison Law building, National bank building, Pittsburg;
the F. & M. bnak building, Judge Collier's residence
Sharpsburg, and Spang, Chalfant & Co.'s store, Etna. Mr.
SWINDELL was known as one of the best contractors in this
vicinity. About 1885 he retired from contracting and
managed AYERS & ZIEGLERs feed business for several years.
Later he opened a feed store for himself. In 1874 he was
elected to councils and served with distinction. The
deceased leaves a wife and seven children, Mrs. D. S.
DUNCAN, Messrs. Samuel, William, Howard, Bert, and Misses
Nettie and Mamie. Mr. SWINDELL was a charter member of
I.O.O.F. 252, and a member of the Heptasophs. Funeral
services will be held tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon at
two o'clock.


Source: SHARPSBURG AND ETNA HERALD, December 27, 1895

   The Christmas season brought joy and gladness to many
hearts, but to the GIBSON family death changed that
happiness into sorrow. On Sunday morning, Mrs. Anna Harland
GIBSON, wife of the late Thos. H. GIBSON, died at her
residence on Clay street, rather unexpectedly after a short
illness. Mrs. GIBSON for some time had been suffering from a
stroke of paralysis, which though serious, was not thought
fatal, but recently she received a second shock which
terminated in her death, Sunday morning. The deceased lived
in Sharpsburg for fifty years and was a member of the Grace
M.P. church since its organization. Mrs. GIBSON was a
christian woman whose charity and self sacrafice knew no
limits. She leaves five children to mourn her loss, Mrs. D.S.
STEPHENS, wife of the editor of the "Methodist Recorder";
Mrs. Emma G. PHILLIPS, L. S. and Charles K. GIBSON, of
Sharpsburg, and Mrs Henry THOMAS, of Bellaire, O.

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