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Bar on Bridge Street, Etna, PA -- circa 1938 and 1942

(images contributed by Richard (Dick) Wissolik, April, 2013)


Fred Wissolik behind the bar at his saloon at 34-36 Bridge Street, Etna between 1938 and 1942. The bar was owned by Matt Segina, of 137 Butler Street, and Fred and Barbara Wissolik. They sold it to Perkovic ca. 1943-1944. It is today's "Porky's." When the shifts changed at Spang's across the street, men stood at the bar lined up three deep ordering "boiler makers."

A real estate notice for the bar. The sign over the front door is illegible, but the bottom word seems to be beer. The sign in the right window reads "Fred Wissolik, Lunch, (rest illegible). The bar property also included a duplex facing Garden Alley. The Milcic family lived in one until they moved to Lehr Avenue, Etna.


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