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A Contribution From
Catherine Wolken

Posted: February 9, 2013

Former home of Alice and Charles Miller
210 Western Avenue, Aspinwall, PA 15215

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My Aunt Alice Miller moved to the house at 210 Western Ave. sometime in the 1940's. It was next to an alley.

I think she lived in another house before that but I couldn't find an address.

Her husband, Charles Miller, passed away in 1948. They had no children. After he died she rented out the upstairs.

One of the tenants in the 1950's was the Ray Weber family. Their little girl was named Barbie. Later her next door

neighbors were the Carsons. When Alice passed away in 1973 my brother and his wife bought the house. They tore the

porch off and sold it in 1981 or 2. It was turned into apartments after that.

When I was little my brothers and I used to walk down to the end of the street to the little store. We were allowed to

go there and also to walk around the block. Sometimes we went to the playground and played on the swings and waded in

the pool. When I stayed overnight I would hear the train whistle. We lived in the country and never heard trains.

The third picture is the backyard and the porch. The woman is my mother, Helen Wolken, Alice's sister, and the baby is me.


The final picture below, is of Alice and Charles Miller standing by their garage at the rear of their home.


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