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Aspinwall, PA Railroad Station, circa. 1905
(PRR, Conemaugh Division)

Posted November 25, 2012


(Photo courtesy of Gary Rauch, November, 2012) -- (Click on photo to enlarge)

From contributor Ben Freudenreich,
Just recently Gary Rauch sent me the attached photo from a (post) card that he says he recently acquired.  The picture is amazing in its detail.  It must have been taken c. 1905 when the Brilliant Crossing Bridge was completed.  It shows where the Aspinwall Delafield office was located (looks like it must have been on Brilliant Ave) and where the development of Aspinwall stood at that time.

Viewer's Note: A version of this RPPC (Real Photo Post Card) was sold on eBay in October, 2012 for over $50.

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