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St. Peter Catholic Grade School
Northside, Pittsburgh, PA 15212
1st Grade (circa: 1938-39)

(Photo: Courtesy of Nicholas Maslaney)

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5th Row (L-R): unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, Elizabeth McKAY, Dorothy McHUGH, Barbara BURKE, unknown.
4th Row (L-R): Paul FLAHERTY, Regis FLAHERTY, Donald McGORTY, unknown, unknown, Jack MILLER, Joe BRUNGO, unknown, unknown, Nick MASLANEY, unknown.
3rd Row (L-R): Teddy BRUNNER?, unknown, unknown, unknown, Joe LAFFY, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, Donald WOLF.
2nd Row (L-R): unknown, unknown, unknown, Teddy ?????, unknown.
1st Row (L-R):
unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, ????? FLAHERTY, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown.

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