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St. Clare Cemetery
Worthington Avenue
Clairton, PA (15025)

(Allegheny County)

(Compliments of Anna Cotter, 2008)

Compiled by Toni Kislear (sonedai AT gmail DOT com), 2009

Administered by Saint Clare of Assisi Parish, 460 Reed Street, Clairton, PA 15025
Phone: 412-233-7870 Fax: 412-233-0742 e-mail:

Posted: March 7, 2010   Updated: October 22, 2012

(no dates) = means individual is likely still living

Some Tombstone photos taken in this cemetery may be found here:

Surname, Given Name, Birthdate, Deathdate, Inscription, Notes

ALLEN, Margaret, 1924, 1989, 
AMEDEO, Frank, 1909, 1991, s/w Adeline Amedeo
AMEDEO, Adeline, 1914, 1997, s/w Frank Amedeo
ARNOLD, William A., 1934, 2007, s/w Dolores V. Arnold
ARNOLD, Dolores V., (no dates), , s/w William A.
AVOLI, Mary Anna, December 14, 1913 - February 19, 2000, s/s Renato, Together Forever, (photo), (JA)
AVOLI, Renato, July 30, 1904 - December 31, 1971, s/s Mary Anna, Together Forever, (photo), (JA)
BAMBURAK, Michael, 1921, 2008, Together Forever, s/w Carmella Bamburak
BAMBURAK, Carmella, (no dates), Together Forever, s/w Michael Bamburak
BARNA, John J., (no dates), , s/w Dolores Z. Barna
BARNA, Dolores Z., 1928, 1991, s/w John J. Barna
BARRY, Agnes Hayden, 1865, 1946, s/w Bernard B. Barry
BARRY, Bernard B., 1907, 1946, s/w Agnes Hayden Barry
BARRY, James J., 1899, 1975, s/w Agnes Hayden Barry
BARRY, John A., 1901, 1980, s/w Agnes Hayden Barry
BARTOS, Andrew A., (no dates), , s/w Marie T. Bartos
BARTOS, Marie T., 1917, 2004, s/w Andrew A. Bartos
BASISTA, John, 1878, 1967, s/w Susan Basista
BASISTA, Susan, 1887, 1962, s/w John Basista
BEKAVAC, Robert J., August 17, 1946, February 27, 1996,
BELLINO, Nick, 1893, 1953, Father, s/w Marie Bellino
BELLINO, Marie, 1903, 2000, Mother, s/w Nick Bellino
BELLINO, Nicholas S., December 26, 1925, January 14, 1990, US Navy, World War II,
BERCHOK, John A., (no dates), Together Forever, s/w Genevieve M. Berchok
BERCHOK, Genevieve M., 1932, 2008, Together Forever, s/w John A. Berchok
BODNAR, Catherine E., 1901, 1995, Mother, s/w John M. Bodnar
BODNAR, John M., 1904, 1982, Father, s/w Catherine E. Bodnar
BONADIO, Pete, 1901, 1976, Father, s/w Leona Bonadio
BONADIO, Leona, 1906, 1991, Mother, s/w Pete Bonadio
BRADLEY, Alfred L., September 20, 1936, August 08, 1977, Daddy,
BRENDZA, Richard W., (no dates), Together Forever, s/w Mary Ann Brendza
BRENDZA, Mary Ann, 1938, 1997, Together Forever, s/w Richard W. Brendza
BRIER, William, 1880, 1947, Father, s/w Anna Brier
BRIER, Anna, 1890, 1961, Mother , s/w William Brier
BROWN, Ernest C. "Brownie", 1908, 1995, s/w Josephine Brown
BROWN, Josephine "Jo", (no dates), , s/w Ernest C. Brown
BUCHES, Stephen L., 1884, 1949, Father, Photo on headstone, s/w Tekla Buches
BUCHES, Tekla, 1898, 1966, Mother, Photo on headstone, s/w Stephen L. Buches
BUCHES, Mary J., 1951, 2003, Granddaughter, Photo on headstone, s/w Stephen L. Buches
BUCHES, Mary J., March 19, 1951, October 20, 2003, Beloved Daughter and Sister,
BURCHESKY, Robert A., 1916, 1976, Father, s/w Laura L. Burchesky
BURCHESKY, Laura L., (no dates), Mother, s/w Robert A. Burchesky
CAIN, Herbert E., 1916, 1986, Together Forever, s/w Loretta M. Cain
CAIN, Loretta M., 1923, 2001, Together Forever, s/w Herbert E. Cain
CAPANE, Donald J., September 12, 1924, February 23, 1945, PFC CO L 115th INF, Enlisted Mar 10, 1943, Killed in Action, Photo on headstone,
CAPANE, Vincenzo, 1896, 1971, Father, s/w Felice Capane
CAPANE, Felice, 1908, 1997, Mother, s/w Vincenzo Capane
CERASOLI, Guido N., 1925, 1984, s/w Gloria M. Cerasoli
CERASOLI, Gloria M., (no dates), Sister, s/w Guido N. Cerasoli
CERQUA, John, (no dates), , s/w Ruth Cerqua
CERQUA, Ruth, 1928, 1995, s/w John Cerqua
CERYAK, Martin Novosel, 1894, 1948, s/w Mary Ceryak
CERYAK, Mary, 1888, 1959, Mother, s/w Martin Novosel Ceryak
CERYAK, Mark, 1918, 1919, Son, s/w Martin Novosel Ceryak
CERYAK, Frank Kasunich, 1892, 1952, s/w Martin Novosel Ceryak
CHARAPKO, Vivian Verlich, (no dates), , s/w Alex Charapko
CHARAPKO, Alex, (no dates), , s/w Vivian Verlich Charapko
CHARLES, Glenn A., 1914, 1994, s/w Ann H. Charles
CHARLES, Ann H., (no dates), , s/w Glenn A. Charles
CHASKO, Michael A. , 1909, 1985, Together Forever, s/w Anna R. Chasko
CHASKO, Anna R., 1915, 2002, Together Forever, s/w Michael A. Chasko
CHELLI, Domenico, 1905, 1988, s/w Evelina Chelli
CHELLI, Evelina, 1912, 1997, s/w Domenico Chelli
CHIAPPETTA, James R., (no dates), Father, s/w Anna B. Chiappetta
CHIAPPETTA, Anna B., 1915, 1956, Mother, s/w James R. Chiappetta
CHIZMAR, Thomas E., 1919, 2001, Husband, s/w Sara M. Chizmar
CHIZMAR, Sara M., 1923, 2005, Wife, s/w Thomas E. Chizmar
CHOCKLA, Mike, 1913, 1996, Together Forever, s/w Charlotte Chockla
CHOCKLA, Charlotte, 1911, 2004, Together Forever, s/w Mike Chockla
CISCO, Nicola, 1870, 1946, Father, s/w Michelangela Cisco
CISCO, Michelangela, 1884, 1960, Mother, s/w Nicola Cisco
CISCO, Joseph G., 1909, 1961,
CLARK, John H., 1930, 2008, Together Forever, US Navy Crest, s/w Nancy J. Clark
CLARK, Nancy J., (no dates), Together Forever, US Navy Crest, s/w John H. Clark
COOK, William T., 1911, 1985, s/w Ann L. Cook
COOK, Ann L., 1919, 2005, s/w William T. Cook
CROVELLA, William J., December 15, 1916, November 11, 1945, Seaman 1/C US Navy, Enlisted Nov 13, 1943, Discharged Nov 11, 1945,
CROVELLA, John , 1879, 1955, Father, s/w Lucia Crovella
CROVELLA, Lucia, 1878, 1948, Mother, s/w John Crovella
CURCIO, Anna, 1875, 1958, Mother,
DAVADICK, Andrew A., 1916, 2004, Together Forever, s/w Genevieve M. Davadick
DAVADICK, Genevieve M., 1922, 1999, Together Forever, s/w Andrew A. Davadick
DEMAIO, Bellve A., (no dates), , s/w Eva DeMaio
DEMAIO, Eva F., 1922, 2006, s/w Bellve A. DeMaio
DEMEIS, Cesidio, 1885, 1956, Father, s/w Rosa Demeis
DEMEIS, Rosa, 1890, 1976, Mother, s/w Cesidio Demeis
DEMKO, Bela, 1 Nov 1896, June 08, 1987, Father, Photo on headstone, s/w Anna Stanek Demko
DEMKO, Anna Stanek, 1 May 1899, March 19, 1982, Mother, Photo on headstone, s/w Bela Demko
DEMKO, Joseph V., 1926, 1984, s/w Helen L. Demko
DEMKO, Helen L., 1927, 2007, s/w Joseph V. Demko
DEVENTURA, Charles , 1881, 1957, Father, s/w Maria DeVentura
DEVENTURA, Maria, 1888, 1980, Mother, s/w Charles DeVentura
D'IMPERIO, Giuseppe A., 1903, 1991, s/w Rose D'Imperio
D'IMPERIO, Rose, 1905, 1990, s/w Giuseppe A. D'Imperio
D'IMPERIO, Pat (Pasquale), 1931, 2005, Together Forever, s/w Kathleen D'Imperio
D'IMPERIO, Kathleen, (no dates), Together Forever, s/w Pat (Pasquale) D'Imperio
DOYLE, John, 1900, 1984, Brother, s/w Elizabeth Doyle
DOYLE, Elizabeth, 1902, 1999, Sister, s/w John Doyle
ENOS, Tony, 1903, 1976, s/w Tressa Enos
ENOS, Tressa, 1910, 1998, s/w Tony Enos
ESCHELBACHER, Elizabeth A., 1907, 1990,
FAITH, Paul E., 1925, 1998, s/w Mary E. Faith
FAITH, Mary E., 1924, 1976, s/w Paul E. Faith
FERRARI, Olino A., 1923, 2001, Together Forever, s/w Jean V. Ferrari
FERRARI, Jean V., 1928, 2009, Together Forever, s/w Olino A. Ferrari
FINCIK, Elsie M., May 10, 1927 / January 14, 2012, d/o Michael and Mary (Matola) Fincik,
(obit), (photo), (GH)
FILOWAT, Anna T., 1915, 1987, Mother, s/w M. Paul Filowat
FILOWAT, M. Paul, 1914, 1994, Father, s/w Anna T. Filowat
FILOWAT, Edward Michael, March 26, 1943, March 11, 1997,
FILOWAT, Edward M., March 26, 1943, March 11, 1997, PFC US Army, Vietnam,
FIORE, Marshall M., (no dates), Father, Married Feb 7, 1948, s/w Ruth Bindas Fiore
FIORE, Ruth Bindas, 1925, 2002, Mother, Married Feb 7, 1948, s/w Marshall M. Fiore
FITZPATRICK, Mary Mellinger, 1922, 2002,
FOGIE, Joseph V., 1905, 1978, s/w Ursula M. Fogie
FOGIE, Ursula M., 1907, 1981, s/w Joseph V. Fogie
FUSCO, Frank, 1918, 2006, s/w Angela Fusco
FUSCO, Angela, 1922, 1999, s/w Frank Fusco
FUSCO, Frank Jr., 1950, 1997, s/w Frank Fusco
GELETKO, Edward, (no dates), Together Forever, s/w Betty Geletko
GELETKO, Betty, 1933, 2003, Together Forever, s/w Edward Geletko
GIMILIANO, John E., (no dates), , s/w Sandra L. Gimiliano
GIMILIANO, Sandra L., 1918, 2000, s/w John E. Gimiliano
GIRMAN, Rose Jean, 1926, 1991,
GOLDIE, Marvin J., 1913, 1985, Together Forever, s/w Anna F. Goldie
GOLDIE, Anna F., 1913, 2004, Together Forever, s/w Marvin J. Goldie
GRAYSON, Martin M., 1919, 1983, s/w Leocadia H. Grayson
GRAYSON, Leocadia H., 1920, 1997, s/w Martin M. Grayson
GRAYSON, John J., 1926, 1985, WWII,
GRGURIC, Andrew F., 1908, 1994, Together Forever, s/w Julia A. Grguric
GRGURIC, Julia A., 1909, 1997, Together Forever, s/w Andrew F. Grguric
GRGURICH, Catherine, 1907, 1991,
GRUNSKY, John, 1913, 1979, Father, s/w Mary Grunsky
GRUNSKY, Mary, 1921, 2000, Mother, s/w John Grunsky
GRUNSKY, Stephen, 1911, 1976, Father, s/w Mary Grunsky
GRUNSKY, Mary, (no dates), Mother, s/w Stephen Grunsky
HARVEY, Thomas W., 1923, 2000, s/w Mary H. Harvey
HARVEY, Mary H., (no dates), , s/w Thomas W. Harvey
HEIDLER, Kathryn M. Ward Smith, 1918, 2002, Beloved Mother,
HILL, Daniel F., 1930, 1999, Together Forever, s/w Linda F. Hill
HILL, Linda F., (no dates), Together Forever, s/w Daniel F. Hill
HISCAR, Michael J., 1921, 1983, s/w Rose Hiscar
HISCAR, Rose, 1924, 2003, s/w Michael J. Hiscar
HOFF, Josephine, 1905, 1089,
HOWDEN, Paul S., 1912, 1991, Together Forever, s/w Nioma E. Howden
HOWDEN, Nioma E., 1905, 1993, Together Forever, s/w Paul S. Howden
HREZO, John M., 1906, 1989, Together Forever, s/w Pauline Hrezo
HREZO, Pauline , 1911, 1994, Together Forever, s/w John M. Hrezo
HREZO, Carol A., 1944, 1992, Together Forever, s/w Wendy Herchelroath Hrezo
HREZO, Wendy Herchelroath, 1969, 1995, Together Forever, s/w Carol A. Hrezo
JAKIEL, John, 1889, 1980, s/w Helen Jakiel
JAKIEL, Helen, 1900, 1979, s/w John Jakiel
JAREMA, Michael, 1880, 1949, Father, s/w Susan Jarema
JAREMA, Susan, 1882, 1953, Mother, s/w Michael Jarema
JAREMA, John, 1915, 1976, Son,
JASKULSKI, Walter V., (no dates), Father, s/w Edna H. Jaskulski
JASKULSKI, Edna H. Jaskulski, 1918, 1976, Mother, s/w Walter V. Jaskulski
JULIOT, Ralph L., 1918, 1981, Son,
KASMERSKI, Joseph, 1916, 2000, Brother, s/w Leona Kasmerski
KASMERSKI, Leona, (no dates), Sister, s/w Joseph Kasmerski
KAUFMANN, Leonard D., 1915, 2003, s/w Helen D. Kaufmann
KAUFMANN, Helen D., 1915, 1997, s/w Leonard D. Kaufmann
KELLER, Hugh F., (no dates), Together Forever, USA Veterans of World War II, s/w Marian J. Keller
KELLER, Marian J., 1928, 2003, Together Forever, USA Veterans of World War II, s/w Hugh F. Keller
KOJUNDZICK, Michael J., 1892, 1970, s/w Helen Kojundzick
KOJUNDZICK, Helen, 1897, 1992, s/w Michael J. Kojundzick
KOLODYCHAK, Sharon Elaine, July 26, 1981, July 26, 1981,
KUKLISH, Steve, 1920, 1984,
KUSHNER, John J., 1914, 2003, Together Forever, s/w Josephine M. Kushner
KUSHNER, Josephine M., (no dates), Together Forever, s/w John J. Kushner
KWOLEK, Edward L., 1929, 1995, Together Forever, s/w Helen C. Kwolek
KWOLEK, Helen C., 1932, 2005, Together Forever, s/w Edward L. Kwolek
KWOLEK, John V., 1960, 2002,
LABUDDA, Arnold F., 1906, 1991, s/w Marie B. LaBudda
LABUDDA, Marie B., 1910, 1990, s/w Arnold F. LaBudda
LADZINSKI, Beth Ann Brendza, July 05, 1964, April 09, 2003, B, I Love You Bunches of Bunches! ME.,
LAUTERBACH, Harold A., (no dates), , s/w Clifford J. Lauterbach
LAUTERBACH, Clifford J., 1934, 1991, s/w Harold A. Lauterbach
LAUTERBACH, Isabel A., (no dates), , s/w Mary M. Lauterbach
LAUTERBACH, Mary M., 1924, 2008, s/w Isabel A. Lauterbach
LAVALLE, James S., (no dates), Together Forever, s/w Joan M. LaValle
LAVALLE, Joan M., 1930, 1990, Together Forever, s/w James S. LaValle
LAVER, Patricia Ann, February 24, 1938, August 16, 1956, Daughter,
LEDONNE, Vincent , 1910, 1984, Together Forever, s/w Elizabeth LeDonne
LEDONNE, Elizabeth, 1914, 2001, Together Forever, s/w Vincent LeDonne
LUCAS, George, 1913, 1978, Father, Photo on headstone, s/w Mary Lucas
LUCAS, Mary, 1920, 1989, Mother, Photo on headstone, s/w George Lucas
MADDEN, John R., 1918, 2006, s/w Helen L. Madden
MADDEN, Helen L., (no dates), , s/w John R. Madden
MAKSIN, Steven, 1921, 1996, Father, s/w Helen Maksin
MAKSIN, Helen, (no dates), Mother, s/w Steven Maksin
MAKSIN, Steven, August 24, 1921, December 21, 1996, PFC US Army, World War II,
MARKLEY, Donald F., 1917, 1998, s/w Virginia M. Markley
MARKLEY, Virginia M., (no dates), , s/w Donald F. Markley
MARTIN, Leonard W., 1913, 1977, Pray for Us, s/w Ann D. Martin
MARTIN, Ann D., 1914, 2003, Pray for Us, s/w Leonard W. Martin
MARTIN, Armand, 1943, 2007, s/w Betsy A. Martin
MARTIN, Betsy A., (no dates), , s/w Armand Martin
MARTIN, Florence P., 1907, 1992, Together Forever, s/w Mary Martin
MARTIN, Mary, 1917, 1996, Together Forever, s/w Florence P. Martin
MATOLA, Andrew P., 1913, 1990, USA Veterans of World War II,
MATOLA, Lillian Kuznicki, 1913, 1994,
MCCORMLEY, Joseph J., (no dates), , s/w Ruth E. McCormley
MCCORMLEY, Ruth E., 1928, 1999, s/w Joseph J. McCormley
MCINTOSH, Thomas Mack, 1941, 2001, Together Forever In Perfect Peace, s/w Bernice McIntosh
MCINTOSH, Bernice, (no dates), Together Forever In Perfect Peace, s/w Thomas Mack McIntosh
MELONJA, Thomas G., 1921, 2004, s/w Anna Melonja
MELONJA, Anna, 1926, 1989, s/w Thomas G. Melonja
MELONJA, Thomas G., June 21, 1921, September 02, 2004, PVT US Army, World War II,
MEMMO, Raymond F., April 03, 1955, February 18, 2005,
MILAS, Anthony W., 1916, 1981,
MILAS, Anthony W., May 08, 1916, September 07, 1981, US Army, World War II,
MILLER, Ernest E., 1912, 1976, Father, s/w Ellen Miller
MILLER, Ellen, 1915, 2006, Mother, s/w Ernest E. Miller
MILLER, William J., 1911, 1990, Together Forever, s/w Marion G. Miller
MILLER, Marion G., 1911, 2001, Together Forever, s/w William J. Miller
MILLER, Ernest E., 1912, 1976, S1 US Navy, World War II,
MISKO, John P., (no dates), , s/w Frances Misko
MISKO, Frances, 1918, 2006, s/w John P. Misko
MITKO, Joseph S., 1925, 2007, Together Forever, s/w Gertrude J. Mitko
MITKO, Gertrude J., (no dates), Together Forever, s/w Joseph S. Mitko
MOLINARI, Angelo W., 1919, 1984, s/w Catherine A. Molinari
MOLINARI, Catherine A., (no dates), , s/w Angelo W. Molinari
MOLINARO, Donald W., (no dates), , s/w Rica C. Molinaro
MOLINARO, Rica C., 1927, 2005, s/w Donald W. Molinaro
MOLS, Edward C., 1926, 1996, Together Forever, s/w Shirley P. Mols
MOLS, Shirley P., 1926, 1991, Together Forever, s/w Edward C. Mols
MOORHOUSE, Charles , 1911, 1994, Together Forever, s/w Freda Moorhouse
MOORHOUSE, Freda, (no dates), Together Forever, s/w Charles Moorhouse
MORAVEC, Joseph, (no dates), , s/w Nina Moravec
MORAVEC, Nina, 1916, 1999, s/w Joseph Moravec
NAGY, Elmer S., 1913, 1998, s/w Frances Nagy
NAGY, Frances, 1921, 2009, s/w Elmer S. Nagy
NELSON, Roy W., 1916, 1989, Together Forever, s/w Anna G. Nelson
NELSON, Anna G., 1917, 2000, Together Forever, s/w Roy W. Nelson
NIKOLIC, Marko, 1892, 1976, s/w Mila Nikolic
NIKOLIC, Mila, 1910, 1993, s/w Marko Nikolic
OLESKIE, Charles Butch, 1910, 1998, s/w Beatrice Ruth Oleskie
OLESKIE, Beatrice Ruth, 1927, 2002, s/w Charles Butch Oleskie
OLESKIEWICZ, Adam, 1872, 1956, Father, s/w Sophie Oleskiewicz
OLESKIEWICZ, Sophie, 1881, 1962, Mother, s/w Adam Oleskiewicz
OLESKY, Geraldine T., April 30, 1934, June 14, 1946, Daughter,
OLESKY, Margaret , 1905, 1968, Mother, s/w Joseph Olesky
OLESKY, Joseph , 1905, 1983, Father, s/w Margaret Olesky
ORSINI, Peter P., 1912, 1994, s/w Mary Jane Orsini
ORSINI, Mary Jane, 1923, 2003, s/w Peter P. Orsini
PAGLIEI, Albert, 1905, 1994, s/w Elizabeth Pagliei
PAGLIEI, Elizabeth, 1910, 1996, s/w Albert Pagliei
PALUMBO, Phoebe L., 1919, 2000,
PALYO, Michael, 1909, 1975, s/w Helen Palyo
PALYO, Helen, 1918, 2004, s/w Michael Palyo
PAOLETTI, Alfred E., 1920, 2002, s/w Philomena M. Paoletti
PAOLETTI, Philomena M., (no dates), , s/w Alfred E. Paoletti
PARENTE, Joseph, 1891, 1974, Father, s/w Mary K Parente
PARENTE, Mary K., 1884, 1946, Mother, s/w Joseph Parente
PARENTE, M. Gertrude, 1922, 1963,
PARENTE, Joseph, 21 Feb 1891, January 14, 1974, Pennsylvania, PVT US Army, World War I,
PASKERT, Anselm H., 1910, 2000, s/w Agnes C. Paskert
PASKERT, Agnes C., (no dates), , s/w Anselm H. Paskert
PASTORIK, John W., December 24, 1919, April 07, 2009, GM3 US Navy, World War II,
PASTORIK, John W., 1919, 2009, Together Forever, s/w Martha C. Pastorik
PASTORIK, Martha C., (no dates), Together Forever, s/w John W. Pastorik
PATRICK, William F. Sr., 1916, 1988, Together Forever, s/w Helen V. Patrick
PATRICK, Helen V., (no dates), Together Forever, s/w William F. Patrick Sr.
PATRICK, Ronald W., 1952, 1994, Together Forever, s/w Joan K. Patrick
PATRICK, Joan K., 1952, 1993, Together Forever, s/w Ronald W. Patrick
PAVLACK, William, 1916, 1991, Together Forever, s/w Mildred M. Pavlack
PAVLACK, Mildred M., 1919, 2005, Together Forever, s/w William Pavlack
PAVLACK, William F., April 18, 1916, May 03, 1991, PVT US Army, World War II,
PAVLIK, Steve, 1915, 1993, s/w Mary Pavlik
PAVLIK, Mary, (no dates), , s/w Steve Pavlik
PAZO, Gregory G., 1887, 1948, Father, s/w Anna A. Pazo
PAZO, Anna A., 1897, 1982, Mother, s/w Gregory G. Pazo
PETERSEN, James C., 1919, 1985, s/w Gertrude D. Petersen
PETERSEN, Gertrude D., 1920, 2007, s/w James C. Petersen
PETERSEN, Robert E., 1922, 2005, s/w Cecilia A. Petersen
PETERSEN, Cecilia A., 1919, 1992, s/w Robert E. Petersen
PETERSON, Ann, 1929, 1978, Mother, Serenity,
PETRELLA, Frank, 1902, 1985, s/w Rose L. Petrella
PETRELLA, Rose L., 1907, 2001, s/w Frank Petrella
PETRISIN, Jerome J., 1920, 1997, Father, s/w Mildred B. Petrisin
PETRISIN, Mildred B., (no dates), Mother, s/w Jerome J. Petrisin
PETRISIN, Jerome John, July 25, 1920, July 23, 1997, Y1 US Navy, World War II,
PEVAC, Peter, (no dates), , s/w Anna I. Pevac
PEVAC, Anna I., 1917, 2006, s/w Peter Pevac
PIATEK, Joseph F., 1920, 2008, s/w Mary A. Piatek
PIATEK, Mary A., 1920, 2001, s/w Joseph F. Piatek
PIATEK, Joseph F., November 20, 1920, November 25, 2008, MM1 US Navy, World War II,
PIROLI, Henry R., 1885, 1957, s/w Nancy E.Piroli
PIROLI, Nancy E., 1902, 1994, s/w Henry R. Piroli
PIROLI, Louis H., April 22, 1919, January 04, 1996, Father, Photo on headstone, s/w Rose M. Piroli
PIROLI, Rose M., August 26, 1916, February 07, 2002, Mother, Photo on headstone, s/w Louis H. Piroli
PLANICH, Michael, 1918, 2000, s/w Betty Planich
PLANICH, Betty, 1930, 2009, s/w Michael Planich
POPKO, Andrew S., 1914, 1976, Father, s/w Margaret A. Popko
POPKO, Margaret A., (no dates), Mother, s/w Andrew S. Popko
POPKO, Andrew S., 1914, 1976, SGT US Army, World War II,
RAGONE, Carrie, 1897, 1982, Mother, s/w Frand Ragone
RAGONE, Frank, 1883, 1969, Father, s/w Carrie Ragone
RAGONE, Andrew V., September 09, 1924, February 07, 1945, PFC CO B 417th INF 76th DIV, Enlisted Mar 11, 1943, Killed in Action,
RANTA, Walter T., 1921, 1989, Father, s/w Florence M. Ranta
RANTA, Renee E., 1949, 1990, Daughter, s/w Walter T. Ranta
RANTA, Florence M., 1924, 2007, Mother, s/w Walter T. Ranta
RICCI, Quirino A., 1909, 1992,
RICHNAFSKY, Albert G., 1920, 1987, Together Forever, s/w Margaret M. Richnafsky
RICHNAFSKY, Margaret M., 1924, 1995, Together Forever, s/w Albert G. Richnafsky
ROMANO, Mary E., December 08, 1917, December 09, 1979,
RONDINELLI, Cesidio, 1904, 1985, Together Forever, s/w Virginia Rondinelli
RONDINELLI, Virginia, 1906, 1992, Together Forever, s/w Cesidio Rondinelli
ROSCOE, Daniel, 1876, 1947, Father,
ROSCOE, Angeline J., 1883, 1953,
ROSCOE, Stanley, 1900, 1970,
ROSSI, Fedele, 1888, 1947, Father, Photo on headstone, s/w Domenica Rossi
ROSSI, Domenica, 1893, 1982, Mother, Photo on headstone, s/w Fedele Rossi
ROSSI, Guiseppi, 1891, 1972, Father ,
ROSSI, Domenic F., September 09, 1929, February 01, 2006, SGT US Air Force, Korea,
RUSSO, Joseph R., 1907, 1992, Husband, s/w Philomena A. Russo
RUSSO, Philomena A., 1916, 2009, Wife, s/w Joseph R. Russo
RUSSO, John W., 1906, 1989, Together Forever, s/w Angeline G. Russo
RUSSO, Angeline G., 1911, 1998, Together Forever, s/w John W. Russo
RUZICH, Barbara Westbrook, 1947, 1977, Wife,
SABATO, Anthony C., 1926, 1993, Together Forever, s/w Pauline P. Sabato
SABATO, Pauline P., 1923, 1999, Together Forever, s/w Anthony C. Sabato
SABOL, Michael F., 1906, 1975, Father, s/w Mary Sabol
SABOL, Mary, 1909, 1983, Mother, s/w Michael F. Sabol
SAMMARTIN, Nick J., 1916, 1995, s/w Ann A. Sammartin
SAMMARTIN, Ann A., 1917, 2000, s/w Nick J. Sammartin
SCAPELLATO, Roy A., 1922, 1989, s/w Jean C. Scapellato
SCAPELLATO, Jean C., 1924, 1997, s/w Roy A. Scapellato
SCARLATO, Mary Uhlig, 1912, 1948, Daughter, s/w Michael Scarlato
SCARLATO, Ernest Uhlig, 1937, 1954, Grandson, s/w Michael Scarlato
SCARLATO, Michael , 1884, 1957, Father, s/w Rachele Scarlato
SCARLATO, Rachele, 1890, 1978, Mother, s/w Michael Scarlato
SEGEDI, Elizabeth A., (no dates), , s/w Mary E. Segedi
SEGEDI, Mary E., 1912, 1987, s/w Elizabeth A. Segedi
SEGEDI, Michael J., (no dates), ,
SEKERES, Michael J., 1913, 2001, Together Forever, s/w Sophie Sekeres
SEKERES, Sophie, (no dates), Together Forever, s/w Michael J. Sekeres
SENKO, John F., 1915, 2005, s/w Mary A. Senko
SENKO, Mary A., (no dates), , s/w John F. Senko
SENKO, John F., July 22, 1915, March 17, 2005, SGT US Army, World War II,
SESTITO, Louis, 1889, 1948, Father, Photo on headstone, s/w Theresa Sestito
SESTITO, Theresa, 1894, 1959, Mother, s/w Louis Sestito
SHAFFER, James M., 1925, 2008, Together Forever, s/w Marie A. Shaffer
SHAFFER, Marie A., 1924, 2007, Together Forever, s/w James M. Shaffer
SHAHEEN, Leslie, 1913, 1988, Together Forever, s/w Blanche Shaheen
SHAHEEN, Blanche, 1918, 2009, Together Forever, s/w Leslie Shaheen
SHAR, Pat J., (no dates), , s/w Esther L. Shar
SHAR, Esther L., 1928, 2000, s/w Pat J. Shar
SHAR, Philip, 1921, 2008, Father, Photo on headstone, s/w Milda Shar
SHAR, Milda, 1922, 2000, Mother, Photo on headstone, s/w Philip Shar
SHARKEY, Annette M., 1916, 1994, s/w Ronald D. Sharkey
SHARKEY, Ronald D., (no dates), Beloved Son, United States Air Force, s/w Annette M. Sharkey
SIDONE, Arthur D, November 17, 1924, April 10, 1945, Pennsylvania, PFC 13 INF 8 DIV, World War II,
SIDONE, Giocondo, 1897, 1963, Father, s/w Maria Sidone
SIDONE, Maria, 1899, 1977, Mother, s/w Giocondo Sidone
SIDONE, Arthur , 1924, 1945, Son, s/w Giocondo Sidone
SILER, Vincent F., 1917, 1999, Together Forever, s/w Pearl V. Siler
SILER, Pearl V., 1923, 2002, Together Forever, s/w Vincent F. Siler
SIMUN, George, 1898, 1979, Father, s/w Marie Simun
SIMUN, Marie, 1906, 1983, Mother, s/w George Simun
SLAVICK, George M., 1918, 1992, s/w Sophia E. Slavick
SLAVICK, Sophia E., (no dates), , s/w George M. Slavick
SLAVICK, Bernard S., 1954, 1998,
SMITH, Lewis J., 6 Jan 1897, September 23, 1946, PVT CO B 116th M T C, Enlisted Aug 28, 1918, Discharged July 23, 1919,
SOLTIS, Michael, 1878, 1948, Father, s/w Mary Soltis
SOLTIS, Mary, 1881, 1959, Mother, s/w Michael Soltis
SPLENDA, James M., 1913, 1976, Father, s/w Margaret Splenda
SPLENDA, Margaret, 1920, 1996, Mother, s/w James M. Splenda
SPOLIDINI, Frank, 1900, 1984, s/w Martha M. Spolidini
SPOLIDINI, Martha M., 1907, 1990, s/w Frank Spolidini
SPROUSE, Kirk R., 1980, 1992,
STEIN, David, (no dates), , s/w Anne Stein
STEIN, Anne, 1935, 1996, s/w David Stein
STOFFA, Joseph, May 16, 1914, July 24, 1996, Husband, s/w Julia Ann Stoffa
STOFFA, Julia Ann, February 15, 1918, February 08, 2006, Wife, s/w Joseph Stoffa
STOFFA, Joseph, May 16, 1914, July 24, 1996, PVT US Army, World War II,
STONICK, Rose, 1911, 1963, Mother,
TACHOIR, Gertrude C., September 09, 1914, July 31, 1963, Beloved Wife,
TELEGA, Stanley A., 1918, 1991, Together Forever, s/w Margaret P. Telega
TELEGA, Margaret P., (no dates), Together Forever, s/w Stanley A. Telega
THOMAS, Joseph John, September 20, 1975, PVT US Army, World War II,
THOMAS, Andy, 1882, 1948, Father, s/w Annie Thomas
THOMAS, Annie, 1890, 1959, Mother, s/w Andy Thomas
THOMAS, John E., January 03, 1928, December 23, 1993,
THORNTON, Thomas J., 1932, 2009, Together Forever, s/w Ruth Thornton
THORNTON, Ruth , (no dates), Together Forever, s/w Thomas J. Thornton
TRIGLIA, Anthony V., 1921, 1991, Together Forever, s/w Anna Mae Triglia
TRIGLIA, Anna Mae, (no dates), Together Forever, s/w Anthony V. Triglia
TROCHECK, Andrew J., 1914, 1995, s/w Mary E. Trocheck
TROCHECK, Mary E., (no dates), , s/w Andrew J. Trocheck
TROCHECK, Michael T., 1957, 1977, Son,
TROCHECK, Michael P., (no dates), Father, s/w Elena D. Trocheck
TROCHECK, Elena D., 1924, 1977, Mother, s/w Michael P. Trocheck
TUCCI, John, 1908, 1990, s/w Sara Tucci
TUCCI, Sara, 1916, 1988, s/w John Tucci
URBANEK, Joseph, 1904, 1995, s/w Sophia Urbanek
URBANEK, Sophia , 1907, 2002, s/w Joseph Urbanek
VALENZESI, Alex, 1896, 1985, Together Forever, s/w Yolanda Valenzesi
VALENZESI, Yolanda, 1913, 1983, Together Forever, s/w Alex Valenzesi
VALT, Virgilio, 1898, 1983, s/w Elena Valt
VALT, Elena , 1898, 1990, s/w Virgilio Valt
VASIL, Michael, 1895, 1976, s/w Mary Vasil
VASIL, Mary, 1912, 1990, s/w Michael Vasil
VITELLI, Florence, 1929, 1949, Daughter,
VOYTELL, Jack, 1904, 1976, s/w Mary L. Voytell
VOYTELL, Mary L., 1908, 1996, s/w Jack Voytell
WARD, William, 1871, 1958, Father,
WARD, Margaret J., 1881, 1965, Mother,
WATKO, Joseph, 1917, 1987,
WATKO, Martin S., June 04, 1931, October 08, 1998, CPL US Army, Korea,
WATKO, Joseph, 1917, 1987,
WILSON, Bertha, 1913, 1996,
YAKSICK, Joseph A., 1917, 1999, s/w Rose J. Yaksick
YAKSICK, Rose J., 1925, 2003, s/w Joseph A. Yaksick
YANIK, Benedict M., 1924, 2004, s/w Ann M. Yanik
YANIK, Ann M., (no dates), , s/w Benedict M. Yanik
ZAMBICK, John S., September 08, 1910, January 12, 1949, Pennsylvania, PFC 160 Field Arty Bn, World War II PH,
ZITNEY, John M., 1929, 2008, s/w Dolores L. Zitney
ZITNEY, Dolores L., (no dates), , s/w John M. Zitney
ZOMBEK, Frank, 1882, 1963, Father, s/w Mary Zombek
ZOMBEK, Mary, 1887, 1968, Mother, s/w Frank Zombek
ZOMBEK, John, 1910, 1949, Son, s/w Frank Zombek


FINCIK, Elsie M.
Elsie M. Fincik, formerly of Clairton, PA. died on January 14, 2012 in HCR Manor Care, Whitehall, PA. after a long struggle with Alzheimer's Disease. Elsie was the daughter of the late Michael and Mary (Matola) Fincik. She was the long time Financial Secretary at the Clairton Auto Sales Dodge Dealership in Clairton, PA where she received numerous awards for her accounting skills. She is survived by her brother George Fincik of Smithfield, RI., sister Maryann Baird of Rensselaer, NY. and by numerous members of her extended family. She is predeceased by her brothers John, Michael, Jr., Albert, Edward and Joseph Fincik. A Family Gathering will be held on Thursday January 19, 2012 from 9AM to 9:45AM in the A. J. Bekavac Funeral Home, Clairton, PA followed by a Funeral Mass at 10AM in St. Clare of Assisi Parish Clairton, PA. A procession will follow to the parish cemetery for burial. Memorial contributions can be made to the Alzheimer's Association 1100 Liberty Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15222-4256. A.J. Bekavac Funeral Home, 555 Fifth Street, Clairton, PA 15025
Mass of Christian Burial, 10:00 AM Thu Jan 19, 2012, St. Clare of Assisi Parish, 460 Reed Street, Clairton, PA 15025

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