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Tombstone Inscriptions
Concord Presbyterian Church Cemetery
1907 Brownsville Road
Carrick (Allegheny County), PA 15210
(412) 882-1141


This listing was compiled in 1992, re-compiled and photographed in 1999, and contributed here in June 2009.
Contributors: Nancy Long, Betty Felix, Jeanne Will & Mary Grace Denk

A later listing (2000) by Mary Lou Green may be read by clicking here.

Concord Presbyterian Church is located at 1907 Brownsville Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15210. The church was established June 19,  1832. The original church was moved to the rear of the property when the new church was built in 1885. The old church was used as the first Carrick grade school. The new church was used until the present church was built in 1915. The cemetery is located next to the church. The Veterans Survey of Cemeteries, a WPA project in 1935, listed the cemetery as having 200 graves and 15 veterans graves.

This reading is a compilation of several done in 1992 by Mary Grace Denk, Betty Felix, and Nancy Long. It was reviewed by a return visit to the cemetery in 1999 by Jeanne Will and Nancy Long. Many of the stones are illegible and appear to have repaired and placed in rows, not necessarily in the order of the original burial. For this reason, this list has been placed in alphabetical order.

Notes in parentheses are either comments or questionable dates.

Entries marked ** are taken in whole or in part from Allegheny County Cemetery Records, Vol 1, compiled by Mrs. David A. Scott, Chairman, D.A.R., Jan 1965.

Posted: June 4, 2009     Last Update: June 4, 2009

AMBLER, Abram, Born Yorkshire England, April 18, 1819, Died June 11, 1856
AMBLER, Ann, 1816–1876, Mother
AMBLER, Samuel L., 1848-1879, Brother
BARNES, Hannah, Died Apr 29, 1885 in her 77th year (shares stone and inscription with John Barnes)
BARNES, John, Died Apr 9, 1885 in his 84th year. “It doth not yet appear that we shall be, but we know that when He shall appear, we shall be like Him, for we shall see Him as He is” (Inscription on stone for John Barnes and Hannah Barnes)
BEGGS, Margery, wife of Reuben Beggs, Born Nov 2, 1830, Died Feb 2, 1875
BEGGS, Nancy, wife of Reuben Beggs, Born 1812, Died April 30, 1868, Aged 56 years
BELTZHOOVER, Hetty T., Born May 18, 182(?), Died May 20, 1889 (shares stone with Silas, Elizabeth and Caroline Pryor) (photo)
BENNETT, Catherine, wife of Daniel Bennett, Born in England, Dec 2, 1818, Died Jan 22, 1853
BENNETT, Daniel, April 12, 1815, April 6, 1892, Father
BENNETT, James, Born May 13, 1812, Died July 30, 1862, Aged 50 years, 2 months & 17 days (photo)
BENNETT, James, Died March 17, 186(?) (could be 1861)
BENNETT, Mary, wife of Thomas J. Bennett, Born July 22, 1812, Died May 6, 18(?)
BENNETT, Phebe, July 2, 1822-Nov 7, 1897
BENNETT, William, Born Oct 16, 1849, Died Apr 29, 1885
BRAUFF, Jonathan, 1801-1890 (photo)
BRAUFF, Levena M., 1808-1875
BRAUFF, unknown/illegible (photo)
BRAUFF, William M., Born Feb 28, 1826, Died Nov 16, 1862 (photo)
BRAWDY, John, 1780-1857**
BRIGGS, ______, 1857-Aug 1880
BRIGGS, Ann, born in England in Hatla 1793, Died Jan 14, 1854, Mother (shares marker with William Briggs)
BRIGGS, Edwin Theodore, Born Jan 17th, Died Jan 20, 1860
BRIGGS, John Harry, S of M & C S Briggs, Died Nov 26, 1863 aged 6 years 2 mos & 20 days (Engraver name on botton of marker – J.H. Stuart, Birmingham)
BRIGGS, William, Born in England in Yorkshire 1795, Died Dec 6, 1870, Father (shares marker with Ann Briggs)
BRINDLE, Sarah, Died Sept 30, 1850, Aged 65 yrs 6 mos 3 days, wife of Peter Brindle, Sr.
BURGESS, Harriett, wife of George Burgess, Born Dec 12th, 1803, Died Dec 4th, 1877
BURGESS, SR., George, Born Apr 29, 1796, Died Aug 23, 1874
COWAN, John, born Feb 22, 1810, Died June 14, 1883, Aged 73 years 3 mos 20 days, Father (Engraver A Beggs & Son, Allegheny) (shares marker with Louisa E. Cowan) (photo)
COWAN, Louisa E., Born July 30, 1815, Died May 11, 1883, Aged 68 years 9 mos 11 days (Engraver A Beggs & Son, Allegheny) (shares marker with John Cowan) (photo)
COWAN, Margaret, wife of W. Cowan, died 1854 in the 19 year of her age
COWAN, Sarah E., June 11, 1843, Sep 23, 1927 (photo)
COWAN, William, Nov 9, 1805, Aug 23, 1883, Father (photo)
DORAN, Mary, Wife of Danis Doran, Died April 20, 1850 in the 28 year of her age (Engraver J. H. Stuart)
FLOYD, Jane, wife of Benj Floyd, Born in England Feb 1, 1822, Died Jan 6, 1853
GOODWIN, Milesent, wife of Thomas Goodwin, ___of_____England, born July 12, 1787, Died Aug 23, 1862
(H)ARRIS, J.D., Co F, 18th PA Cav, GAR Marker
JACOBS, Elizabeth (shares marker with Daniel (OE)CELL
KELLER, Catharine, Our Mother, Died Sept 23, 1862 in the 77 year of her age
KELLY, James M., aged 26 years
KENNEDY, _______, 1839
KENNEDY, Ann E., wife of Isaac Kennedy, Born Dec 10, 180(?), Died Mar 10, 187 (?), (shares marker with Isaac Kennedy)
KENNEDY, Isaac, Born March 6, 1806, Died Dec 11, 18(?) (shares marker with Ann E. Kennedy)
LAFFERTY, Ann, Died May 22, 1824**
LAFFERTY, James, Died August 21, 1832, aged 67 yrs**
LEONARD, John, Died June 18, 1812, aged 58 yrs**
LEWIS, Elizabeth, Consort of William Lewis, Died May 26, 1848, Aged 61 years (photo)
LINHART, Catherine, Died Feb 4, 1868, aged 97 yrs, Mother (shares marker with Jacob Linhart) (photo)
LINHART, Jacob, Died Dec 14, 1844, aged 71 yrs 2 mo 20 days, Father (shares marker with Catherine Linhart) (photo)
LONGDEN, Hannah Elizabeth, Born Aug 8, 1859, Died Sept 29, 1860
McCLEARY, James, 1835-1902, Father
McCLEARY, James, Died March 9, 1839, in the 80 year of his age
McGIBNEY, Elizabeth W., wife of Ross McGibney, Died June 2, 1868 in the 36 (or 26) year of her life
McKEE, Robert, Died June 9, 1848**
McKELLY, Alexandre, Died June 13, 1857, aged 80 years**
McLUCKIE, Susan, 1837-1913, Mother
MILLER, Sallie B., daughter of T.N. & S.W. Miller, Died June 12, 1861, aged 17 months 4 days
MONTOOTH, Jackson, Died July 22, 1877, in the 68th year of his age
MOORE, Margaret, Mar 1, 1830, Aug 27, 1872 (Large monument at front of cemetery, William Moore also on monument) (photo)
MOORE, William, May 23, 1819-Mar 5, 1899 (Large monument at front of cemetery, Margaret Moore also on monument) (photo)
NOBLE, John, Oct 27, 1822-May 11, 1884 (photo)
NOBLE, William, Born Jan 14, 1738, Died Feb 26, 1888, Father (Engraver named on stone - J H Stewart, Birmingham) (photo of 3 stones, John, William in middle, illegible Noble on right)
O’NEAL, Denny, In Memory of D O’Neal, departed this life, Died Sept 20, 1836, 31 yrs 10 mos 3 days** (photo)
(OE)CELL, Daniel, (shares marker with Elizabeth Jacobs)
OGDEN, John, Born October 21, 1802, Died January 18, 1859, Father
OGDEN, Louisa Iantha, daughter of J. W. & Mary E. Ogden, Born Dec 20, 1858, Died July 17, 1859 (lamb on top of stone)
OGDEN, Mary E., wife of J. W. Ogden, Born Oct 3, 1835, Died Dec 23, 1868 (photo)
OGDEN, Mary, Born November 21, 1803, Died Jun 10, 1875, Mother
PHILLIPS, Children of J. & E. Phillips (double marker)
POLLOCK, (?), 18(?) – 18(?)
POLLOCK, David, Born May 17, 1795, Died April 24, 1876 “Strangers into life we come and dying is but going home”
POLLOCK, Elizabeth, wife of David Pollock, (rest of stone is illegible)
PRYOR, Caroline, their daughter, born April 1, 1834, Departed this life March 28, 1844 (shares marker with Silas D. Pryor, Elizabeth Pryor, & Hetty Beltzhoover) (photo)
PRYOR, Elizabeth, consort of Silas D. Pryor, Born Dec 10, 1795, Departed this life Mar 28, 1850 (Shares marker with Silas D. Pryor, Caroline Pryor, & Hetty Beltzhoover) (photo)
PRYOR, Silas D., Born August 11, 1792, Departed this life April 1, 1851 (shares marker with Elizabeth Pryor, Caroline Pryor & Hetty Beltzhoover) (photo)
REECE, Ephriam, Died Aug 30, 1866, Aged 25 yrs 2 mos & 6 days
SCOTT, Deborah, July 10, 1858, Aged 2 months & 29 days (shares marker with Margaret Stewart)
SNOWDEN, John M., In memory of the Hon. John M. Snowden who was born in the City of Philadelphia on the 13 day of January AD 1776 and who departed this life 2 day of April AD 1845. As a man he was honored and respected and revered as…………(illegible) (photos #1, #2)
STANFORD, Cordelia, daughter of Thomas & Jane Stanford, Died May 12, 18(51), Aged 16 yrs & 3 mos & 5 days “Beneath this stone sleeps the one who was our joy & pride, a flower that was lent to us, that budded, bloomed and died”
STANFORD, Thomas F., Born March 1, 1811, Died Nov 16, 1891 “All Is Well”
STEWART, Claudeth, consort of George Stewart, died April 9, 18(52)
STEWART, Elizabeth, Consort of George Stewart, Died April 9, 1857, Aged 81 years**
STEWART, Eugenia, dau of B.U. (?) & M.A. Stewart, Born May 22, Died Mar 7, 1888
STEWART, George, died December 27, 1846 aged 68 years**
STEWART, Margaret, wife of Samuel Stewart, Died April 26, 1858, aged 30 years “My wife and babe” (shares stone with Deborah Scott)
STEWART, Mary, Died Aug 5, 1868, aged 58 yrs 8 mos 11 days
STEWART, Robert, Died July _____
STEWART, Sarah, Born July 18, 1820, Died Jan 10, 1893, Our Mother, “At Rest”
WALLACE, Capt. Charles C., who died Feby 15, 1859, aged 27 years 3 months & 12 days
WALLACE, Grace L Bell, wife of Samuel Wallace, Died Aug 27, 1862 in the 66 year of her age, Mother
WILLETT, Orzilla, wife of Wm. Willett, Died Aug 31, 1866, aged 82 yrs, Mother
WILLETT, Wm., Died July 25, 1896, aged 82 yrs, Father (beside marker for Orzilla Willett)
WILLIS, James J., Born Aug 20, 1874, Died May 7, 1877
WOODFORD, Jane, Born July (?), 18(?), Died March 1(3), 1871
_________, Jane, Died Jan 28, 1865
_________, Mary, Died 1854
_________, Mary, Died Nov 5, 1865, aged 58 yrs 8 mo 11 d
_________, Sarah, Died 1857
_________, Sidney, Private 2C Co B 77 Reg P.V.

J.B.J. – A.O.J. (double small stone)

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