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WWII  U.S. Soldier & Sailor photos
Pittsburgh Sun-Telegraph from August 28, 1943

(Contributed by Larry Thompson, lt0168 AT epix DOT net)


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Row One: (L to R)
A/C Carl E. Martin
Pve Thomas A. Martin
Pfc William f. Martin
Pvt Albert Meenen
Lt. John T. Maletic
Pfc Francis B. Merrill
Pvt frank Maticic
Pvt. E. F. Murphy
sgt Allan K. Muenz
Raymond A. Montibeller S 2/c
Pvt Chester J. L. Makowski

Row Two: (L to R)
Sgt Dom E. Muraco
Sgt James E Muraco
Lt. Bernard L. Muehlbauer
Sgt. Herbert T. Nickens
Pvt. Elmer Newhouse
Charles Newhouse F. 3/c
Pvt William Newhouse
Pfc. M. J. O'Laughlin
William James Omler S 2/c
Sgt. Charles J. Orr
Pfc James C. Orr
Row Three: (L to R)
Pvt. Pellegrino Pacini
Sgt. Walter Piotrowski
corp. William J. Prescott
Pvt. Gerald Perl
Joseph F. Paieski C 2/c
A/C Fred A. Pawell
Leo E. Pfister M.M. 2/c
Pvt Anrelka
Sgt T. J. Plucinski
Pfc Charles Price
Pvt Herman Palaoro
Row Four: (L to R)
Pvt Richard E. Powell
Sgt. John E. Park
Joseph J. Pagone S 1/c
Pfc. Ernest Quinter
Sgt Ralph W. Ressler
Pvt Donata Ricci
Pvt. Thomas Roberts Jr.
Pfc. Ackille Rinchinso
Pvt Agelo Rinchinso
Corp. Frank Rosenberger
Corp. Thomas J. Rudar
Row Five: (L to R)
Sgt Charles F. Rudar
Pvt Michael L. Rudar
Lt. H. A. Rothenbach.
Pfc. Walter J. Rzemyszkiewicz
Sgt. John Spagnoli
Frank T. Slaby S 2/c
Harry C. Strickley S. 2/c
Pfc James D. Sisley
Corp Floyd C. Swank
Pfc Richard Simpson
Frederick W. Strecker, S 1/c
Row Six: (L to R)
Sgt. Steve Swalich
Pvt Charles Schur
Pfc John Schur
Sgt. Frank G. Sarris
Pvt William Charles Strasburger
Bernard J. Smith, Ph. M. 2/c
Av Richard (Dick) Smith
Corp. Edward C. Szalanczy
Corp. ** Roy Szalanczy
Pfc John T. Stevenson
Pvt Jack Smeltz
Row Seven: (L to R)
Jack S. Starr S. F. 2/c
Pfc. Andrew Tarapchak
Sgt. George J. Takos
Pvt. Michael J. Takos
Pvt Stanley Tomczak
Corp. Harry Tomczak
Sgt Evan F. Townsend
Pvt James Todhunter Jr.
Pfc. B. D. Thomas
Lt. Nils Ugland
Paul Beaulieu Udon Jr. S 2/c
Row Eight: (L to R)
Pfc Ernest Volk
Corp. Pete Vidovich
Pvt William P. Vecho
Pvt Don Valauri
Corp Steve Varkovich
Pfc John Wilczek
James Wilson, P.O 3/c
John m. Wilson, S 1/c
Pvt. Clyde J. Weaver
Pfc. William F. Walsh
Av/C John S. Wolf

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