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St. Josaphat Cemetery
877 Glass Run Road,
Baldwin Borough, PA 15236
(412) 481-8380


Unless otherwise indicated this listing was contributed by Nancy Long,

Some history . . .

The ethnically Polish cemetery was affiliated with St. Josaphat Roman Catholic Church, 2314 Mission Street, South Side, Pittsburgh, PA which is now a part of the Prince of Peace Parish, due to consolidation of some South Side parishes in 1992. Any inquiries should be directed to Prince of Peace parish office, (412) 481-8380.

Below are two photos of recent damage done at this cemetery last fall by vandals.

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Posted: January 26, 2009   Last Update: May 15, 2010

Surname, First Name, Birthdate, Deathdate, Other (Links/Photos)
Biedrzycki, Joseph, 1868-1942, Father (same stone as Rozalia), (photo), (CZ)
Biedrzycki, Rozalia, 1857-1927, Mother (same stone as Joseph), (photo), (CZ)
Boroch, Edmund D. 1912-1990, Dad (same stone as Florence), (photo), (CZ)
Boroch, Florence M. 1912-1995, Mom (same stone as Edmund), (photo), (CZ)
DARNEY, Raymond B., Born July 8, 1945, Died April 1, 1951, For Ever You Are With Us, (photo above)
Franz, Edward J. 1921-1998 (same stone as Virginia M.), (photo), (CZ)
Franz, Virginia M.
(Kazmierzcak), 1923-June 17, 2001 (same stone as Edward J.), (obit), (photo), (CZ)
Held, Gertrude, 1917-1996, Mom (same stone as William J.), (photo), (CZ)
Held, William, 1916-1992, Dad (same stone as Gertrude), (photo), (CZ)
Kazmierczak, Anthony V, 1898-1951 Father (same stone as Martha D.), (photo), (CZ)
Kazmierczak, Catherine, 1888-1959, Mother (same stone as Victor), (photo), (CZ)
Kazmierczak, Donald A. 1931-1997 Father (same stone as Patricia A.), (photo), (CZ)
Kazmierczak, Frank, Enlisted Sept 21, 1917, Discharged May 20, 1919, b. July 22, 1892-d. May 3, 1941, (photo), (CZ)
Kazmierczak, Katarzyna, 1857-1944, Matka (same stone as Michal), (photo), (CZ)
Kazmierczak, Kazmierz, 1883-1927 Ojciec, (photo), (CZ)
Kazmierczak, Martha D. 1902-1994 Mother (same stone as Anthony V.), (photo), (CZ)
Kazmierczak, Martha G. , April 14, 1896-Dec 29, 1983, (photo), (CZ)
Kazmierczak, Michal, 1858-1942, Ojciec (same stone as Katarzyna), (photo), (CZ)
Kazmierczak, Patricia A. 1937-2008 Mother (same stone as Donald A.), (photo), (CZ)
Kazmierczak, Victor, 1887-1986, Father (same stone as Catherine), (photo), (CZ)
Kijak, Frank, Sep. 21, 1903 - May 21, 1939, (photo), (CZ)
Kijak, Mary, Jan. 10, 1903 - May 5, 1989, (photo), (CZ)
Kijak, Victoria (Nowicki), Mother 1874-1944, (photo), (CZ)
Minetta, September 28, 1913 / April 16, 2006, (I)
KUBIAK, Anna M., 1887-1966, Mother, same stone as Stanley K. Kubiak
KUBIAK, Anna M., 1887-1966, same stone as Stanley K. Kubiak
KUBIAK, Blanche W., 1911-1980, Mother, same stone as Martin J. Kubiak
KUBIAK, Joseph A., 1907-1999, same stone as Josephine R. Kubiak
KUBIAK, Josephine R., 1908-1996, same stone as Joseph A. Kubiak
KUBIAK, Jozef, 1881-1966, Ojciec, same stone as Weronika Kubiak
KUBIAK, Martin J., 1907-1983, Father, same stone as Blanche W. Kubiak
KUBIAK, Mary, 1916-1988, Daughter
KUBIAK, Stanley K., 1879-1964, Father, same stone as Anna M. Kubiak
KUBIAK, Stanley K., 1879-1964, Father, same stone as Anna M. Kubiak
KUBIAK, Weronika, 1885-1954, Matka, same stone as Jozef Kubiak
KURZAWSKI, Alfred J., 1918-1972, same stone as Margaret J. Kurzawski
, (photo above)
KURZAWSKI, Benedict T., Tec 5, US Army, World War II, Nov 5 1912, Apr 22, 1986
Kurzawski, Gilbert, 1920-2003 (same stone as Monica), (photo), (CZ)
KURZAWSKI, Isabelle R., 1900-1980, Mother
KURZAWSKI, Joseph, 1880-1968, Father, (photo), (NL-CZ)
KURZAWSKI, Margaret J. (no dates), same stone as Alfred J. Kurzawski
, (photo above)
Kurzawski, Monica, 1925-2007 (same stone as Gilbert), (photo), (CZ)
KURZAWSKI, Robert J., Enlisted Jan 3, 1945, Died in Service Feb 22, 1946, PFC, Air Corps
KURZAWSKI, Stella, 1884-1952, Mother, (photo), (NL-CZ)
KURZAWSKI, William J., Enlisted Mar 26, 1943, Killed in Action Sept 20, 1944, Born Oct 4, 1924, Pvt. 508th Inf. 82nd ABN. Div., (photo), (NL-CZ)
Lis, Antoni, GRU 28, 1879-MAR 12, 1962 Ojciec (same stone as Marianna), (photo), (CZ)
Lis, Edwin J. 1907-1986 (same stone as Julia), (photo), (CZ)
Lis, Julia, 1911-2001 (same stone as Edwin J.), (photo), (CZ)
Lis, Marianna, Gru 24, 1881 Lisr 12, 1954 Matka (same stone as Antoni), (photo), (CZ)
Murawski, John F. 1913-2000, Husband (same stone as Monica), (photo), (CZ)
Murawski, Monica M. 1913-2003 Wife (same stone as John), (photo), (CZ)
NOWAK, Andrew S., 1878-1967, Father
NOWAK, Andrew S., 1878-1967, Father, same stone as Waleria Nowak
NOWAK, Frank T., 1907-1987, Father, same stone as Martha R. Nowak
NOWAK, Harry J., 1916-1964
NOWAK, Martha R., 1915-1984, Mother, same stone as Frank T. Nowak
NOWAK, Waleria, 1885-1977, Mother
NOWAK, Waleria, 1885-1977, Mother, same stone as Andrew S.
NOWICKI, Cecelia, 1902-1971, Mother, same stone as Theodore J. Nowicki
NOWICKI, Edward L., 1891-1956, Father, same stone as Isabelle Nowicki
NOWICKI, Isabelle, 1906-1978, Mother, same stone as Edward L. Nowicki
NOWICKI, Theodore J., 1896-1959, Father, same stone as Cecelia Nowicki
Stasiak, Thaddeus E. Enlisted Feb. 11, 1943 Killed in Action, Jan 20, 1945, Born- Mar 27, 1923, (photo), (CZ)
SWITALA, Bernard, 1896-1989, Father, same stone as Nellie Switala
SWITALA, Bernice F., 1930-1994
SWITALA, Nellie, 1900-1956, Mother, same stone as Bernard Switala
WALKOWIAK, Julia, 1901-1962, same stone as Leo Walkowiak, (photo), (NL-CZ)
WALKOWIAK, Leo, 1896-1967, same stone as Julia Walkowiak, (photo), (NL-CZ)
WALKOWIAK, Matka, Zofia, same stone as Jan Walkowiak
WALKOWIAK, Ojciec, Jan, same stone as Zofia Walkowiak
Warzynski, Anna, b. Nov 20, 1885-d. Sep 28, 1962, (photo), (CZ)
Warzynski, Martin, b. Sep 25, 1879-d. Dec 15, 1947, (no stone), (CZ)
WAWRZYNSKI, Ojciec, Franciszek, 1882-1946
WILK, Catherine C., 1889-1948, Mother, same stone as Valenty M. Wilk
WILK, Rita C., 1924-1962, Mother
WILK, Valenty M., 1889-1963, Father, same stone as Catherine C. Wilk


Franz, Virginia M. (Kazmierzcak)
Baldwin Boro
Virginia M. (Kazmierzcak) Franz died Sunday, June 17, 2001. Wife of the late Edward J. Franz. Dear mother of Renea Franz. Sister of Monica Murawski. Also survived by nieces and nephews. Friends received in the CIESLAK AND TATKO FUNERAL HOME, INC., 2935 Brownsville Road, Brentwood, Wednesday ONLY from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. Graveside service Thursday at 10 a.m. in St. Josaphat Cemetery. (I)

MINETTA KRASINSKI, 92, formerly of Pittsburgh, PA and who resided with her nephew, Joe Ritchie of Richmond, passed away at 10:35 PM Sunday, April 16, 2006 in the Carriage Inn of Steubenville. She was a retired sales clerk from Carlisle’s Department Store in Pittsburgh and a member of St. Adalbert’s Catholic Church, Pittsburgh. She was born September 28, 1913 in Pittsburgh, PA, a daughter of the late John and Veronica Krupinski Kowalski. She is also preceded in death by her husband, Chester Krasinski who died in 1992, by 4 brothers: Stanley, John, George and Casmir Kowalski and 3 sisters: Bella Psuty, Irene Ritchie and Mary Kowalski. Surviving are numerous nephews and nieces. There will be a Mass of Christian Burial for Minetta held at 10 AM Thursday, April 20, 2006 in St. John Fisher Catholic Church, Richmond with Reverend Father John McCoy celebrating. Visitation will be at the Church one hour prior to the Mass. Burial will follow in St. Josaphat’s Cemetery, Pittsburgh later in the day. Arrangements have been entrusted to the care of the Everhart-Bove Funeral Home, 110 West Main St., Richmond, OH. (740-765-5252) Condolences may be sent online at (I)

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