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Peters Creek Baptist Church Cemetery
Library & Churchill Roads
Library, PA 15129
(412) 833-6111


Posted: April 7, 2009   Last Update:  September 23, 2011

Surname, First Name, Birthdate, Deathdate, Other (Links/Photos)
ATCHESON, Emma J., 1861-1916, (photo), (BB)
ATCHESON, Wm. L., 1860-1929, (photo), (BB)
BOYER, James, 1765, 1852, Private
CALLEY, Clarence Norman, Mar. 1, 1874 / Dec. 10, 1879, s/o J.S.& M.B. (photo), (BB)
CHAMBERS, James, 18??-18??, Son, s/s Lavinia P., (photo), (BB)
CHAMBERS, Lavinia P., 1841-1907, s/s James, (photo), (BB)
CHAPMAN, Charlie, 1887-1918, (photo), (BB)
DAILEY, Charles, 1765-1841, Soldier
DANIELS, George C. Sr., 1879-1963, s/s Margaret, (photo), (BB)
DANIELS, Margaret, 1886-1971, s/s George C. Sr., (photo), (BB)
DEWALT, Adam P., 1819-1943, s/s Ida L., (photo), (BB)
DEWALT, Ida L., 1871-1958, s/s Adam P., (photo), (BB)
DEWALT, Rachel B., 1852-1905, Mother, (photo), (BB)
ESTEP, Robert, 1750, 1832, Private
GEARING, Louis W., 1883-1936, CPL. U.S.M.C., WW, (photo), (BB)
HANKINS, Enoch, b: 30 May 1761 / d: 28 Nov 1835
HIGBE, Henry A., died May 10, 1873 at the age of 62 years, [first husband of Mariah ATCHESON], (KS)
HIGBE, Mariah, died 1921, [research notes: nee ATCHESON], (KS)
HIGBEE, James H., 1851 – 1928, Brother, [s/o Henry A. Higbee and wife Mariah], (KS)
HIGBEE, L. Jennie, 1861-1944, Mother, (photo), (BB)
HIGBEE, Newton W., 1860-1932, [son of Henry A. Higbee and wife Mariah], (KS)
HIGBEE, Benjamin, 1776 - 1854, [f/o Henry A. HIGBEE], (KS)
HOLLAND, John, ????, 1826, Soldier
HULSE, Henry, Sr, 1737, 1810, Private
KENNEDY, Margaret Sloan, 1842-1910, (photo), (BB)
KING, Cortland, 1766, 1826, Soldier
LEWIS, Anna Leona, July 6, 1920 / July 28, 1920, Daughter, s/s Vivian, (photo), (BB)
LEWIS, Vivian Irene, May 5, 1928 / Oct 16, 1931, Daughter, s/s Anna, (photo), (BB)
McQuiston, Margaret Jane Braden, d: abt Feb. 17, 1936, Mother, w/o Samuel, (obit)

MEFFORD, William, 1760, 1849, Soldier
MORGAN, John W., Aug. 4, 1946 / Nov. 19, 2003, Father, (photo), (BB)
PATTON, William J., (Memorial Plaque), (photo), (BB)
PHILIPS, Edward B., 1854-1924, (photo), (BB)
PHILIPS, Enoch, 1824-1971, (photo), (BB)
PHILIPS, ?ETTIE l., June 14, 1858 / Feb. 2, 18??, (photo), (BB)
PHILIPS, Husler R., 1846-1919, (photo), (BB)
PHILIPS, Jennie May, 1873-1948, Mother, (photo), (BB)
PHILIPS, Sara H., 1897-1956 (photo), (BB)
PHILIPS, Sarah A., d: Apr. 18, 1886, w/o James, (photo), (BB)
PHILLIPS, David, Captain, 1742, 1829
RIGGS, Elizabeth, b: 29 Sep 1762 / d: 04 Dec 1834
ROBSON, Henry, July 19, 1841 - August 28, 1920, [2nd Husband of Mariah HIGBEE; 1st husband was Henry HIGBEE], (KS)
SHEARER, William B., 1923-1945, S/SGT 55TH TROOP COMMAND SQ., (photo), (BB)
SWAGLER, Jonathan D., 1860-1903, (photo), (BB)
TOWNSEND, Daniel, 1747, 1833, Private
TRAX, Anna, Died Aug 12, 1886, Aged 52 years, d/o Elizabeth & Lewis Trax, (photo), (RH)
TRAX, Elizabeth nee Gass, Aug 14, 1802-Aug 5, 1885, w/o Lewis Trax, (photo), (RH)
TRAX, Eva Mae, 1910-1938, (photo), (RH)
TRAX, George C., 1843-1890, h/o of Harriet J., s/o Elizabeth & Lewis Trax, (photo), (RH)
TRAX, Harriet J., 1848-1931, w/o George C., (photo), (RH)
TRAX, Lewis, April 8, 1796-Sept 5, 1880, h/o Elizabeth Gass, (photo), (RH)
TRAX, Margaret Jane, 1875-1945, w/o Ralph L., (photo), (RH)
TRAX, Ralph L., 1870-1956, h/o Margaret Jane, s/o George C. & Harriet J. Trax, (photo), (RH)
WEBSTER, Joseph O., Aug. 20, 1899 / Apr 1, 1950, Father, (photo), (BB)
WOODS, Sarah Anna, 1856?-1903?, (photo), (BB)


McQUISTON, Margaret Jane Braden
"DEATH ROLL - MRS. SAMUEL M'QUISTON - Mrs. Margaret Jane Braden McQuiston, [86?], widow of Samuel McQuiston, died Tuesday, in the home of a daughter, Mrs. Jane Simmons, of Finleyville, R. D. 1, after an illness of several weeks. She was born and spent all her life in the Library community.  She leaves five daughters: Mrs. Mary Simmons, in whose home she died; Mrs. T. A. Riggs, of McKeesport; Mrs. Joan McClellnd and Mrs. Rachael Klick, of Beechview, and Mrs. Elisabeth Reiter, of Library. Funeral services will be held Thursday at 2 p. m. in the Shepler Funeral Home in charge of the Rev. J. W. Williamsstor of the Peters Creek Baptist Church. Burial will be in the Library Cemetery."
Obituary from The Reporter newspaper, Washington Co.., Feb. 19, 1936, p. 11)

Gastonville, Aug. 21 - Another old and respected resident of Gastonville passed to the great beyond August 21, Mariah Robson, in her 88th year.  She was the widow of Henry Robson who died August 28, 1920.  She was twice married, first to Henry A. Higbee of Union township, who died May 10, 1873, to which marriage were born five children, two of whom are dead.  Surviving are J. H. Higbee and N. W. Higbee of Gastonville and daughter Mrs. Ethel H. Sebolt of Castle Shannon.  The second marriage was to Henry Robson, who was a member of the celebrated Ringgold Battalion and who died August 28, 1920.  To this marriage was born one daughter, Lulu, now Mrs. Archie Kerr of Russellton.  She has been with her mother since the beginning of her last sickness.  For 70 years Mrs. Robson had been a member of the Peters Creek Baptist church at Library, at which place her body was interred at 2:30 this afternoon.  She lived all of her life within a radius of ten miles of Gastonville at which place she died.  She had a great many friends, made during her long life, who showed their sympathy, respect and kindness for her during her sickness.  She is survived by one sister, Mrs. Emma Neal of Holidays Cove, W. Va., who was with her during her sickness.
(Source:  The Washington Reporter, 23 August 1921; Tuesday; Page 6), (KS)

(BB) = Bill Bodkin,
(KS) = Karen Souhrada,; ["Early Records and Cemetery Records of Peters Creek Baptist Church, Library, Allegheny County, PA”; Organized 1773.]

(RH) = Robert Heinsch,

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