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Mt. Pisgah United Presbyterian Cemetery
a/k/a Jennings Cemetery
Warriors Rd. off Greentree Rd.
Pittsburgh, PA 15205


This cemetery is administered by Mt. Pisgah Presbyterian Church, 31 Warriors Rd, Pgh 15205, 412-921-8444.

Established about 1830.  Reverend Catherine Day - Minister
The church website is located at:

(Photos compliments of
Annie S Eldredge, 2009)

Heinz History Center may hold microfilm records for this cemetery, contributed by the Historical Society of Western PA (HSWP).

Some history from contributor Annie S Eldredge:
in reading Hannah's diary--  originally transcribed by myself and two Snodgrass cousins and published in the WPGS Quarterly in 2006--
"Sabath the 27th Mt Pisgah Church was dedicated by the Rev Mr Jennings "   (Dec 1862)

Mt Pisgah Presbyterian Church burned earlier in 1862.  The church, where Robert Snodgrass Jr had been a ruling elder before the organization of the Termperanceville Church, was rebuilt and rededicated in Dec 1862.

Rev Samuel Carnahan Jennings, DD, first pastor of the Mt Pisgah Presbyterian Church and pastor of the churches at Sharon and Temperanceville.  After his ordination in 1829, he was instrumental in the formation of three churches.  His son, the Rev. Philip Sidney Jennings, DD, was also a pastor of Termperanceville, now west End Church, where he preached from 1865-1868.  At the time of SC Jennings' death, he was the oldest surviving pastor of the area.

Courtesy of Ken McFarland, a 1990 reading

Posted: January 20, 2009   Last Update: February 16, 2012

Surname, First Name, Birthdate, Deathdate, Other (Links/Photos)
ADAMS, Laura C., wife of William E., 1880-1959, (KMc)
ADAMS, Telitha M., 1907-1925, (KMc)
ADAMS, William E., 1872-1917, (KMc)
ALLEN, Elsie M., wife of John, d 1959, (KMc)
ALLEN, John, d 1958, (KMc)
ANDREWS, Charles H., 1902-1938, (KMc)
ANDREWS, Charles I., 1924-1926, (KMc)
ANDREWS, Margaret Williams, wife of Charles H., 1903-1974, (KMc)
Applegate, William P., d. 15 Mar 1853 in Chartiers, 52Y, buried Mount Pigsah Chartiers, *(ASE)
ASTON, David, 1861-1865, CO. E. 9TH PA RES GAR, (photo), (C&MB)
ASTON, Joseph B., 1838-1878, Father, (photo), (C&MB)
ASTON, Samuel A., 1860-1876
, Son, (photo), (C&MB)
BAKER, Audley Alfred, b 12-9-1894 d 12-30-1935, (KMc)
BARKER, David G., 1910-1951, (KMc)
BASSETT, Chester F., 1903-1950, (KMc)
BASSETT, Mary E., 1896-1954, (KMc)
BASSETT, Myrtle B., wife of Samuel L., 1880-1971, (KMc)
BASSETT, Samuel L., 1870-1939, (KMc)
BASSETT, Samuel L., b 6-15-1900 d 6-4-1971, (KMc)
BATCHELOR, Charles V., 1855-1939, (KMc)
BATCHELOR, Jane S., wife of Charles V., 1860-1944, (KMc)
BATCHELOR, Wm. M., 1881-1954, (KMc)
BAUER, Albert A., 1905-1989, (KMc)
BAUER, Helen A. Geier, wife of John H., 1904-1940, (KMc)
BAUER, John Henry, b 9-6-1899 d 11-3-1961, (KMc)
BAUER, Rhoda Mae, wife of Albert A., 1903-1976, (KMc)
BEALOR, Jesse L., 1871-1925, (KMc)
BEALOR, Louise M., wife of Jesse L., 1875-1954, (KMc)
BEARL, Cora, wife of Earl, 1882-1961, (KMc)
BEARL, Daniel, 1856-1934, (KMc), (obit)
BEARL, Earl, 1889-1943, (KMc)
BEARL, Frank, 1898-1931, (KMc)
BEARL, Margaret S., wife of Daniel, 1859-1925, (KMc)
BEARL, Ralph, 1904-1964, (KMc)
BEATTY, Donald R., d 1953 ae 0-1-8, (KMc)
BRADLEY, Martin, 1875-1958, (KMc)
BRANDT, Elsie J., wife of Harry C., 1888-1968, (KMc)
BRANDT, Harold W., b 9-15-1904 d 8-14-1989, (KMc)
BRANDT, Harry C., 1878-1947, (KMc)
BRANDT, Ottilia M., b 12-26-1909 d 3-25-1987, (KMc)
BRANT, Lewis A., b 1-15-1903 d 1-28-1948, (KMc)
Campbell, John A., d. 06 Jun 1852 in Chartiers, buried in Pisgah Cemetery, *(ASE)
CHAPPEL, Earl S., 1903-1956, (KMc)
CHAPPEL, Harriet, wife of William, 1871-1945, (KMc)
CHAPPEL, LeRoy, 1900-1942, (KMc)
CHAPPEL, William H., b 10-16-1888 d 2-28-1951, (KMc)
CHAPPEL, William, 1865-1947, (KMc)
CHAPPEL, William, 1932-1942, (KMc)
CHERRY, Alfred K., 1921-1922, (KMc)
CHERRY, Vincent 0., 1868-1945, (KMc)
CHERRY, Vincent E., b 1-23-1903 d. 11-27-1961, (KMc)
CHERRY, Viola S., wife of Vincent 0., 1869-1955, (KMc)
CHILLSON, Clifford P., 1928-1982, (KMc)
CLARK, Sara G., 1896-1970, (KMc)
CROSIER, Joseph T., b 12-12-1874 d 12-5-1933 Co. G, 14th Pa. Inf. (S-A), (KMc)
Cubbage, Mary Narcissa, d. 30 Oct 1852 in Pittsburgh, 16Y, buried Jennings Burial Ground, St Clair Twn, *(ASE)
DOBBS, William, 1902-1935, (KMc)
EBBERT, Frank H., 1872-1952, (KMc)
EBBERT, Jennie, wife of John, 1847-1926, (KMc)
EBBERT, John, 1840-1915, (KMc)
FISCHER, Bertha S., wife of William A., 1909-1981, (KMc)
FISCHER, Ola Clare, 1889-1934, (KMc)
FISCHER, William A., 1909-1964, (KMc)
FISHER, Isabella, 1896-1962, (KMc)
FLEMING, Agnes G., wife of John, 1885-1959, (KMc)
FLEMING, Carolyn N., wife of William A., 1912-1987, (KMc)
FLEMING, John, 1876-1944, (KMc)
FLEMING, William A., 1910-, (KMc)
FOX, Agnes M., wife of Philip W., 1867-1951, (KMc)
FOX, Anna, 1843-1936, (KMc)
FOX, Philip W., 1862-1918, (KMc)
GERDE, Agnes M., wife of Albert E., 1885-1952, (KMc)
GERDE, Albert E., 1874-1955, (KMc)
GILMORE, Eva M., wife of James L., 1856-1926, (KMc)
GILMORE, James L., 1855-1924, (KMc)
GILMORE, Mary, 1912-1921, (KMc)
GILMORE, Robert L., 1878-1945, (KMc)
GRANT, Marie F., wife of Roy W., 1904-1983, (KMc)
GRANT, Roy W., 1901-1972, (KMc)
GROUNDS, Lydia H., wife of Ulysses S., 1870-1952, (KMc)
GROUNDS, Norman W., 1894-1944, (KMc)
GROUNDS, Ulysses S., 1869-1923, (KMc)
HARKE, Fred. E., 1895-1941, (KMc)
HARKE, Slavi, wife of Fred. E., 1893-1979, (KMc)
HARTE, Dorothy D., wife of Harry, 1909-, (KMc)
HARTE, Elizabeth A., wife of Harry, 1903-1947, (KMc)
HARTE, Harry, 1906-1979, (KMc)
HARTE, Harry, Jr., 1946-1950, (KMc)
HERTRICK, Ella May, wife of Thomas W., 1896-1949, (KMc)
HERTRICK, Frank M., b 11-18-1896 d 6-9-1969, (KMc)
HERTRICK, Thomas W., 1885-1962, (KMc)
HILLEGASS, Edgar C., 1892-1958, (KMc)
HILLEGASS, Pauline K., wife of Edgar C., 1894-1983, (KMc)
HILLEGASS, Robert L., 1925-1960, (KMc)
HINDMARCH, Hettie, wife of John, 1885-1957, (KMc)
HINDMARCH, John, 1883-1963, (KMc)
HOGE, Blanche C., wife of Thomas J., 1873-1935, (KMc)
HOGE, Florence Nixon, wife of Thomas J., 1873-1956, (KMc)
HOGE, Thomas J., 1869-1957, (KMc)
HOUPT, Lloyd Q., 1884-1958, (KMc)
HOUPT, Nora B., wife of Lloyd Q., 1887-1963, (KMc)
HUEHN, Alice Eakin, 1907-1936, (KMc)
HUEHN, Louis, 1878-1954, (KMc)
HUEHN, Margaret, wife of Louis, 1883-1959, (KMc)
INGRAM, Bernard J., 1898-1966, (KMc)
INGRAM, Edith M., wife of Bernard J., 1896-1963, (KMc)
JONES, Eva M., wife of George, 1866-1928, (KMc)
JONES, George, 1864-1942, (KMc), (obit1), (obit2)
JONES, Harriet L. Aston, 1842-1918, Mother
, (photo), (C&MB)
JONES, Mary A., 1885-1962, (KMc)
JONES, Thomas M., 1903-19—, (KMc)
KEMMERLING, Bess M., b 7-17-1889 d 12-14-1975, (KMc)
KING, Aida May, wife of I. Eugene, 1872-1926, (KMc)
KING, Helen May, 1902-1920, (KMc)
KING, I. Eugene, 1867-1942, (KMc)
KINSEL, Carrie E., wife of David L., 1870-1956, (KMc)
KINSEL, David L., 1866-1946, (KMc)
KOTULA, Isabel, b 11-26-1926 d 9-20-1988, (KMc)
LAUER, Jennie, wife of Joseph S., 1862-19—, (KMc)
LAUER, Joseph S., 1874-1936, (KMc)
LEBER, David, b 12-10-1940 d 7-19-1986, (KMc)
LISKA, Anna Ardinger, 1902-1972, (KMc)
LONG, Jean T., b 4-26-1916 d 12-7-1988, (KMc)
MANNKA, Belle, wife of Ernest G., 1914-1975, (KMc)
MANNKA, Edith, wife of Ernest G., 1904-1929, (KMc)
MANNKA, Ernest G., 1901-1986, (KMc)
MARKLE, John L., 1854-1922, (KMc)
MARKLE, Wilbert F., b 1-31-1900 d 1-28-1946, (KMc)
McCLEARY, Catherine E., wife of James E., 1901-1973, (KMc)
McCLEARY, James E., 1894-1962, (KMc)
McCLEARY, Rebecca, wife of Shelman, 1869-1937, (KMc)
McCLEARY, Sheldon, 1899-1956, (KMc)
McCLEARY, Shelman, 1869-1932, (KMc)
McCRACKEN, Emily H., wife of Herbert J., 1906--, (KMc)
McCRACKEN, Herbert J., 1904-1944, (KMc)

McKEE, Thomas F., 1827 -
July, 1873, father, h/o Rebecca Lockhart, s/o John and Elizabeth, (obit)
McLINTOCK, Edna, 1882-1967, (KMc)
McLUCKIE, Agnes Dobbs, wife of Joseph, 1866-1934, (KMc)
McLUCKIE, Joseph, 1863-1940, (KMc)
Milligan, John, d. 25 Jan 1853 in Louisville Kentucky, 42Y, buried Mount Pisgah, *(ASE)
MITCHELL, Rachel, 1875-1951, (KMc)
MOEHRING, Anna C., wife of John G., 1881-1938, (KMc)
MOEHRING, Daniel, b 10-25-1862 d 7-27-1932, (KMc)
MOEHRING, John G., 1881-1950, (KMc)
MOEHRING, Mary, wife of Daniel, b 1-8-1865 d 1-1-1932, (KMc)
MOORE, Ada, wife of Robert, 1889-1975, (KMc)
MOORE, Robert, 1883-1956, (KMc)
MORGAN, John, 1842-1919, (KMc)
MORGAN, Mary, wife of John, 1843-1926, (KMc)
NIGLIO, June M., wife of Richard J., 1919-1981, (KMc)
NIGLIO, Richard J., 1916-, (KMc)
ORRIS, Gladys Stein, 1898-1932, (KMc)
PICKLES, Margaret Jones, wife of William H., 1867-1947, (KMc)
PICKLES, William H., 1872-1944, (KMc)
QUIGG, Emma, 1890-1979, (KMc)
QUIGG, James Edwin, b 10-31-1893 d 1-6-1940, (KMc)
QUIGG, Margaret A., 1863-1936, (KMc)
QUIGG, Thomas F-, 1889-1946, (KMc)
RAMSTEN, Ernest W., 1883-1920, (KMc)
RAMSTEN, Matilda Q., wife of Ernest W., 1886-, (KMc)
RUCH, Helen M., 1905-1935, (KMc)
SHAFFER, Blanche Gilmore, 1892-1931, (KMc)
SHAFFER, David, 1879-1955, (KMc)
SHAFFER, Loretta, wife of William L., 1886-1978, (KMc)
SHAFFER, Nettie, wife of David, 1882-1941, (KMc)
SHAFFER, William L., 1882-1959, (KMc)
SIMMONS, Harry C., 1862-1935, Father, (photo), (ASE)
SIMMONS, Sadie M., 1870-1921, Mother, (photo)
, (ASE)
SMITH, Alma Bradley, 1883-1971, (KMc)
SMITH, George, b 4-16-1911 d 8-24-1967, (KMc)
SMITH, Gladys E., 1895-1943, (KMc)
SMITH, Martha Mae, wife of Perry E., 1888-1942, (KMc)
SMITH, Perry E., 1886-1954, (KMc)
SMITH, Perry W., 1911-194-9, (KMc)
SMITH, Ruby, wife of George, b 5-4-1914, (KMc)
SMITH, Sharon Lynn, d 6-24-1951, (KMc)
SNODGRASS, Achsah, abt 1792 - 25 Apr 1875, d/o Robert SNODGRASS Sr. and Jean WHITE, (ASE)
SNODGRASS, John, 1784 - abt 1811, s/o Robert SNODGRASS, Sr. and Jean WHITE, h/o Catherine, f/o Catherine Jane, (photo), (ASE)
SNODGRASS, Hannah Glenn, b. abt 1797, w/o Robert Jr., d/o James GLENN 1750-1813 and Janet BUCHANAN 1752-1807, (photo), (ASE)
SNODGRASS, Robert Jr., 1794 / 30 Mar 1863, h/o Hanna Glenn, s/o Robert SNODGRASS 1754-1797 and Jean WHITE abt 1754-1802, (photo), (ASE)
SNODGRASS, Sarah, 29 Jan 1829 / 1 May 1853, d/o Robert Jr. and Hannah Glenn, (photo), (photo2), (ASE)
STEIN, Herman Earl, 1892-1974, (KMc)
STEMPLE, Albert F., 1880-1956, (KMc)
STEMPLE, Bertha M., 1879-1962, (KMc)
STEMPLE, Margie L., wife of Albert F., 1886-1963, (KMc)
STILTS, George W., 1861-1945, (KMc)
STILTS, Minnie B., wife of George W., 1869-1950, (KMc)
TAYLOR, Barbara E., 1858-1935, (KMc)
TAYLOR, Eleanor M. Crosier, 1878-1959, (KMc)
TAYLOR, Frank W., 1889-1921, (KMc)
THOMPSON, Jennie M., 1897-1974, (KMc)
THOMPSON, Robert K., b 6-15-1922 k 5-30-1944, (KMc)
THOMPSON, William G., d: October 2, 1898, (obit)
TOBIN, Elizabeth, 1923-1984, (KMc)
TOBIN, Georgianna, wife of John, 1901-1988, (KMc)
TOBIN, John, 1895-1980, (KMc)
VICKERS, Ellen (Mrs) , d. Apr 29, 1898 of old age, (ASE)
WELLS, Jane Bailey, 1916-1945, (KMc)
WENGRYN, Mittro, 1910-1986, (KMc)
WIGMORE, Elizabeth, b 12-28-1868 d 10-27-1957, (KMc)
WILLS, Harry F., (no dates), (KMc)
WILLS, James R., (no dates), (KMc)
WILLS, Maud M., wife of Harry F., (no dates), (KMc)
WILSON, Jane SNODGRASS, 7 Nov 1788 - 10 Oct 1854, w/o Thomas WILSON, d/o Robert SNODGRASS, Sr. and Jean WHITE, (ASE)
WILSON, William G., 1880-1937, (KMc)


Thomas F. McKee, one of the first settlers in what is now McKees Rocks, died yesterday morning at 11:50 o'clock at his residence, 59 Shingiss Street, that borough. Death was due to general debility incident to old age. Mr. McKee was born in Union township, back of Temperanceville, in 1827, and in 1857 he took up his residence in McKees Rocks, where he had resided ever since. He was married on June 27, 1855 to Miss Rebecca Lockhart. Six children survive him - Mrs. John R. Thompson, of Evergreen; James E. McKee, of the East End, Pittsburg, and Alexander G. McKee, Mrs. George Jones, Mrs. E. J. Black and Elmer A. McKee, all of McKees Rocks. Deceased is also survived by his widow. Mr. McKee was the son of John and Elizabeth McKee, and a grandson of John McKee, from whom the town took its name. He was well known to many Pittsburgers, having at one time had a stand in the Pittsburg market. He retired from business many years ago. Funeral services will be held this evening at 8 o'clock at his late residence and the interment will be in Mount Pisgah Cemetery, Greentree borough, tomorrow morning.

THOMPSON, William G.
THOMPSON -- Suddenly, on Sunday, October 2, 1898, at 8:30 a.m., William G. THOMPSON, in his 50th year.  Funeral from his late residence, River avenue, near Tenth street, Esplen borough at 2 o'clock this afternoon. Interment at Jennings' cemetery, Greentree borough.

(Chicago papers please copy.)
(Source: Pittsburgh Commercial Gazette, Oct. 4, 1898)

(ASE) = Annie S Eldredge,
(C&MB) = Charles & Mary Burrow,
(KMc) = Ken McFarland, 1990 reading
* = Index of Death Registrations for Allegheny County, PA

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