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More Aspinwall, PA Photo Memories
"Public School, 1914-1915-1916"
"Kratt Family Photos"
Courtesy of Meradith McGee-Hale,
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(any help identifying anyone in the school photos would be appreciated!)


Above is Aspinwall Public School, Room #2, Sept 1914

Miss Duncan is written on the back - I'm assuming that's the teacher.

Is Stanley Shade written below the boy in the front row??

The boy on the far right, with the tie askew, end of the row, 2nd row from the bottom - has a line to him and I think the name is Tom Haviland?

Circled, I assume, is Margaret Kratt


Above is Aspinwall Public School Room #3.  Sept 1915

I think the girl with the ink on either side of her face and the huge bow must be Margaret Kratt Wilson. The teacher may be Miss Edna Dressing? (Hard to read the writing).

Above is Aspinwall Public School, Room 4, Sept. 1916


Josephine & George Kratt, Sr.  Photo taken around 1909-1910 according to back of photo.

Studio was Brooks, on Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC.


Emma Kratt, married to William Strathman.  Undated.
Studio on Emma Kratt's photo is The Stedeford, 231 5th Ave, Pittsburg, PA

This photo is Margaret Kratt, who was born 5/13/1907 according to the writing on the photo.


Grandmother Boren
Grandmother Humbert or Humbest
Josephine Kratt - (Grandma Kratt)
J. Margaret Kratt
Four Generations.

Since we have a birth date for Margaret Kratt in an earlier photo, above, then that dates this photo at 1907.

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