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Lazy Town”  
An Operetta in Two Acts
Book and Lyrics by Estelle Merrymon Clark
Music by G. A. Grant-Schaefer
Directed by Alfred Lindsay, Jr.
Presented by Grades 1-6 of the Aspinwall Grade School
8 & 9 April 1948.
(Contributed by Carolyn "Cari" (McQuaid) Thomas, 2009)

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Picture #1: From the original belonging to Carolyn McQuaid Thomas.
“Cast of Characters”: Identifications (using grade and names as spelled in the Lazy Town program) plus (character name);
Left to Right: Janek Gunther 5 (Slim), Byron Henry 6 (Patch), (Douglas Cushman 5 and Clifford Borland 5 as “Nellie” the horse), Carol Zoerb 5 (Gretchen), Betty Jane Irwin 5 (Lotchen), Carolyn McQuaid 5 (Lena*), Charles White 6 (Peter Roozee), Susan Parker 6 (Mama Roozee, Menna’s mother), Priscilla Ambrose 6 (Menna Roozee), Bill Treese 6? (Papa Roozee), Jane Webb 6 (Witch of Good Luck), Joy Hensley 4 (June), Babs McLaughlin 5 (Lena*), Joan Zuccaro 5 (Tina, Tubby’s mother), Betty Ann Bailey 6 (Snitzy), Suzanne Stephens 5 (Mary Jane), Sammy Jones 4 (Tubby) and Gail Saxon 6 (Baby Doll). Seated in front row of auditorium are Dawn Regan 6, Susan Hatton 6 , Frances Blaisdell 5, and Virginia Evans 6, all four looking back at the photographer. “Hills Studio, Commercial & Portrait Photographers, 214 N. Highland Ave, Pittsburgh, Pa.”  Members of the cast were only listed on “Cast of Characters” page; they were not included in the classroom lists.

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Picture #2a: This original photograph has been shared by Adrienne Soost Rodewald (January 2005); sincere thanks, Adrienne!
“Chorus”, Photo 2a: Identifications (using names as spelled in the Lazy Town program; grade has been added) are given,
Left to Right:
Back Row: Jules Labarthe 5; David Hastings 5; Margaret Wilson 5; Frances Blaisdell 5; Marilyn Brown 5; Nancy King 5; Sara Jane Trout 6; Adrienne Soost 5; Nancy Masters 6; Shirley Borland 6; Vinnie Fichtel 6; Danny Thalimer 5; Curry Blank 6.
Middle Row: Carol Kumer 6; Dianne Fischer 5; Marilyn Minor 5; Sheila Flinn 5; Susan Cook 5; Rachel Ravey 5; Judy McNeill 5; Dawn Regan 6; Nancy Yoder 6; Virginia Boone 5; Shirley Newcamp 5; Sally Hamre 5; Marden Ireland 5; Sally Bollinger 5; Sara Law 6.
Front Row: Lee Henry 5; Roger McQuaide [McQuaid] 6; Scott Penn 6; Charles Perrin 5; Jack Hockberg [Otte] 5; Terry Snyder 6; Billy Hutzell 5; Bob Campbell 6; Raymond Ebel 5; Leo Linder 5; Albert Slater 5; Ranny Walzer 6; George Sheehan 5.
         All 6th graders listed here were in Mr. Jacques’ classroom; all 5th graders here were in Miss Dressing’s classroom, with exception of Sally Bollinger, who was in Miss Moyes’ classroom.

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 Picture #2b: This original photograph has been shared by Luise Wally Lucas (April 2005); sincere thanks, Luise!
“Chorus”, Photo 2: Identifications (using names as spelled in the Lazy Town program; grade has been added) are given:
Left to Right:
Back Row: Jim Godber 6; Peggy Love 6; Shirley Negley 5; Marilyn Bjurstrom 5; Ann Wilkinson [Wilkison] 5; Virginia Evans 6: Emma Wally 5; Helen Hickler 5; Grace Morgan 5; Anna Wilson 5; Lucy Straub 5; Gloria Verardi 6; Arlene McKim 6; Jack Craig 6.
Middle Row: Tex Barker 5; John Hatton 5; Marilyn Nickell 6; Susan Hatton 6; Judith Hartman 5; Virginia Gantner 5; Beatrice Moore 5; Donna Royston 5; Gretchen Muth 5; Robert Artzberger 5; Donald Reed 5.
Front Row: Richard Hudic 6; Bill McLaughlin 6; Malcolm Mullins 6; Gary Hess 5; David Steel 5; Richard Moline 5; Robert Little 5; Jim Clokey 6; Paul Debrunner 6; Donald Lydon 6; Wayne Danver 6; Jack Thomas 5.

All 5th graders in “Chorus” Photo 2 are from Miss Moyes’ classroom with the exception of : Tex Barker and Robert Artzberger from Miss Dressing’s classroom.
All 6th graders in this photo are from Mr. Jacques’ classroom. Alva Glover is listed in Miss Moyes’ 5th grade classroom but is not found on any of the three photos.
According to the program: Mr. Lindsay was “Assisted by Grade School Faculty: L. Eugene Jacques 6; Janet Brewster 1; Edna S. Dressing 5; Eleanor G. Dunlap 4; Viola R. Hawkins 2; Melba McGreevy 1; Mrs. Jean C. McWilliams 3, 4; G. Beatrice Miller 2, 3; L. Pearl Moyes 5; Mrs. Helen Neidig [Art]. Costumes by: Catherine Payne [School Nurse].” The specific grades teachers taught during the 1947-48 year are shown in the program and have been added here.
Transcribed by cjmt, 2005; photos scanned by cjmt, 2005.

ADDENDUM: In November 2005, an original issue of the (Aspinwall High School) CAVALCADE dated 24 March 1948 was found in possession of Mrs. E.H. McQuaid. On the front page, center column bottom, is this article:
“Lazy Town” Presented in Auditorium
    Plans for the Grade School operetta, “Lazy Town” are going ahead. The operetta directed by Mr. Lindsay had been planned for presentation in March, but the fire in the High School Auditorium has delayed it. However, the program will be presented Thursday and Friday, April 8 and 9, 1948, at 2:00 P.M. in the Grade School Auditorium.

( Below info contributed Aug. 2009 by Ben Freudenreich)
Second and Third Grade, Miss B. Miller, teacher.
Candlelighters and Ghosts in the Operetta “Lazy Town,” April, 1948


Boys, left to right:  Tommy Hopkins, Dick lynch, Tommy Hamilton, David Banks, Jack McCredie, Edwin Friend, John Masters, John Telling, Bobby Brosius, Tom Kanhofer, Tom Fleming, Frank Klokey, Fred Roney, Ronny Emerick, Norman (Banks?), Pat Corbett, Ben Freudenreich, Joe Lodge

Girls:  Nancy Rawley, Jean Reee, Mary Martha Pliss, Helen Ode, Barbara Best, Judy Snyder, Sussie Cochran, Ann Rockwell, Nancy Libengood, Portia Derge, Dianne Schlessman, Patty McConnell, Gail McCrossin, Mary Jane Klapner

Photo by Hill’s Studio, 214 N. Highland Ave, Pittsburgh, PA.

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