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Family Genealogy Tree & Index of Deeds, touching the family lives of


(All posted information contributed by Jackie Felix Fisher,

(Note: Originals of this information is available for public viewing at the Greene County Historical Society, address below.)

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Extracted from original handwritten trees, by Jackie Felix Fisher March 2009. 

Originals contributed to the Greene County Historical Society.  


Generation 1

1)       Generation 2

a)        (a)       Generation 3

i)         Generation 4

(1)     Generation 5

(a)     Generation 6

(i)       Generation 7

1.        Generation 8

a.        Generation 9


Matthew Bane (died on voyage to US in 1687): Wife Margret Hatton

1)       Thomas Bane (d. 1687)

2)       Elinor Bane (b. 1677)

3)       Timothy Bane (d. 1687)

4)       Wm. Bane (b. 1681): Wife Elizabeth

a)             a) Joseph Bane (b. 1708, d. 1771): Wife Esther Evans

i)         John Bane (b. 1734): Wife Elizabeth Randall

(1)     John Bane

(2)     Joseph Bane (b. 1759): Wife Rosanna Eaty

(a)     James Bane ( b. 1787):  Wife Priscilla Morgan

(i)       Hiram Bane (b. 1823): Wife Barbra Zollars (b. 1822)

1.        George Bane (b. 1846): Wife Anna Bailey

2.        Mary Bane (b. 1849)

3.        Emily Bane (b. 1852): Husband Joe Tharp

a.        Linnie Tharp

b.       Louise Tharp

c.        Sadie Tharp

4.        Newton Bane (b. 1854): Wife Jenny Tharp: Wife Flora Peden

a.        Newton Bane

b.       Victor Bane

5.        Silas Bane (b. 1857) Wife Ella McKinney

a.        Elsie M. Bane (b. 1883): Husband Warren Harris

i.         Marie Bane: Husband Warren L. Harris

ii.        Delbert Bane

iii.      Dorothy Bane: Husband Wm. Smith

b.       Lulu E. Bane (b. 1886): Husband Earl A. McCullough

iv.      Ortha Bane: Husband David Wise

v.       Merrill Bane

vi.      Velma Bane

vii.    Jean Bane

c.        Josie O. Bane (b. 1891): Husband Joseph F. McMinn

viii.   Naomi Bane

ix.       Loretha Bane

x.        Reed Bane

d.       Hiram L. Bane (b. 1893): Husband Ruth H. Redd

xi.       Bobby Bane

xii.     Harold Bane

6.        Demas Bane (b. 1859): Wife Anna Simmons

a.        Emma Bane

b.       Florence Bane

c.        Earl Bane

d.       Edna Bane

e.        John Bane

f.         Ruth Bane

(ii)     Henry Bane

(iii)    Joe Bane

(iv)   Priscilla Bane: Husband John Baker

1.        Mary Baker: Husband Geo Bigler             

2.        Jim Baker

3.        Isaac Baker

4.        Anna Baker: Husband Robison Baer

5.        Dan Baker

(v)     Ruth Bane: Husband Daniel Keys

1.        Dan Keys: Wife Margret Hoover

2.        Hiram Keys

3.        Luella Keys: Husband Charles Watson

4.        Mary Keys: Husband Jno Edgar

5.        William Keys: Wife Sarah Martin

6.        John Keys

7.        Priscilla Keys: Husband Wesley Sibert

8.        Elizabeth

(vi)   Anna Bane: Husband __ Ball

(b)     William Bane

(c)     Garrett Bane

(i)       Ralph Bane

(d)     Lem Joseph Bane

(e)     Elizabeth Bane

(f)      John Bane: Wife Nancy Morgan

(g)     Seth Bane: Wife Eleanor Morgan

(h)     Henry Bane

(3)     Esther Bane (b. 1761)

(4)     James Bane (b. 1763)

(5)     Mary Bane (b. 1765)

ii)       Matthew Bane

iii)      Seth Bane

iv)     James Bane

b)       b) Matthew Bane

c)       c) James Bane

d)       d) Thomas Bane

e)       e) Timothy Bane

f)        f ) Jacob Bane

g)      g) Wm. Bane

h)       h) Elizabeth Bane

i)         i) Elinor Bane



918 ROLLING MEADOWS ROAD, WAYNESBURG, PA 15370; 724-627-8595

1.  Deed, Mary W. Denney to Alva C. Shaw, 1890

2.  Deed, Mary Denny to Alva C. Shaw, 1886

3.  Mortgage, Jacob Shriver to E. Luse Denny, 1901

4.  Bond, Jacob Shriver to E. Luse Denny, 1901

5.  Conveyance, E. Luse Denny & wife to Jacob Schriver, 1901

6.  Deed, Trustees of the M.E. Church of Jefferson to L. Smith, D. Pollock, B. B. Smith, ­H.H. Lindsay and J. L. Bayard, 1874

7.  Deed, Quit Claim, The School District of the Borough of Jefferson to Henrietta McMinn, 1918

8.  Deed, Quit Claim, G. S. Walker & wife to T. R. McMinn, 1894

9.  Quit Claim Deed from S. B. Shaw and wife to John L. Shaw, 1884

10.  Deed Quit Claim, David Crawford & Elizabeth Crawford to John L. Shaw, 1880

11.  Deed, W. J. McMinn & wife to T. R. McMinn, Quit Claim, 1900

12.  Deed, William Brown and wife to Alva C. Shaw, 1891

13.  Deed, Quit Claim, B. B. W. Denny & wife, E. S. Denny & wife, Mary Denny and Harrie L. Phelan and Joseph W. Phelan her husband
     .... and all heirs of Meeker W. & Jane Denny, deed. To T. R. McMinn - 1899

14.  Deed, School Directors of Jefferson Boro to James Smith & John Cotteral, 1887

15.  Deed, Sylvanus Smith and wife to John Cotterrel, 1893

16.  Deed, B. B. W. Denney & wife to E. L. Denney, 1899.

17.  Deed, John Cotterrel and wife to T. R. McMinn, 1902

18.  Conveyance, Jacob Shriver and wife to T. Reed McMinn, 190

19.  Deed, John L. Shaw & Mary A. Shaw to Sylvester B. Shaw, 1881

20.  Agreement between John Cotterrel and T. R. McMinn, 1902

21.  Bill in Equity, Henry C. Sayers and Clementine R. Sayers, Plaintiffs vs. Isabella McCullough, et al, Defendants, Petition, 1898

22.  Deed, Pollock et al and wives and School District of Jefferson, 1874

23.  Deed, Isaac C. Lacock, Assignee of John K. Bane to D. Crawford, Esq for house & lot, 1880

24.  Granting Letters of Administration regarding will of Samuel Woodruff, 1835

25.  William Goodwin vs. T. Reed McMinn, Answer, 1900

26.  William Goodwin vs. T. Reed McMinn, 1898

27.  William Goodwin vs. T. Reed McMinn, Bill, 1898

28.  William Goodwin vs. T. Reed McMinn, Answer, 1900

29.  William Goodwin vs. T. Reed McMinn, The Demurrer, 1898

30.   Deed Poll. FI. FA. Deed, John A. Moore to T. R. McMinn and G. S. Walker, 1894

31.   Deed, Heirs of T. R. McMinn Sr, deceased to T. R. McMinn, 1889

32.   Letter testamentary on the estate of Samuel Woodruff, with last will and testament, undated

33.   5 Insurance Policies

34.   1 Certificate of Stock

35.   Letter dated 1918 to Mrs. Henrietta McMinn regarding deed to Cumberland Coal Company

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