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Allegheny County Municipalities, Compiled by Nancy Long
(Contributed by Nancy Long,, February 25, 2009)

Updated: August 31,  2010

Please Note:

* = boro or township no longer exists

** = municipality, not a Boro or Twp – operates as Home Rule Charter (HRC) Community

        NAME                                              TYPE                FORMED                              FROM

Adams*                                                 Twp                        1850                        Part of Wilkins Twp.

Aleppo                                                   Twp                        1876                        Kilbuck Twp.

Allentown*                                           Boro                       1870                        Lower St. Clair (to Pgh 1907)

Aspinwall                                              Boro                       1892                        O’Hara Twp.

Avalon                                                   Boro                       1874                        Kilbuck Twp.

Baldwin                                                  Twp                        1844                        Upper & Lower St. Clair,
                                                                                                                                 Jefferson & Mifflin Twps

Baldwin                                                  Boro                       1850                        Baldwin Twp.

Beechview*                                          Boro                       1905                        Union Twp. (to Pgh. 1908)

Bell Acres                                              Boro                       1960                        Sewickley Twp.

Bellevue                                                 Boro                       1867                        Ross Twp.

Beltzhoover*                                        Boro                       1875                        Lower St. Clair (to Pgh. 1898)

Ben Avon (orig. McNtone)                Boro                       1892                        Kilbuck Twp.

Ben Avon Heights                               Boro                       1913                        Kilbuck Twp.

Bethel*                                                  Twp.                       1886                        Snowden Twp.

Bethel Park                                            Boro                       1949                        Bethel Twp.

Birmingham*                                         Boro                       1826                        St. Clair (to Pgh. 1872)

Blawnox                                                 Mun**                   1925                        Hoboken Boro (?)

Brackenridge (orig.Avenue)               Boro                       1901                        Harrison Twp.

Braddock*                                             Twp                        1885                        Wilkins Twp.

Braddock                                               Boro                       1867                        Wilkins Twp.

Braddock Hills                                      Boro                       1946                        Braddock Twp.

Bradford Woods                                  Boro                       1915                        Marshall Twp.

Brentwood                                            Boro                       1915                        Villages of Brentwood, Point View & Whitehall

Bridgeville                                             Boro                       1901                        Upper St. Clair

Brown*                                                  Twp                        1846                        Fayette Twp

Carnegie                                                Boro                       1894                        Boros of Mansfield, Chartiers & part of Scott Twp.

Carrick*                                                 Boro                       1908                        Baldwin Twp.(to Pgh. 1925)

Castle Shannon                                    Boro                       1919                        Baldwin, Bethel & Mt. Lebanon Boros

Chalfant                                                 Boro                       1914                        Wilkins Twp.

Chartiers*                                              Twp                        1851                        Lower St. Clair Twp.(to Pgh. 1921)

Cheswick                                               Boro                       1901                        Springdale Twp.

Churchill                                                Boro                       1934                        Wilkins Twp.

Clairton*                                                Boro                       1903                        Jefferson Twp.

Clairton                                                  City                         1922                        Clairton Boro.

Collier                                                     Twp                        1875                        Robinson, N. & S. Fayette & part of Scott Twp. in 1880

Coraopolis                                             Boro                       1886                        Moon Twp.

Crafton (orig.Broadhead)                    Boro                       1892                        Chartiers Twp.

Crescent                                                Twp                        1855                        Moon Twp.

Deer*                                                     Twp                        1795

Dormont                                                Boro                       1909                        Scott Twp.

Dravosburg                                           Boro                       1903                        Mifflin Twp.

Duquesne*                                           Boro                       1891                        Mifflin

Duquesne                                              City                         1918                        Duquesne Boro

East Deer                                               Twp                        1836                        Deer & Indiana Twps.

East Birmingham                                  Boro                       1849                        Lower St. Clair (to Pgh. 1877)

East McKeesport                                 Boro                       1893                        North Versailles Twp.

East Pittsburgh                                     Boro                       1895                        Wilkins Twp.

Edgewood                                             Boro                       1888                        Braddock Twp.

Edgeworth                                             Boro                       1903                        Leet Twp.

Elizabeth                                                Twp                        1788                        Original Twp.

Elizabeth (orig. New Store)                 Boro                       1834                        Elizabeth Twp.

Elliott*                                                   Boro                       1892                        Chartiers (to Pgh. 1904)

Emsworth                                              Boro                       1891                        Kilbuck Twp.

Esplen*                                                  Boro                       1891                        Chartiers (to Pgh. 1905)

Etna (orig. Stewartstown)                   Boro                       1868                        Shaler Twp.

Fawn                                                      Twp                        1858                        East Deer Twp.

Fayette*                                                 Twp                        1790                        Moon Twp.

Findlay                                                   Twp                        1820                        Moon Twp.

Forest Hills                                            Boro                       1920                        Wilkins & Braddock Twps.

Forward                                                 Twp                        1869                        Elizabeth Twp.

Fox Chapel                                            Boro                       1935                        O’Hara & Indiana Twps.

Franklin*                                               Twp                        1823                        Ohio Twp., part to Sewickley Twp. in 1906

Franklin Park                                         Boro                       1961                        Franklin Twp.

Frazer                                                     Twp                        1914                        East Deer Twp.

Glassport                                               Boro                       1902                        Port Vue Boro

Glenfield                                                Boro                       1876                        Kilbuck Twp.

Greentree                                               Boro                       1885                        Union Twp.

Hampton                                                Twp                        1861                        McCandless, West Deer & Indiana Twps.

Harmar                                                   Twp                        1875                        Indiana Twp.

Harrison                                                 Twp                        1863                        Fawn Twp.

Hays*                                                    Boro                       1901                        Baldwin & Mifflin Twps. (to Pgh. 1928)

Haysville                                               Boro                       1902                        Aleppo Twp.

Heidelberg                                             Boro                       1903                        Collier Twp.

Homestead                                            Boro                       1880                        Mifflin Twp.

Indiana                                                   Twp                        1805                        Deer Twp.

Ingram                                                    Boro                       1902                        Chartiers Twp.

Jefferson*                                             Twp.                       1828                        Mifflin Twp.

Jefferson                                                Boro                       1950                        Jefferson Twp. (name changed  to Jefferson Hills 1988)

Kennedy                                                Twp                        1902                        Stowe Twp.

Kilbuck                                                  Twp                        1869                        Ohio Twp.

Knoxville*                                             Boro                       1877                        Lower St. Clair Twp. (to Pgh. 1927)

Leet                                                        Twp                        1869                        Sewickley Twp.

Leetsdale                                               Boro                       1903                        Leet Twp.

Liberty                                                   Boro                       1912                        Port Vue Boro

Liberty*                                                 Twp                        1864                        Peebles Twp.

Lincoln                                                   Boro                       1958                        Lincoln Twp.

Lincoln*                                                 Twp                        1864                        Elizabeth Twp.

Lower St. Clair*                                    Twp                        1839                        St. Clair Twp. (to Pgh. 1924)

Marshall                                                 Twp                        1863                        Franklin Twp.

McNair*                                                Twp                        1850                        Adams Twp.

Marion*                                                 Twp                        1847                        Ross, Indiana Twps.

Mellon*                                                 Twp                        1860                        Moon Twp. (never created)

Mifflin*                                                  Twp                        1788                        Original Township

Millvale                                                  Boro                       1868                        Shaler Twp.

Monongahela*                                     Boro                       1858                        So. Pgh. (to Pgh. 1872)

Monroeville                                          Mun**                   1951                        Patton Twp.

Montooth*                                           Boro                       1897                        W. Liberty (to Pgh. 1901)

Moon                                                     Twp.                       1788                        Original Township

Mt. Lebanon                                         Twp                        1912                        Baldwin & Scott Twps.

Mt. Lebanon*                                       Boro                       1897                        Name changed to Dormont in 1909

Mt. Oliver                                              Boro                       1892                        Lower St. Clair Twp.

Mt. Washington*                                Boro                       1866                        Lower St. Clair & Union Twps. (to Pgh. 1872)

Munhall                                                 Boro                       1901                        Mifflin Twp.

McCandless (orig. Taylor)                 Twp                        1851                        Pine Twp.

McClure*                                              Twp                        1859                        Ross, Reserve Twps.

McDonald                                             Boro                       1921                        Washington County

McKees Rocks                                     Boro                       1892                        Stowe Twp.

McKeesport                                          City                         1842                        Versailles Twp.

Neville (Montour’s Island)                 Twp                        1865                        Ohio Twp.

North Braddock                                    Boro                       1896                        Braddock & Wilkins Twps.

North Clairton*                                    Boro                       1915                        Jefferson Twp. (to Clairton 1920)

North Fayette  (Orig.Brown)              Twp                        1846                        Fayette Twp.

North Versailles                                    Twp                        1869                        Versailles Twp.

O’Hara                                                   Twp.                       1875                        Indiana Twp.

Oakdale                                                  Boro                       1892                        N. & S. Fayette Twps.

Oakmont                                                Boro                       1889                        Verona Boro & Plum Twp.

Ohio                                                       Twp                        1803                        Pitt Twp.

Ormsby*                                                Boro                       1868                        Lower St. Clair Twp. (to Pgh. 1872)

Osborne                                                 Boro                       1881                        Aleppo Twp.

Overbrook*                                           Boro                       1919                        Baldwin Twp. (to Pgh. 1929)

Patton*                                                  Twp                        1849                        Plum Twp.

Penn Hills (orig. Penn)                        Mun**                   1851                        Wilkins Twp. (Adams Twp.)

Pennsbury Village                                Boro                       1978                        Robinson Twp.

Peebles                                                  Twp                        1833                        Pitt Twp.

Pine                                                        Twp                        1796                        Pitt Twp.

Pitcairn                                                   Boro                       1894                        Patton Twp.

Pitt*                                                        Twp.                       1788                        Pitt Twp.,Westmoreland Co.

Pittsburgh                                             City                         1816                     (Inc.)

Pleasant Hills                                        Boro                       1947                        Jefferson & Baldwin

Plum                                                       Boro                       1956                        Penn Twp.

Plum*                                                     Twp                        1788                        Original Township

Port Vue                                                 Boro                       1892                        Lincoln Twp.

Rankin                                                    Boro                       1891                        Braddock Twp.

Reserve                                                  Twp                        1835                        Ross Twp.

Richland                                                Twp                        1860                        West Deer & Pine Twps.

Ringold*                                                Twp                        1866                        Fayette

Robinson                                               Twp                        1801                        Fayette Twp.

Ross                                                       Twp                        1809                        Pine Twp.

Rosslyn Farms                                      Boro                       1913                        Robinson Twp.

St. Clair*                                                Twp                        1788                        Original Township

St. Clair*                                                Boro                       1870                        Lower St. Clair (to Pgh. 1872)

St. Clair*                                                Boro                       1906                        Lower St. Clair Twp. (to Pgh. 1923)

Scott                                                       Twp                        1861                        Upper St. Clair Twp.

Sewickley*                                            Twp                        1854                        Ohio Twp.

Sewickley                                              Boro                       1853                        Leet Twp.

Sewickley Heights                               Boro                       1905                        Sewickley, Ohio, Aleppo & Leet

Sewickley Hills                                     Boro                       1960

Shaler (former Marion Twp)               Twp                        1847                        Ross & Indiana Twps.

Sharpsburg                                           Boro                       1841                        Indiana Twp.

Sheraden*                                             Boro                       1894                        Chartiers Twp. (to Pgh. 1907)

Snowden*                                             Twp                        1845                        Upper St. Clair & Jefferson Twps.

South Fayette (Ringold)                     Twp                        1846                        Fayette Twp.

South Park                                             Twp                        1966                        Snowden Twp.

South Pittsburgh*                                Boro                       1848                        Lower St. Clair Twp. (to Pgh. 1872)

South Versailles                                   Twp                        1869                        Versailles Twp.

Springdale                                             Twp                        1875                        East Deer Twp.

Springdale                                             Boro                       1906                        Springdale Twp.

Spring Garden*                                    Boro                       1882                        Reserve Twp. (to Pgh)

Sterrett*                                                 Twp                        1877                        Wilkins Twp.

Stowe                                                     Twp                        1869                        Robinson Twp.

Swissvale                                              Boro                       1896                        Braddock Twp.

Tarentum                                               Boro                       1842                        East Deer Twp.

Temperanceville*                                 Boro                       1859                        Chartiers (to Pgh. 1872)

Thornburg                                             Boro                       1909                        Robinson Twp.

Trafford                                                 Boro                       1904

Turtle Creek                                          Boro                       1891                        Patton & Wilkins Twps.

Union (orig.Kirkpatrick Twp)             Twp                        1860                        Chartiers Twp. (to Pgh. 1928)

Union                                                     Boro                       1869                        Union Twp. (to Pgh. 1872)

Upper St. Clair                                      Twp                        1839                        St. Clair Twp.

Verona                                                   Boro                       1871                        Penn & Plum Twps.

Versailles                                               Twp                        1788                       

Versailles (current twp.)                      Twp                        1875                        South Versailles Twp.

Wall                                                        Boro                       1903                        North Versailles Twp.

West Deer                                             Twp                        1836                        Deer Twp.

West Elizabeth                                     Boro                       1848                        Jefferson Twp.

West Homestead                                 Boro                       1901                        Mifflin Twp.

West Mifflin                                         Boro                       1944                        Mifflin Twp.

West View                                             Boro                       1905                        Ross Twp.

Westwood*                                          Boro                       1912                        Greentree Boro (to Pgh. 1926)

Whitaker                                                Boro                       1904                        Mifflin Twp.

White Oak                                             Boro                       1948                        Versailles Twp.

Whitehall                                               Boro                       1947                        Baldwin & Bethel

Wilkins                                                  Twp                        1821                        Pitt Twp.

Wilkinsburg (orig. McNairville &

 Ripeysville)                                          Boro                       1887                        Braddock, Sterrett & Wilkins Twps.

Wilmerding                                           Boro                       1889                        N. Versailles & Patton Twps.

Wilson*                                                 Boro                       1909                        Jefferson Twp. (to Pgh. 1920)


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