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Subject: More on Whitakers
From: Stephen Whitaker, (remove "-nospam-" to contact)
Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2008 13:21:39 -0400
To: Norm Meinert,

More on Whitakers
 Hays Borough, Allegheny County, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Known History 1850-through 2003.

Sons of Abraham
The birth confirmation ofWilliam Whitteker born to Neil and Lena, of Allegheny County,
Baldwin, Glass Run, was a fortuitous link to our prior generation. The confirmation came
as a result of paying a fee to the Carnegie Library in Pittsburgh to search the paper indexes
of births from the narrow span of years: 1893-1906, which is all that exists of that century’s

Two births to Neal and Lena [ Eleanor ] were recorded:
Louisa, b: December 29, 1897 and William, b: May 15, 1895
With this lead, searching census records for that spelling with the extra 't' in Whittaker
located the census for 1900, where Lena does exist, as well as confirms the approximate
ages and order of the other children. With that information and the various spellings of
Whitaker, one can now trace the family through 1910 in Hays, back through Mifflin,
Jefferson, and in 1850, again in Mifflin Township, Allegheny County, Pittsburgh,
1910 in Hays Borough, Allegheny County:
Neil Whitaker, Head of Household is a 60 year old Widower. [born about 1850]
His sons:
Abraham, 22
Neil Jr. 20
William 17
Norman 10.

1900, in Baldwin Township, Allegheny County:
Cornelius is REPORTEDLY born in month 'u/n', 1861 in Pennsylvania.
Lena is born in April 1855, in Pennsylvania
As recorded, he is 39, she is 45. [Appears to be an error of 10 years]
They had been married for 21 years, [married about 1879]
Lena has borne 13 children, of whom only 10 are still living,
8 of whom are now in their household.
Cornelius is a day laborer, (8 months not employed).
Cornelius cannot read nor write. Lena can.
Lena's parents are both from Germany.
Cornelius' parents are both from Pennsylvania.
Harry b:July 1880, is 19, occupation is Fireman
Edward b: Dec. 1882 is 17, occupation is Teamster
Joseph b: Dec. 1884 is 15, occupation is day laborer (4 months not employed)
Abram b: Mar. 1887 is 13 'at school'
Cornelius b: Dec. 1893 is 6, 'at school'
William b: May 1897 is 3
Louisa b: July, 1898 is 1,
Norman b: Nov. 1899 is 6 months old

1890 missing census due to a fire in Washington DC
1880 in Mifflin Township, Allegheny County:
Cornelius Whittaker and his wife 'Leen' have started family since last census.
Cornelius 28, Miner [born about 1852]
Leen 24 Keeping house, [Father from France, Mother from Germany]
Adeline 6
Charles 4
John 1

1870, JEFFERSON township of Allegheny County.(July 27)
Martha Whitaker 57, head of household, presumably a widow
Samuel 24 Coal Miner
Cornelius 18 Coal Miner [born about 1852]
and two sisters.
Martha, 22; and [she should be 26]
Adeline, 16 [she should be 14]
1860, in Mifflin Township, Allegheny County (June 30)
Abraham Whitaker 61 Labourer [born about 1799]
Martha Whitaker 48
Aaron 24 Coal Miner
James T 23 Labourer (coal work)
Louis 19 Coal Miner
Henry 17 Coal Miner
Martha 16
Samuel 12
John A 10
Abraham 9
Cornelius 7 [born about. July 1852]
Louisa 6
Adeline 4

1850, in Mifflin Township, Allegheny County (September 6)
Abraham 45 Farmer [born about 1805]
Martha 37
Sarah 17
Aaron 15 Farmer attends school
James T 14 attends school
Lewis 12 attends school
Henery (sp) 10 attends school
Martha 8
Samuel M. 6
John A 4
Abraham 1

1840, in Mifflin Township, Allegheny County
2 male children under 5 years
1 male child 5-10 years
1 Male adult 40-50 years
2 female child under 5 years
2 female children 5-10 years
1 female adult 20-30 years
Therefore, between 1840 and 1850, they lost three daughters.
Two were less than 5 in 1840, one was 5-10 in 1840.
Names were not recorded until the 1950 census.
As the Homestead Cemetery is where William W. (Bill) Whitaker was buried atop his
mother Beulah’s grave, it is likely that many more Whitakers are buried there. There were
other Whitaker families in these Pittsburgh boroughs in this time period so specific
individuals from specific towns and specific dates will be required for any search of
cemetery records or grave stones.
Homestead Cemetery
2257 Main Street, Homestead, PA 15120
(412) 461-1818

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