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1852 - 1902 Festival Program / St. Mary's Church, Sharpsburg, PA

(St. Mary's Golden Jubilee Program, 1902 and Mueller family info submitted by Mary Neff Hurst,

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1852 - 1902

Festival Program


for the

Golden Jubilee
St. Mary's Church
Sharpsburg, PA

Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday
the 7th, 8th and 9th of December, 1902

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(Inside Front Cover)
   St. Mary's Church, Sharpsburg, Pa. 1852
Burnt down on the 4th of January, 1866.

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Festival Song

(summary, translation)

happiness forever . . .
our hymn to Heaven . . .


Hail Sharpsburg . . .
and church . . .


our community created by Germans


our ancestors saw for the first time . . .
founded on the Allegheny


they settled in faith . . .


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Festival Song

(in general...)


. . . the church burnt . . .


then a new church is a reward for the faith of
Fr. Seelos . . . Shepherd of this earth . . .


. . . how pure his heart glows for God.


Give Thanks to everyone that led us
through the bad times.


 . . . Golden times being prophesied . . .
My cheers to Sharpsburg . . .
Hail all of you.

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Preparations for the Jubilee

40 - hour Prayer
Missions Renewal
Thursday, the 4th of December
Sunday, the 7th of December, 1902
by the
Honorable Redemptorist-Father, M. Bohn
End of Mission
December 7th 
Morning High Mass  10:00 am

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Sunday, the 7th of December, 1902


2:30 in the afternoon

Children's Jubilee Concert 
in the
School Hall of St. Mary's
under the direction of the honorable Sisters (nuns)
 1. Overture Orchestra.
 2. Chorus, "Jubilee Bells," Accompanied by Orchestra.
 3. Piano Solo, First Movement from "Sonata 1," W. Mozart.
Sylvia Wacker.
 4. Palm Drill, By the Boys, Accompanied by Orchestra
 5. Selection, Orchestra.
 6. Chorus, "Das Lied der Lieder," Junior Choir.
 7. Piano Solo, "Mazurka Brillrante,:, C. Bohm.
Mercedes Schramm.
 8. Crown Drill, Fifty Small Girls, Accompanied by Orchestra.
 9. Selection, Orchestra.
10. Tableau of the Wise and the Foolish Virgins, Accompanied by Orchestra.
11. Selection, Orchestra.
12. Ribbon Drill, By the Girls, Accompanied by Orchestra.
13. Tableau, Orchestra.
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(Photo of Church)

St. Mary's Church, Sharpsburg, in 1902

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Sunday, the 7th of December, 1902

7:30 in the evening
Holy/Priestly Vespers and Sermon
given by
the most Honorable Bishop P.J. Donahue, D.D.
from Wheeling, W.VA.
Music Program
J. Singenberger.
F. Mitterer.
Dr. Fr. Witt.
H. Boerfler.

Chorus with Organ
Bordini Quartet


Sermon and Benediction


Electric Lighting and Brilliant Fireworks afterwords!!

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Monday, the 8th of December, 1902
Holy Service = 10:00 AM

Celebrant - Honorable Bishop Donahue of Wheeling, W. VA. 
Archpriest - Honorable Father Joseph Suhr -
           The Secretary to the Bishop of the Germans of the Diocese of Pittsburgh
Honored Deacon - Honorable Father Johann Bullion
                                Honorable Father Adam Tanner
Deacon - Honorable Stephan Schramm
Sub-deacon - Honorable P. Johann Muller, O.S.B.*
Master of Ceremonies - Honorable P.  Karl Grunenwald, C. S. Sp.***   
                                      Honorable P. L. Spannagel, C. S. Sp.***
Festival Speaker - Honorable P. M. Bohn, C. SS. R.**
Music Program
chorus and orchestra
Miss Katherine Ward - Soprano
Miss Katherine Barry - Alto
Theodor Schmitt - Tenor
Caspar Niesen - Baritone 
Harry Archer - Organ
Professor John Glomb - conductor
* (refers to Order of St. Benedict, Monastary)
** (C. SS. R.  refers to Cong. of the Holy Redeemer, or Redemptorist order
***(C. S. Sp. refers to Congregation of the Holy Spirit/Ghost, order of priests)
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Monday the 8th of December, 1902
8:00 in the evening
Jubilee Concert
in the
School Hall of St. Mary's
(names mentioned)
Soprano, Miss Cl. Huhn . . . Alto, Miss E. Hartmann,
Tenor, Mr. H. Hohman
Baritone Solo...Mr. Carl L. Niesen
Speaker - Mr. John D. Schaefer
Speaker - Honorable P. Karl Grunenwald C. S. Sp.
Baritone Solo - Mr. C. Niesen
Reader - Honorable P. F.W. Schwab  C. S. Sp.

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Tuesday, the 9th of December, 1902
9:00 AM
Dedication Requiem
for the

deceased members of the congregation
Celebrant - Honorable P. Schwab, C. S. Sp.
Deacon - Honorable P. Grunenwald, C. S. Sp.
Subdeacon - Honorable P. Spannagel, C. S. Sp.
Master of Ceremonies - Honorable P. P.J. Otten
Honorable P. Zielenbach, C. S. Sp., of the District or Province

Music Program
chorus and organ

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The Festival Committee

P. Johann Otten, C. S. Sp. . . . President
Heinrich Stein . . .1st Vice President
Caspar Schneider . . . 2nd Vice President
Aloysius Berner . . . Treasurer
Karl Huhn . . . Secretary
Prof. John C. Glomb, organist
Louis Arenth; Frans Schneider; Jacob Winschel; Christian Forster
Joseph J. Wittman; Joseph Ackerman; Stephan Maerz; John Himber
Peter Lang; John Guentner; Frans Kruth; Sylvester N. Wagner
John Haser; John Miller; Georg Hahn;  Leo Wagner; Adam Meinert;
Frans Richert; Joseph Hahner;
Jacob Lutz; John Altmayer; John Wittman
August Blumling; Peter Wiedman;  Herman McBride; Chas. Becker;
Joseph Wiedman;
Daniel Vogel, Sr.; John Meigel; George Fuchs;
Joseph Rimelin;
John Depenhardt; Philip Jageman; Sebastian Haser;
Joseph Grun;
Albert Sahr; Joseph Blaha; Henry J. Hohman; Fred. Schaller
M. Polena; Frans Merdian
Chorus of St. Mary's Church / Prof. John C. Glomb, organist
Sopranos: Clara Huhn; Mary Schlarb; Lizzie Lang; Mary Schaller
Katie Kusnis; Louisa Hohman; Mary Polena; Clara Remelin
Miss Schanberg; Theresa Stern 
Tenors: Geo. Huhn; Fred. Schaller; Jacob Arenth, Sr.
Fred. Auth; Geo. Schrend; Henry J. Hohman
Basses: Jos. Rohr; J.A. Wiedman; Jacob Berner; H. J. Balsey
Jacob Arenth, Jr.; Geo. Bzoski; Albert Merdian; Jos. Huhn; Chas. Huhn
Altos: Emma Hartmann; Matilda Vogel; Clara Vogel
Catherine Heinz; Stella Bzoski; Katie Bzoski

The following information, handwritten, was found tucked inside the Program for the Golden Jubilee for St. Mary's Catholic Church, Sharpsburg, PA, Allegheny County. Transcription is below this image.
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Translation by Carolyn Thomas,

    Scharpsburg den [6? 5?]ten Juni 1877. Wurde Johannes Marius Müller mit Elisabeth Meigel in der St Maria Kirche zu Scharpsburg getraut
        Sharpsburg the ?th June 1877 were Johannes Marius Müller with Elisabeth Meigel in the St. Mary Church of Sharpsburg married.

    Johannes Marius Müller Geboren den 15ten Februar 18[54? 34?].
        Johannes Marius Müller born the 15th of February 18?4

    Elisabeth Meigel Geboren den 2ten Dezember 1850
        Elisabeth Meigel born the 2nd of December 1850

    •Johannes Heinrich Müller, Geboren am Montag abent den 18ten März 1878 an der 8 Straße 1/4 vor 8 Uhr
        Johannes Heinrich Müller, born on Monday evening the 18th of March 1878 on the 8 Street quarter before 8 o’clock [pm]

    •Joseph Leo Müller, Geboren am Sontag Morgen den 16ten Mai 1880 am der 8 Straße 1/4 vor 3 Uhr, im hause seines Faters
        in margin: 3 [Has ? Possible meaning/misspelled Haus? or? ] from Pens [?] st   [? Hard to be sure since bottom of writing is missing]
        Joseph Leo Müller born on Sunday morning the 16th of May 1880 on the 8 Street at quarter before 8 o’clock [am], in his father’s house
            [3 houses?/something from Pens st. ? My Pgh map shows a Penn St crossing 8th in Sharpsburg not far from St. Mary’s.]

    •Martha Maria Catharina Müller Geboren am Mitwoch Abent 30ten Januar 1884. an der 8ten Straße 11 Uhr
        Martha Maria Catharina Müller born on Wednesday evening the 30th of January 1884 on the 8th Stree at 11 o’clock [pm]

    •Heinrich Aloÿsius Müller, Geboren am Sontag Abent den 7ten (could also be a 1) November 1886. an der 8ten Straße 1/2 8 Uhr.
        Heinrich Aloÿsius Müller born on Sunday evening the 7th (1st?) of November 1886 on the 8 Street at half an hour before 8 oclock [pm]

    •Eduard Wilhelm Müller, Geboren am Montag Morgen den 7ten Oktober 1889
        Eduard Wilhelm Müller born on Monday morning the 7th of October 1889

Transcriber's Note: There are some original misspellings (not surprising):
    Fater rather than Vater for father. (no German word: Fater, but that’s how Vater’s pronounced.)
    Abent: Abend: evening
    Scharpsburg....the American Sh is usually Sch in German
    Sontag: Sonntag
    Mitwoch: Mittwoch
    The writer also capitalized the verb geboren; verbs are not capitalized (note: getraut.)

(continuation of hand written note)


    an der 9ten Straße, 5 Uhr, Morgens
        on the 9th Street, 5 o’clock in the morning.

Below: "For Edward Mueller . . . receipt for tuition for a business course, $50, 1906"


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