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(Program images contributed by Patti Lang, -- July 25, 2008)

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Dedication Program
St. Martin's School and Convent
Steuben Street at Logue Street
Pittsburgh 20, Pa.



St. Martin's

Convent and School



4 P.M.

   Steuben Street at Logue Street                        Pittsburgh 20, Pa.


I have learned that all the works which
God hath made continue forever; we cannot
add anything, nor take away from those
things which God hath made that he may
be feared.                        Eccles. 3-14.

To the people of

St. Martin's Parish

to whose FAITH



We dedicate this book

on the occasion of the

Blessing of St. Martin's

School and Convent

Sunday, November 19, 1961

4 P.M.



In Appreciation

Words and pictures bring this booklet to you as a tribute to the memory of those who made possible the grandeur of this memorable event. The task allotted to me as present pastor of St. Martin's augured a burden; bounteous kindness and generosity of our parishioners, friends and business associates, have given a tribute far beyond the ability of mere words and pictures.

   The response of our benefactors making this beautiful booklet a reality, speaks the greatest tribute to the memory of the St. Martin's now past. It carries forward the aspirations and the will of our predecessors--time becomes the embryo of eternity and for all years to come this booklet shall mark and measure your generosity.

   Therefore, I sincerely thank you and bid you join me in helping to solidify into grandeur, the wealth of memories as recorded in this booklet. Grateful thanks to our Patrons, Boosters, and our generous advertisers. May God be with them and may His blessings be their reward. Let the memories of this day carry with them the continued glories of St. Martin's Parish.

Gratefully yours,


Feast of St. Martin
November 11, 1961




First Grade -- St. Martin's, 1901

Oct. 30, 1959
      Chancellor informs the Pastor of St. Martin's that the Bishop desires us to abandon our buildings. The children will attend classes in Canevin High School and the Sisters will take up residence at St. Paul's Orphanage.
Dec. 3, 1959 Report from Safety Director Rosenberg asks that we abandon our buildings immediately.


Jan. 14              Meeting held at the Chancery for the Priests of St. Martin's and St. James Church. Decision made that St. Martin's would use the Activities Hall at St. James for Sunday Masses.
Jan. 15              Special  meeting  for St.  Martin's Church Committee to inform them of this arrangement. It met with hearty approval.
Jan. 17              Public  announcement  made  to  the Congregation of the plan to abandon St. Martin's Buildings and to conduct Sunday services as indicated.
Jan. 22              Last day for classes to be held in St. Martin's.
Jan. 25              Volunteers   came   to   move   school benches to Canevin. Special favors rendered us by members of the Knights of Columbus volunteers.
Jan. 31               Fr. Cole sang the last High Mass in St. Martin's. Fr. Yunker helped distribute Holy Communion. Photograph taken for history files.
Feb. 1                Children attend grade school classes at Canevin High School Building.
Feb. 8                Permission requested to raze the old buildings.
April 6               Wednesday  evening  at  6:33  alarm sent that St. Martin's was on fire.
April 7               Demolition began immediately.
April 11             Made first attempt to procure property commonly referred to as the "Gormley Property" located at Logue St. and Steuben St. in the 28th Ward.
April  14             Holy Thursday—signed option on the property.
April 22             Chancellor assures  the  Pastor that St. Martin's will be permitted to purchase property on Logue St. Meeting with Church Committee held this evening.
April 24            Made public announcement in all the Masses.
May 3                Phone call from the Chancery at 1:20 P.M. permits us to exercise the Option to purchase the property.

List of Priests who had studied in St. Martin's School

Rt. Rev. Msgr. Herman Breit; Rt. Rev. Msgr. Andrew J. Pauley;
Msgr. Godfrey Baumgarten; Very Rev. Giles Staab, O.F.M. Cap.
Rev. Lawrence Beck, O.F.M. Cap.; Rev. George Bock
Rev. Herbert Butterbach; Rev. Oscar Butterbach; Rev. Otto Butterbach
Rev. Joseph Hirsch; Rev. Francis M. Hoffmann; Rev. Herman Killmeyer
Rev. Cyril Kronz; Rev. Howard Laffey; Rev. Bernard Landser, T.O.R.
Rev. Wendel A. Wuenstel; Rev. Elmer Landser, T.O.R.
Rev. Theophane Matz, 0. Carm.; Rev. Felix Richter
Rev. J. Berchman Schmidt, O.F.M. Cap.; Rev. Joseph Schneider;
Rev. Anthony Scholz ; Rev. Sylvester Sieber, S.V.D.; Rev. James L. Stewart
Rev. Clarence Tschippert, O.F.M. Cap.; Rev. Francis Tschippert;
Rev. Norman G. Werling, O.Carm.; Rev. Frederick Wilhelm
Rev. Herman Wilhelm Rev. Charles Yost, S.C.J.

May 4               Mr. George Ruscitto calls at the Rec tory and asks to be accepted as the Architect for our new Buildings.
June 10             Payment made for the property purchased.
June 11              Signed contract with Mr. George Ruscitto to be architect for buildings.
June 16             Feast of Corpus Christi — received the deed to property and taken immediately to have it recorded.
June 27             Volunteer men and boys came to begin cleaning property. (See picture on page 45 in this booklet.)
Aug. 7               Ground   breaking   ceremonies  held this Sunday afternoon under warm and sunny skies. Estimated 500 attended.
Aug. 8               Grading begins and test boring begins a week later.
Nov. 4               Opened bids for construction of the School and Convent.
Nov. 25             Call from the Chancery at 1:40 P.M. gives us permission to proceed with construction.
Dec. 5                Actual construction began.
Sept. 10, 1961    Holy Mass is celebrated for the first time in School Auditorium.
Sept. 18, 1961    Classes resume. Enrollment of 362 children.
Oct. 9, 1961        Construction started for new Rectory.





Front Row: Sr. Maureen, Sr. Mary Angela, Principal, Sr. Mary Rose, Sr. Justine. Back Row: Mrs. Marie Bradfield, Sr. Carolyn, Sr. Gabriel, Miss Joan Atkins.

Sisters of Divine Providence from St. Martin's Parish

Sister Mary Frederick Albrecht; *Sr. Prisca Albrecht; *Sr. Agatha Beck
Sr. Fabian Beck; Sr. Mary Andrew Becker; Sr. Kathleen Bickel;
*Sr. Albertine Bock; Sr. Clare Louise Boyer; *Sr. Nothburga Butterbach;
Sr. Anselma Elzer; Sr. Mary Dolores Fauth; Sr. Robertine Fettig;
Sr. Domitilla Hirsch; Sr. Lauentia Hoegle; Sr. Floretta Hoerster;
Sr. Norberta Hoffmann; Sr. Adele Kasper; *Sr. Alphonse Killmeyer;
Sr. Herman Joseph Killmeyer; *Sr. Walburgis Kramer; Sr. Mary Elizabeth Kuglmeier; Sr. Marcella Lamar ; *Sr. Mary Thomas Landser;
Sr. Joan Marie Lauth; Sr. Vernard Lauth; Sr. Ronald Misitis
Sr. Emma Jean Mittendorf; Sr. Jean Baptist Muck; Sr. M. Canice Nimpfer;
Sr. M. Bernette Pauley; Sr. Laurentine Pauley; *Sr. Ludovica Poertner;
Sr. Emma Joseph Reiss; *Sr. Tharcisia Reiss; Sr. Myra Rodgers;
Sr. Hilary Roth; Sr. Mary Catherine Roth; Sr. Mary Jean Roth;
*Sr. Regis Roth; Sr. Francis Regis Schaefer; Sr. Beatrice Schnabel;
*Sr. Marcella Sheridan; *Sr. Stanisla Sheridan; Sr. Georgine Sieber;
*Sr. Veronica Simon; *Sr. Philomena Staab; Sr. Bertha Stern;
Sr. Charles Ann Vogel; Sr. Edith Weber; Sr. Mary Bernard Werling;
Sr. Mary Ferdinand Werling; Sr. Mildred Werling; *Sr. Celestine Wilhelm;
Sr. Materna Wilhelm; Sr. Rosemarie Wirth; Sr. Ethelreda Wuenstel;
Sr. Lois Ann Wuenstel;  Sr. Robert Ann Wuenstel
* = Deceased







-- The End --

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