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Subject: Kaiser/Kiser
Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2008 14:55:49 +0000

Our's is generally spelled Kiser but as I'm sure you are aware, many variations exist.
Allegheny Cemetery -- (Josiah C Kiser/Annie Littell Kiser)
Just checking with you to see if a Kaiser/Kiser connection has sprung up.
My big brick wall is Dale Thompson Kiser (son of above) my grandfather, who deserted his wife and my father about 1923. He drops from sight about 1927 and 3- ten year death searches at New Castle (I was there last fall) has been no help. His second wife (m 1923) Mary/Marie Kelly from Nanty-Glow,b 1902, died in March of 1992 or 93 and was listed as Marie/Mary Kelly in the SSN index. I've not seen an obit on her but doubt that Dale is mentioned.  (Someday I might come back to Pgh to search that obit). Hopefully I'll find  Dale somewhere in the 1940 census. I've searched the 1930 one over and over on in all possible combinations nationwide. I've been to the Burgh 5 or 6 times from Louisiana but have little new information on my Kiser line. Family DNA has uncovered a strong tie to a Jacob Kiser/ Catherine Stumbaugh in the 1750 era but no other line of Kiser has appeared. Jacob Kaiser/Keyser/Kiser applied for a Rev Pension and documented his w ife and kids (all mine) but denied pension.
Sincerely --Jim Kiser from South Louisiana