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The Pittsburgh Press Photo Pictorial Sections
Remnants of Combined Issues From 1927

The following photos were scanned from old yellowing and crumbling "Photo Pictorial Sections" of
The Pittsburgh (PA) Press (a defunct newspaper),  on
various dates from 1927. 
Some photos display a "source" and others do not.
When a source is visible it will be notated for that specific picture.

It is not the intent of this website to plagiarize others work nor to lay claim to such.

This is an attempt to salvage remnants of Pittsburgh's past photographic history of people,
where family members may have appeared within the photos being presented.

Other photos may show places and/or things from this time era.

  Some viewers of these webpages were children in 1927, or possibly parents.
I've re-typed some of the photo captions for viewer clarity.  Enjoy!

Aerial View of Downtown Pittsburgh, 1927


"Here is another splendid aerial view of Pittsburgh.
It was taken from a position high over the Hill district looking toward the Point."


"A New York dealer in autographs is believed to have brought to light
the last check written by Abraham Lincoln, here reproduced."
(Photo by Acme)


"Mrs. Limyra GOODHUE, mother of Mrs. Calvin COOLIDGE, wife of
the President of the United States, seated in her comfortable home."


November 20, 1927
"A splendid view of all the pupils who attended a recent costume party held at the
Spring Garden school at Spring Garden ave. and Arcola st. on the Northside.
Many unique costumes were displayed by the large crowd of youngsters who were present."

Children of Pittsburgh and surround neighborhoods.

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