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(Source: June 21-30, 1934 Pittsburgh Sun-Telegraph Extracts)

Kisses Spurned, Wife Wins Divorce Decree

The plea that her husband spurned her kisses has won a divorce for Dorothy K. LOEHR, of 311 Woodside road, Wilkinsburg, from Paul C. LOEHR, son of the Rev. C. J. LOEHR. In her testimony Mrs. LOEHR said her husband would not let her kiss him and "was cold and indifferent." She said she left him March 20, 1930.



Dr. Charles J. DEVLIN
    Dr. Charles J. DEVLIN, 43, of 7431 Washington avenue, Swissvale, died yesterday in Columbia Hospital.
    He was a graduate of Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, and came to the Pittsburgh district shortly after his graduation.
    He leaves his wife.
    The body was taken to Point Marion, Pa., late today, where funeral services will be held.


Mrs. Margaret T. STUCKI
    Services for Mrs. Margaret TOPLEY STUCKI, widow of William P. STUCKI, will be held at the First Presbyterian Church, East McKeesport, at 2:30 p.m. tomorrow. She died at her home, 1233 Fifth avenue, East McKeesport, Tuesday. Interment will be in Versailles Cemetery


Mrs. Eleanor C. LEOPOLD
    Services for Mrs. Eleanor CAROTHERS LEOPOLD, widow of William L. LEOPOLD, will be held at her home, 219 Harrison avenue, Greensburg, at 8 p.m. today. She died Tuesday. Interment will be at Lewiston, Pa.


    Services for James J. McClelland, 73, husband of Mary HARTNER McCLELLAND, will be held at his home, 7 Greenleaf street, West End, at 2:30 p.m. tomorrow. He died Tuesday.


    Caleb MYERS, 19, of 108 Dry street, McKeesport, was drowned when he was seized by cramps while bathing in a pond near East McKeesport last night, the Coroner's office reported.
    MYERS, swimming with several companions, failed to reappear after diving. His unconscious form was recovered 20 minutes later by Sherwood McGRAW, 21, of 104 Broadway, East McKeesport.
    His companions and neighbors worked almost two hours in an attempt to resuscitate the victim. He was taken to McKeesport Hospital where he was pronounced dead.


    Twenty-three relatives and neighbors of a Coraopolis woman, who died from hydrophobia, will receive the second of a series of 14 treatments against possible rabies infection next week.
    The victim was Mrs. Laura BARTLEY, 37, of Thorn Run road, the mother of six small children. She had been bitten slightly by a pet puppy she was feeding.
    Mrs. Levi MEYERS, a sister-in-law of the dead woman, said Mrs. BARTLEY was attempting to feed the dog. It refused to eat, so she forced his mouth open with hr fingers, receiving a slight scratch from herpet's teeth.
    Mrs. BARTLEY laughed about the incident, Mrs. MEYERS said, and jokingly asked:
    "What if the dog is mad?"
    Three days later she died.
    Among those being treated by Dr. H.B. SPEER, of 1100 Main street, Coraopolis, against the infection, were I.W. NEWBERG, a brother-in-law of the BARTLEYS; his wife and five children; Mrs. Edward THOMPSON, a neighbor and her three children; Mr. and Mrs. George MEYERS, other relatives of the BARTLEYS; Ben WEHNER and the BARTLEY's six children.


    Following an eviction attempt that ended in a riot and three arrests, Joseph GALLUCI and his family were re-established in their home at 216 Wilbur avenue, Turtle Creek, today.
    A crowd that interrupted the eviction proceedings yesterday was scattered only after 35 deputy sheriffs charged into its midst, wielding riot clubs and firing tear-gas guns. As the rioters fled, the eviction was halted by Attorney G.M. McDONALD, representing the owner of the property, who arrived with a stay of execution.
    McDONALD said his client, Angelo CLEMENTI, of Export, had made a last-minute agreement with GALLUCI.
    The men arrested, charged with inciting to riot, were M.G. MAUK, 34, and James SNYDER, 60, of Wilbur avenue, Turtle Creek, and John HUTSKO, 35, of Broadway avenue, Pitcairn.


    Miss Cary ZOLLINGER, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Luther Cleveland ZOLLINGER, of Ridge avenue, Gen Avon, has chosen June 30 as the date for her marriage to George Wesley BUBB, son of Mrs. Clara BUBB, of Coraopolis.
    The ceremony is to take place in the Ben Avon Presbytrian Church at 5:30 o'clock with the Rev. William T. LYTLE, pastor, officiating.
    Mrs. Fred L. STOUT, Jr., is to be matron of honor, and Miss Carolyn ERB will be bridesmaid. Little Mary Frances TROXELL will be the flower girl. Kenneth BUBB is to be his cousin's best man, and another cousin, John COFFIN.  Franklin NEELY, Raymond TUCKER, and from Glassport, Willis REED, will be ushers.
    The dinner and reception will be held in Glen Lee.  After a motor trip Mr. BUBB and his bride will be at home in Church avenue, Ben Avon.
    Miss ZOLLINGER attended Bethany College and her fiance attended State College and Massanutton Military Acacemy.


    Mrs. A.B. NELLY, of Beechwood avenue Carnegie, makes known the marriage of her daughter, Miss Annabelle NELLY and George M. ABSALOM, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. George M. ABSALOM, of Carnegie, which took place Wednesday afternoon in Miami, Fla.  Mrs. A. Graham ELLIOTT, of Coral Gables, was matron of honor, and Floyd B. MARPLE, of Los Angeles and Miami, was best man.
    The reception was informal and was held in the home of Mrs. ELLIOTT.  Mr. and Mrs. ABSALOM, Jr., left on a short wedding trip and will make their home in the Dallas Park Apartments, Miami, when they return.



Silas BROOKS, 1904 Enoch st.
Virginia MUMFORD, 1904 Enoch st.

Frank McBRIDE, 242 Darragh st.
Mary LEONARD, 242 Darragh st.

Michael OSUCH, 4705 Blackberry way
Stella ZLOLKOWAKA, 3550 Fleetwood st.

Robert NEUGERBAUER, 132 Stanton Court
Nan CLOAKE, 622 Copeland st.

Rudolph REIER, 1907 Forbes st.
C. Grace DUSCH, 2333 Sidney st.

Harry JAMISON, 453 Edith st.
Ruth WALLS, 116 Wilbert st.

David JONES, 254 Meyran ave.
Gertrude GRANT, 251 Meyran ave.

Robert KANE, 242 Olympia st.
Maude THOMAS, Avalon

John HASER, Moon Run
Anna YAMBER, Imprial

Lawrence TOMC(?)SANELL, Braddock
Margaret KRENYICZKY, Oak Hill

George HOERR, McKeesport
Jane BARNES, McKeesport

Allen RODGERS, Wilkinsburg
Mary SCOTT, Wilkinsburg

John FLAHERTY, McKeesport
Catherine FLAHERTY, 3251 Parkview ave.

Henry KNUTH, 858 Rural ave.
Ruby KNUTH, McKees Rocks

Joseph DARANSKY, 18 Doerr st.
Marie NIZINAKI, Glassport

James ARTMAN, New Kensington
Margaret WILLYARD, New Kensington

Frederick ENGLERT, McKeesport
Violet DIXON, McKeesport

Frank PETALINO, Lettsdale
Josephine SUPER, 5231 Dresden way

Frank STRICKLAND, Crafton
Helen COLEMAN, Coraopolis

Stanley HODALA, Carnegie
Dorothy McLAUGHLIN, Carnegie

John JAWORSKI, 3459 Ridgeway st.
Stella KOWAISKA, 2910 Leander st.

Howard Neff, Etna
Winifred Wright, Glenshaw

Cecil JONES, 5748-1/2 Pierce st.
Hattie GEE, 6107 Rodman st.

Thomas McGINNIS, Aliquippa
Mary CASPER, Aliquippa

Joseph LENGYEL, Terrace
Sophie NACHYIOWSKI, Whitaker

Nelson MOWRY, Edgewood
Helen YOST, North Braddock

Francis SCHROTH, 116 Merrimac st.
Bertha BAUER, 345 Virginia ave.

John CALLAHAN, 700 N. Sheridan ave.
Frances SULLIVAN, 7278 Verona blvd.

George SLOE?S, 19 Lafferty ave.
Laura PEOPLES, 407 Parklow st.

Samuel WINOGRAD, 3351 Milwauke st.
Rose FISHMAN, 505 Wilmot st.

Fred RENO, Glenshaw
Anna KIEMM, Wilkinsburg

Ray PAULSON, Mansfield, O.
Ruth SCHUBERT, Wilkinsburg

John KELLEY, 1121 Wightman st.
Nellie SKIDMORE, Wilkinsburg

Donald GOOD, Wilmerding
Helen WALLEY, McKeesport

James BROWN, Jr., Aspinwall
Helen MILLER, Aspinwall

Francis MILLER, Pittock
Anna GALLAGHER, Crafton

Ralph ASKIN, 2117 Brownsville rd.
Evalyn WATERMAN, Willock

David WYLIE, Haysville
Ida PAAVOLA, Osborne


    Mr. and Mrs. George B. NESBITT, of 6446 Marchand street, will celebrate their golden wedding anniversary at their home tomorrow.  Mr. NESBITT, now retired, served as personal attache to the late Mayor Charles H. KLINE and Mayor John S. HERRON.

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