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  Cornplanter Cemetery

Seneca Nation Reservation
Elk Township, Warren County, PA
(Copyrighted and Contributed by Liane Freedman)

Cornplanter Cemetery was located in Warren County, PA on the Seneca Nation Reservation (Cornplanter Grant).

The cemetery was located on the Kinzua River between Corydon, PA, to the west, and Kinzua, PA to the east before being moved. The graves were moved to Riverview-Corydon Cemetery in Elk Township.  The cemetery was inundated by the Allegheny Reservoir, which developed when Kinzua Dam was completed in 1965.  The earliest known burial was 1836 and the latest was 1930. Total graves at Cornplanter Cemetery were 357. Of these, 247 were unknown.

I have transcribed these names from the Corps of Engineers records. They contain no dates and sometimes only a partial name.
  -- Liane Freedman, (eltonscastle AT yahoo DOT com).

Posted as submitted: March 18th, 2007    Updated: March 18th, 2007

Surname, Given Name, Birthdate, DeathDate, Age, Inscription Notes
Silverheels, Hanna
Blacksnake, ??
Blacksnake, Jennie
Pierce, Infant
Pierce, Infant
Pierce, Infant
Redeye, Chester
Titus, George
Halftown, Alfred
Halftown, Lovett
Jimerson, Lafayette
Varnam, Rosa
Redeye, Robert
Redeye, Herbert
Redeye, Lynn
Logan, Alpheus
Logan, Paul
Logan, Sherman
Logan, Alice
Logan, Charles S.
Logan, Jesse
Logan, Susan
Bowen, Wellman
Bowen, Infant
Bennett, Geraldine
Jamison, Infant
Jamison, Baby
Bowen, Hattie
Blacksnake, Jackson
Blacksnake, Lydia
Lee, Morris
Jacobs, Owen
Jacobs, John
Jacobs, Ruth
Jacobs, Susan
Jacobs, Harvey
Blacksnake, Infant
Pierce, Mary
Pierce, Lewis
Pierce, Smith
Pierce, Susan
Lee, George Jr.
Lee, Minnie
Lee, Bertha
Lee, Hazel
Jacobs, Allen
Pierce, Elon W.
Redeye, James, alias Gahnyonsah
Lee, Carl
Lee, Dewey
Gordon, Josephine
Crouse, Florence
Crouse, Baby
Parker, Abbie
Pierce, Ely Spenser
Gordon, Mary
Gordon, Charles
Lee, Elizabeth
Anderson, Edith Lee
Lee, George
Lee, Lawrence
Lee, Almeda
Crouse, Baby
Jacobs, Baby
Jackson, Joselyn
Bennett, Iva
Bennett, Dwight
Bennett, Betsy
Jacobs, Ezra
Logan, Milburn
Logan, Rebecca
Pierce, Jonathan
Pierce, Hanna
Pierce, Adam
Pierce, Julia
O'Bail, ??
Fatty, Lillie
Fatty, Alice
Fatty, Eugene
Fatty, Anderson
Pierce, Scomer
Pierce, ??
Pierce, Marsh Jr.
Pierce, ??
Pierce, Cordelia
Pierce, Markes
Pierce, Augusta
Pierce, Cassandra
Pierce, Marsh
OBail, John, alias Cornplanter

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