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 Noblestown Presbyterian Cemetery
  Noblestown Road
Noblestown, PA

Noblestown Presbyterian Church Cemetery is located behind the parking lot of the Noblestown Presbyterian Church, on 
Noblestown Road, in Noblestown, PA (Allegheny County). The latest burials appear to be from late 1800s. This hillside
cemetery has not been maintained for many years and Summer weeds & tree overgrowth cause it to literally "disappear" during
that season. Any remaining visible/readable tombstone markers, that haven't been vandalized or destroyed by the elements
are best viewed in early Spring.

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Victoria Hospodar Valentine,
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Posted: May 7, 2006       Updated: March 8, 2009

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Surname, First Name, Birthdate, Deathdate, Other
BELL, Eleanor M., died Sept. 3, 1861, in the 49th year of her age
BELL, Elizabeth P., Died July 30, 1883, aged 76 years, top of monument missing
BELL, James K., died Jan. 5, 1878, in the 58th year of his age, looks like the top of the monument is missing
BELL, Martha K., died Mar. 24, 1871, in the 95th year of her age, top of monument missing
CAMPBELL, ____, died April 20 1861, remainder unreadable
D*MP**, Mary, who died Oct. 24, 18**, aged (9?) years, __ months, (9?) days
GILBREATH, Samuel, died Dec. 21, 1841 aged 84 years
HERRON, James A., ___ember 1*, 1837
Kirkpatrick, Mary, #490, d. 04 Apr 1854 in North Fayette Township, over 90Y, buried Seceder Grave Yard, Nobelstown , (microfilm)
KRAEER, Elizabeth M., Feb. 15, 1837-Mar. 14, 1896, same stone as Louis
KRAEER, Jane, died Dec. 21, 1851, in the 50 year of her age, wife of Lewis KRAEER
KRAEER, Louis A., May 25, 1817-April 9, 1895, same stone as Elizabeth
KRAEER, no name, no dates
LITTLE, Margary, died July 10, 1849, in the 6(4?) year of her age
M. R., no other writing
McCracken, Alex, # 93, d. 20 Sep 1852 in North Fayette, 32Y, buried Nobelstown Burial Ground, (microfilm)
McCusker, Agnes, 11 June 1861 in Scotland / 25 January 1937, (BM)
McCusker, Katherine, 3 July 1917 / 30 November 1919, (BM)
MCELHANY, John, son of ____, died March 25, 1819, in the 23 year of his age
N. L. and S. J. L., no full names or dates, very old, carved thistle at the top, not worn
POTTER, Nancy, died Aug. 13, 1868, in the 79 year of her age, wife of John POTTER
ROGERS, Hannah MEEK, Died Mar. 27, 1867, aged 93 years, wife of Peter ROGERS
ROGERS, Hannah, died 1840, aged 27 years
ROGERS, James, died Feb. 8, 1881, aged 77 years
ROGERS, Jane, died Apr. 2, 1878, aged 71 years
ROGERS, Mary, died Dec. 3, 1886, aged 78 years
ROGERS, Peter, died 1815, aged 39 years, large stone with many names, Rogers & Meek
ROGERS, Susanna, died April 14, 1876, aged 67 years
ROGERS, Thomas, died 1876, aged 78 years
ROGERS, William, died Aug. 27, 1855, aged 53 years
SMITH, William, Aug. 11, 1794-Sept. 27, 1870
SMITH, William, Sept. 14, 1818-June 29, 1875
SMITH, William, son of A. & M. A. SMITH, a member of Co. D., 140th Reg. Pa., died July 7, 1863, aged 21 years, 9 months and 4 days
VINCENT, ****, died Aug. 21, 1852, in the 10 year of his age
VINCENT, Martha C. (G.?) CUBBAGE, wife of James VINCENT, died June 20, 1849, in the 37 year of her age
VINCENT, Nancy, died Feb. 15, 18(77?), in the (81?) year of her age
WILLIAMS, Ann, same stone as George, remainder unreadable
WILLIAMS, George, same stone as Ann, remainder unreadable

Additional Contributors:
(BM) = Barbara MacVicar,

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