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Subject: RE: [ALL] For Norm Meinert's listings MUNDAY HARKIN PAXSON RYAN COLEMAN
From: "Bonnie Malmat" ( Date: Sat, 8 Oct 2005 17:03:06 -0400 To: Will post these to the list in case anyone has an interest in the names. ----- Note: Here is the family of MUNDAY (to my knowledge): I. Nancy MUNDAY b @ 1810 Ireland. Married by 1836 I. John(?) HARKIN. Evidently he died by 1848 and Nancy came to the US. IA. Ellen HARKIN B @1836. IA. George W. KEMP IB. Mary HARKIN (my ancestor) b Apr 8 1840 Ireland IB. John F. KEMP IC. Patrick HARKIN b @ 1843 ID. Rebecca HARKIN b Nov 1847 Ireland or at sea. ID. James T. PAXSON II. Frank MUNDAY born Ireland approx 1816 II. Bridget ? Born Ireland approx 1826 IIA. Sarah MUNDAY born June 1848. Married Feb 8 1880 Joseph John (or John Joseph) KRAUS IIB. Cornelius MUNDAY born Sept 1850. Married Dec 30 1879 Margaret Mooney. (Margaret is buried in grave 1) IIC. Thomas MUNDAY born 1853 IID. Rebecca MUNDAY born 1855 IIE. Edward MUNDAY born July 1859. Married Margaret ? IIF. Mary MUNDAY born 1860 (may be the Mary E. McDougan. Am checking into this now.) IIG. Frank A. MUNDAY b 1864 IIH. John MUNDAY b 1866 IIi. Catherine MUNDAY b 1869 III. Patrick MUNDAY b @1822 III. Agnes IIIA. Susan MUNDAY 1847 Scotland IIIB. Michael MUNDAY @1850 Scotland? PA? IIIC. James MUNDAY @1857 PA IIID. Alice MUNDAY Jan 1860 PA IIIE. Hugh MUNDAY @1848. Sarah. IV. Rebecca MUNDAY b @1831 The MUNDAYs lived for many years on the South Side or E. Birmingham area. Bonz ==========================================================================

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