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Genealogy Certificates and Society Memberships

As the work continues on the genealogy, opportunities will exist to have some of the work officially recognized. Hopefully this section will grow over time.

Society of the Cincinatti
Lieutenant Robert Rankin (approval letter)

Sons of the American Revolution
Nathan Ayres
Thomas Berry, Sr.
Francis Coleman, Sr.
Richard Comfort, Sr.
Jonathan Covell
Peter Guerrant, Jr.
Zachariah Landrum
Robert Rankin
Moses Spencer
Jesse Womack

The National Society Sons and Daughters of the Pilgrims
Francis Doughty, Jr.

The Huguenot Society of the Founders of Manakin in the Colony of Virginia
Daniel Guerin, Sr. (Guerrant)

National Huguenot Society
Daniel Guerin, Sr. (Guerrant)

First Families of Walker County, Texas
Benjamin Franklin Baldwin, Sr. (Kevin's)
Benjamin Franklin Baldwin, Sr. (Lórien's)
Austin's Old Three Hundred
Daniel Gilleland, Sr.

Sons of the Republic of Texas
James A. Anders, Sr.
James A. Anders, Jr.
John Demostinie Anders
Benjamin Franklin Baldwin, Sr.
Jane (Baldwin)
Margaret Berry
Precilla Boatwright
Thomas Boatwright, Sr.
Tabitha Ford
Martha Formby
Daniel Gilleland, Sr.
Nancy Gilleland
Nancy Johnson
Catherine Landrum
Sarah Landrum
Zachariah Landrum
Robert Rankin
Sarah A. Rankin
William Marshall Rankin, Sr.
Amy Rushing
Letitia Tine
Emily Frances Womack
John N. Womack, Jr.
Israel Worsham
Jeremiah Worsham