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The Zachariah Landrum family of Montgomery County, Texas

Zachariah Landrum was born in Virginia in 1766 and was a Private in Georgia during the American Revolution. For his efforts, he was granted 250 acres of land in Franklin County, Georgia.

By 1804 we find Zachariah in the Mississippi Territory claiming a right of pre-emption to land he is living on. This right is eventually granted. This area eventually became the state of Alabama. By this point Zachariah is married to Letitia Tine and they have 3 or 4 children.

In 1829 Zachariah Landrum traveled to the Mexican province of Texas from Alabama with his wife Letitia; his son William and his family; his son John and his family; and his daughter Sarah and her family (including husband William Marshall Rankin, Sr.). They arrived in Texas on 20 Jan 1830. On 27 May 1830, Zachariah and William Rankin sign applications for admission to Austin's Colony. In the signed application Zachariah states that he was 64 years old and his 54 year old wife is "Lettuce". This information clarified Zachariah's birth date and literacy. (His grave marker is in fact incorrect.)

The Landrum and Rankin families were some of the first Anglo settlers in Montgomery County area of Texas. Zachariah Landrum and William Rankin were granted adjoining leagues south of what would become the town of Montgomery.

According to the Minutes of the Probate Court of Montgomery County, Texas, Zachariah Landrum died on 19 Jul 1833 after only a few short years in Mexican Texas. His grave, along with that of his wife and several other unmarked graves, is south of the town of Montgomery, Texas in a small family cemetery called Springer-Landrum cemetery. His grave was discovered in the mid-1960s and was marked by the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR). On 23 Oct 2004, the grave was marked by the Sons of the American Revolution (SAR). Zachariah is one of only a handful of American Revolutionary patriots buried in Montgomery County.

The children and spouses of Zachariah Landrum and Letitia Tine were:

  1. Sarah Landrum (Abt 1798 - Abt 1862) m. William Marshall Rankin, Sr. Abt 1815
  2. Catherine Landrum (23 Sep 1799 - Abt 1851) m. Jeremiah Worsham on 05 Feb 1815
  3. John Landrum (Abt 1801 - Abt 1860)
  4. William Landrum (Abt 1804/5 - 15 Oct 1846)
  5. Elizabeth Landrum (Abt 1810 - 22 Mar 1865) m. John May Springer

For the Thompson family, Zachariah Landrum is an ancestor through two different family lines:
  • The Anders family line: Zachariah's first daughter Sarah married William Marshall Rankin whose daughter Sarah married James A. Anders, Jr.
  • The Baldwin family line: Zachariah's second daughter Catherine married Jeremiah Worsham whose great-granddaughter (through son Israel Worsham and granddaughter Martha M. Worsham) Margaret Alice White married Spencer Clarke Baldwin, Sr.