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The Jeremiah Worsham Family of Montgomery County, Texas

Jeremiah Worsham was born in North Carolina on 13 Oct 1788. Before the War of 1812, he had moved to Tennessee. He fought in the closely related Creek Indian War and War of 1812 serving a total of 18 months. In the fight against the British in the War of 1812 he was a mounted gunman in the Captain James Wyatt Company, 1st Regiment Mounted Gunmen (Dyer's), Tennessee Volunteers. After the War he married Catherine Landrum, likely in Alabama, on 05 Feb 1815. Their first three children (Joseph L., Israel, and Narcissa) were born in Alabama before they moved on to Mississippi and Texas where two additional girls (Elizabeth in Mississippi and Letitia in Texas) were born.

By May 1830, Catherine's parents (Zachariah Landrum and Letitia Tine) had moved to the Mexican province of Texas. Catherine, with her husband, was the last of the Landrum children to immigrate to Texas arriving in 1835 after her father's death in 1831. Land was waiting for them as they had already been given one-eighth of a league as an inheritance from Zachariah. This is land they lived on, about 2 miles south and slightly west of the town of Montgomery, Texas.

Shortly after arriving in 1836, Jeremiah purchased half a league from John May Springer (also a son-in-law of Zachariah Landrum) in Montgomery County. He was additionally granted one league and one labor of land by the Republic of Texas as he was a settler before Texas Independence (certificates #5 and #43/142, Montgomery County Board of Land Commissioners, 1st Class). His land was mostly placed in what is today Madison County with a small portion separately placed in Montgomery County.

Like many of the wealthier settlers, Jeremiah owned slaves (19 in 1850 and 14 in 1860) to work the land.

Throughout the years of the Republic and the early years of the state of Texas his name is frequently seen in local Montgomery County documents (deed records, tax records, probate records, etc.). Even today, reminders exist of the influence of Jeremiah Worsham in the community. The intersection of Worsham Street and Rankin Street in the town of Montgomery is the most prominent of these reminders.

In 1851, Catherine Landrum Worsham passed away. She was buried near her father Zachariah in what is known as Springer-Landrum (or Linten) Cemetery. The cemetery is located on Zachariah's original land.

On 22 Jun 1853, Jeremiah remarried to a significantly younger woman named Rebecca E. Bay in Montgomery County. By 1855, he had purchased additional land on the Montgomery-Grimes County line and he is found in Grimes County on the 1860 United State census. He had one child with Rebecca (William).

Jeremiah passed away on 11 Apr 1863 at the age of 74. He is buried in Bays Chapel Cemetery in Montgomery County, Texas. The children and spouses of Jeremiah Worsham and Catherine Landrum were:

  1. Joseph L. Worsham (Abt 1819 - Jul 1851) m. Josephene Wagner
  2. Israel Worsham (1820 - 1882) m. Emily Frances Womack
  3. Narcissa Worsham (Abt 1829 - ?) m. Richard S. Willis
  4. Elizabeth Worsham (Abt 1835 - ?) m. William F. Sanders on 16 Nov 1853 in Montgomery County, Texas
  5. Letitia Worsham (Abt 1839 - ?) m. Brooks

The only known child of Jeremiah Worsham and Rebecca E. Bay was William Worsham (Abt 1856 - ?).

The ancestry of Jeremiah Worsham is not known. The best guess for the father is a Revolutionary patriot named John Worsham who filed for a pension in Washington County, Alabama (where Jeremiah lived at one time). John Worsham also had a brother named Jeremiah.

For the Thompson family, Jeremiah Worsham is an ancestor through the Baldwin family line: from Jeremiah follow son Israel Worsham to daughter Martha M. Worsham to daughter Margaret Alice White who married Spencer Clarke Baldwin, Sr.