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Welcome to the Thompson Family Genealogy website. The first thing that should be said is this site is about much more than the Thompson family. Aside from Thompson, the dominant surnames you will find information about are Baldwin, Anders/Andrews, Worsham, Rankin, Pegoda, White, Erickson, Vandermade, Covell, and Penton.

The primary content of the website is the family tree which contains two major types of pages:
  • Individual pages:
  • Each person in the genealogy has his or her own page. Information pertaining only to that individual will appear on this page. You can also see the basic information about the parents and grandparents of the individual. From the individual page, if the person has been married, there will be "Marriage #" links to...
  • Marriage pages:
  • These are very reminiscent of traditional family group sheets. They convey the basic information about the husband, the wife, the children (if any), and the spouse(s) of each child. Things that deal with both the husband and wife will typically be found on this page rather than their individual pages.
The links below will take you to different areas of the website. Enjoy, and contribute if you can! Remember, the site is forever in progress, can always be improved, and will certainly contain unintentional mistakes!

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The Book
Much of the information about my direct ancestors found on this website has been compiled into a book called Leaf, Stem, Branch, and Root. The book can be downloaded as a PDF document (72 MB). Hard copies of the book are also available; please email me for more information.

Special Items or Collections
Genealogy Societies
Contributors: Many thanks to those of you known and unknown that have contributed information and pictures to the genealogy including: Nancy Lynn Baldwin Bice, Cathy Magleby, Gladys May, Margaret Johnson, Gwen Krause, Al Covell, Judi McIntyre, Susan Hill Husij, John Knowlton, and Jim Clark.