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Tree of Lourens married to Martha Aletta van Vuren

Gerrit m. Susana Jacobs

Johannes m Catharina Maré

Lourens m. Martha Aletta van Vuren


Children of

Lourens m. *Martha Aletta van Vuren

Johanna Maria Elizabeth m. Bronkhorst Hester Hermina Lourens Petrus m. Magdalena Dorothea van Rensburg Sara Johanna Susanna Johannes Gerhardus m. Maria Aletta Brits Lucas Rudolph m. Johanna Hermina van Vuren
Children are Children are Children are Children are Children are Children are Children are
      Martha Aletta   Johannes Gerhardus Stephanus Johanna Hermina
      Magdalena Catharina   Maria Aletta Martha Aletta
      Sara Johanna Susanna   Maria Johanna Susanna Lourens Johannes
      Lourens Petrus   Jacob Johannes Stephanus Johannes
      Maria   Maria Aletta Johanna Susanna Martha Aletta
      Jacoba Frederika   Lucas Rudolph Lourens Lucas Rudolph
      Willem Jacobus   Catharina Maria Aletta Elizabeth Lucas Gerhardus Rudolph
      Elizabeth Maria      

*Martha Aletta van Vuren is the daughter of Lucas married to Sara Johanna van Leeuwen

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