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Flynn Family Pictures

These are pictures of my Flynn ancestors and relatives. More pictures will be added as time allows. If all of the pictures do not load, please refresh the page to load the rest of them. If you have any pictures that you would like to share or have added to my web page, or if you have any additions/corrections, please send them to me here: Kimberly

Flynn Pictures

John Marion Flynn with all of his children. This picture was taken on the day of his wife's funeral. Please e-mail me if you want to know who's who.

1. My grandfather, Clarence Edwin Flynn. This picture was probably taken sometime in the very late 1920's or early 1930's.
2. My grandfather with me. He was wearing a wig-probably my mother's.

My grandfather with his horseshoe buddies. Left to right is: Raymond & Clarence Flynn, Russel Smith, Eugene Floyd, Art Flynn.

Clarence & Eva Flynn's anniversary, taken at their daugther Linda's house in Detroit, Michigan. Terry Floyd (son of Ronald Floyd & Connie Payne) is sitting to the right.

A mixture of the Flynn and Floyd families. Back row, left to right: Clarence Flynn, Raymond Flynn, Carl "Mike" Floyd, Eugene Floyd, Charles T. Floyd, Ron Floyd. Middle: Eva Flynn Floyd (sitting below Minnie), Minnie Floyd, Sandra Floyd, Myrtle Floyd, Doris Floyd, Grace Fair, Rosalie Smith. Bottom row: Sandy Floyd, Linda Flynn, Kay Flynn.

1. My grandparents, Clarence and Eva, with their three children, Kay, Linda, and Larry.
2. The Flynn children: Linda, Larry, and Kay.
3. The Flynn children, standing in a garden: Kay, Linda, and Larry.

Linda, Eva, and Kay Flynn. Barbie Byerman Flynn.

Bob and Linda (Flynn) Pary, Larry and Kay Flynn, Barbie Byerman Flynn, John Calentine. This picture was taken in the summer of 1975 in Jacksonville, Illinois.

Marion and Herbert Dawson, Edith Flynn.

Raymond Flynn, Clarence Flynn, John Roman, Eugene Floyd.

George and Bob Flynn, Al Simpson, Bob Hawks.

A family gathering. Left to right: Grace Flynn, Lee Ann Flynn (back), Jane Flynn (front), ?, ?, Eva (Floyd) Flynn. Does anyone know who the two are in the middle?

My grandmother with John Alvin Gaines.

My Grandmother,Eva Floyd Flynn, with Aunt Linda on her graduation day from high school.

1. My mother, Kay Flynn, taken when she was in high school.
2. My aunt Linda, taken on her wedding day to Bob Pary. My mother, Kay (Flynn) Hicks is standing with her.

1. Kay Flynn on a pony.
2. Kay Flynn, dressed for some special occasion.
3. Kay Flynn as a teenager, posing for the camera.

1. Kay Flynn with two friends. Anyone know who these are?
2. Linda Flynn.

1. James William Franklin Flynn and family. Taken about 1917: Standing: Wilma, Emma, Lula, Nina & Cecil Flynn. Seated: Eva (holding Lloyd); James William (holding Ada) Daniel Turner (holding Leonard) & Martha Jane Newingham Flynn,(James William's mother). Picture obtained from Sandra Jane (Flynn) Wright.

1. Henry Elza Flynn. Picture obtained from Sandra Jane (Flynn) Wright.

Larry Flynn's Family Pictures

1. My uncle, Larry Flynn, when he was in the Navy.
2. Aunt Barbie, Uncle Larry's first wife.

Uncle Larry with his family. Aunt Barbie, holding their dog, Uncle Larry holding Eddie, Randy and Donna. This picture was taken in the mid-to-late 1960's.

1. Uncle Larry in California by his police cruiser.
2. Aunt Barbie, Uncle Larry, Eddie, Donna, and Randy at our house in Michigan.

1. Randy Flynn, age 9.
2. Donna Flynn, age 7.
3. Larry "Eddie" Jr., age 5.

1. Uncle Larry with his second wife, Joanne.
2. Joanne's daughter, Amy. Her high school graduation picture.

Uncle Larry with his second wife. Randy, Donna, Uncle Larry, Jo, and Eddie Flynn.

Randy Flynn. This picture was taken in 1976 in Jacksonville, Illinois. Uncle Larry's oldest son.

1. Donna Flynn.
2. Donna, with her husband, Tim in California.

1. My cousin, Larry "Eddie" Flynn. Son of Larry and Barbie Flynn.
2. Eddie Flynn in Jacksonville, Illinois. Summer of 1976.

Pary and Gauruder Pictures

Bob Pary and Linda Flynn's engagement.

1. My Uncle, Bob Pary, Linda Flynn's husband. This picture was taken someime in the mid-1970's.
2. My Aunt, Linda (Flynn) Pary, taken during her senior year of high school. This is my favorite picture of her.
3. Aunt Linda's second husband, Jerry Keane.

1. Uncle Bob's mother, Jean Dziengowski.
2. Uncle Bob's grandmother, Josephine Dziengowski.
3. Uncle Bob with his mother and grandmother at Christmas.

1. My cousin, Rick Pary around 1979. His senior class picture.
2. My cousin Rick as a baby.
3. Rick's first communion.

1. Rick Pary as a young boy.
2. Rick Pary's school picture.

1. John Pary with Eddie Flynn (Uncle Larry's youngest son.)
2. John Pary in Jacksonville, Illinois during the summer of 1976.

1. My cousin, John Pary.
2. My cousin John, with his wife, Joan, and their oldest son, Jacob.

1. My cousin Cheryl. Her first communion.
2. My cousin Cheryl, deciding to go swimming with her clothes on!

My cousin, Cheryl Pary, and her husband, Karl Gauruder.

1. My cousin Cheryl, with her children, Garrett and Gabrielle. The proud Grandma, Eva (Floyd-Flynn) Johnson on the far right.
2. Gabrielle Rose. Picture was taken when she was born in 1993.

1. My cousin, Garrett Gauruder.
2. My cousin, Gabrielle Gauruder, dressed for Christmas.

1. My little cousin, Gabrielle Gauruder, in her soccer uniform.
2. My cousin, Garrett Gauruder, in his soccer uniform. This is Gabrielle's older brother.

Garrett and Gabrielle at the Detroit zoo with their new friend the dinosaur.