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From: Cabins to Castles


One of the early settlers to the Port Royal area was John Baker who came in 1792. He was born circa 1753 and served as an officer during the Revolutionary War with the 3rd and 7th Regiments of the North Carolina line. He was severely wounded in the battle of Brandywine. He served in the North Carolina legislature and President George Washington appointed him Collector of Port near his residence in North Carolina.
In 1801, he purchased 500 acres on Parsons Creek in Montgomery County, Tennessee, from Richard Cook of Granville County, North Carolina, and he paid for it with one slave, named Will.
Baker was postmaster of Port Royal from its establishment on January 1,1802 until April 1,1805. In 1824, he deeded Baker’s Campgrounds on Parson’s Creek to the Methodist Society. This was a meeting place for early Methodists and a meeting house was on the property at the time the deed was written. Baker died on December 22,1829.
In 1824 Baker’s daughter, Lucinda, married Willie Blount, who was governor of Tennessee for three terms, serving from 1809 until 1815. Governor Blount supported and aided General Andrew Jackson in his campaigns against the Creek Indians and the British at New Orleans. The Blount estate that was located in the Mount Carmel community was known as Bakerdon.

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From: Cabins to Castles


Samuel A. Mills, who was born February 27,1848, married Eunice Caroline Moore on May 21,1871 who was born February 14,1849. She was the daughter of Reverend Jordan Moore and Sarah Dillahunty Viser of Tuscumbia, Alabama. Samuel Mills died on May 1,1902 and his wife died in 1931 and they are buried in Martha’s Chapel Church Cemetery.
Samuel A. Mills was the son of Thomas Mills who was born on March 24,1817 and Caroline Pritchard Mills who was born January 4,1820. They married in 1842 and had nine children. Mills died on February 25,1875. He and his wife are buried in the old Salem Cemetery. Thomas Mills was the son of Griffin Mills, who was born October 18,1792 and Jane Batson Mills, who was born July 31,1793. She was the daughter of Thomas Batson, who was born in Ireland between 1760 and 1770, and Elizabeth Ives, who was born in North Carolina in 1770. Thomas Batson died in 1831 in Montgomery County, Tennessee, and Elizabeth, his wife, died in 1859, also in Montgomery County. Griffin Mills and Jane Batson married on December 27,1814 and had thirteen children. Griffin Mills died in 1862 and his wife, Jane, died in 1834.
Samuel Mills’ daughter, Mary married Louis Harris in 1900. Samuel Mills’ son, Robert Marvin Mills, who was born November 23,1872, married Susan Rebecca Brame on November 28,1900. Susan Rebecca Brame, who was born April 5,1876, was the daughter of James Henry Brame and Nancy Frances Bumpus Brame. Robert M. and Susan Rebecca Mills had seven children. He died on May 9,1966 and his wife died January 17,1976 and they are buried in Martha’s Chapel Church Cemetery.
Samuel A. Mills served as postmaster at the Cherry Grove Post Office from November 1893 until July 4,1900. This post office was discontinued on October 1904 and moved to Clarksville.

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From: Cabins to Castles


James Ross was the son of Elder Reuben Ross the well known pioneer Baptist minister in Tennessee and Kentucky. Elder Ross, who was born May 9,1776 in Martin County, North Carolina, married Milly Yarrell, who was born on April 1,1782. She was the daughter of Matthew Yarrell, who was born circa 1753, and who died on January 27,1892 in Montgomery County.
In the early 1800s, the Reuben Ross family came to Montgomery County and settled for a short time in the Port Royal area. Later he became a Baptist minister with the Red River Association. In March 1810, he accepted the pastorate at the Spring Creek Baptist Church in the St. Bethlehem community and remained there about 29 years. He was one of the first Baptist ministers to visit Clarksville and hold services. In 1831 he agreed to give one Sunday a month to the Baptist congregation in Clarksville that was a branch of the Spring Creek Baptist Church. They met at the courthouse on the square in Clarksville and at a later courthouse before Clarksville Baptists had a formal church building. Reuben Ross died January 28,1860 and was buried beside his wife, who died June 2,1847, in the Ross Cemetery.
James Ross, who was born September 3,1801, in Martin County, North Carolina, married Mary D. Barker, daughter of Charles and Barbara Barker, who was born March 12,1806. James Ross attended the private classical school of John D. Tyler and became a schoolteacher. He once taught at the Masonic College in Clarksville. James Ross, who died March 14,1879 and his wife, who died September 19,1859, are buried in the Meriwether Cemetery.
James Ross’ son, Edward Barker Ross was born March 5,1840. He was a lay minister and principal founder of White’s Chapel in the Rossview community. In 1871 he married Dorothy Crouch, daughter of William Crouch of Sango, who was born November 13,1850. Edward B. Ross died December 1911 and his wife died September 1919 and they are buried in White’s Chapel Cemetery.
Another son of James Ross, Dr. James W. Ross, who was born in 1843, served with Dr. Reed and Dr. Gorgas in Cuba and in the Panama Canal Zone and became an expert on yellow fever. Dr. J.W. Ross died February 8,1920 in California.
Dr. John W. Ross, son of Edward Barker Ross Sr., was born January 10,1883. He married Helen Calhoun Danforth of Massachusetts. Around 1916 he and his family moved to Clarksville where he practiced medicine at 304 Franklin Street. He died October 22,1962.
Another son of E.B. Ross Sr., Edward Barker (Ted) Ross Jr., also became a physician and practiced in Clarksville. He was born April 3,1889 and married Catherine Dahin. He served as a Captain in World War II and died August 16,1948.

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From: Cabins to Castles


William Henry Dawson, who was born January 6,1847, died in 1922. It is believed he was the son of J.T. Dawson and Mary Dawson. J.T. Dawson was born in Tennessee circa 1823 and his wife circa 1825 in Tennessee. W.H. Dawson married Mary Christina Jones who was born May 16,1849 and who died in 1931. W.H. and Mary Christina Dawson are buried in the Jones Cemetery.
Mary C. Jones Dawson was the daughter of John Nelson Jones and Mary Ann Lyle Jones. John Jones, who was born October 11,1823, died April 24,1904 and his wife Mary Ann, who was born May 23,1831, died February 25,1905. They are also buried in the Jones Cemetery.
MacFerrin Dawson, son of W.H. and Mary Christina Dawson, was born in 1874. He married Minnie Lulu Weakley, who was the daughter of Sanford Weakley. MacFerrin Dawson died May 10,1954 and his wife, Minnie Dawson, who was born in 1878, died May 1,1968. They are buried in Martha’s Chapel Church Cemetery.

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From: Cabins to Castles


James Johnson, who was born in 1781 came to Tennessee circa 1806 from Virginia. He and his wife, Frances, purchased land in 1811 and over the next seven years, they purchased additional land until his farm totaled 932 acres. Frances Johnson married Tomas Hackney when James died in 1823.
James and Frances Johnson’s son James C. Johnson was born in 1811. In 1847 he married Frances Elizabeth Coleman who was born in 1828 in Kentucky. James C. Johnson died in 1871.
William Preston Johnson, son of James C. and Frances Elizabeth Johnson was born September 25,1848. On November 14,1871, he married Betty Marshall from Green County, Kentucky, who was born February 7,1855. William Johnson died on December 28,1892.
James Thomas Johnson, son of William Preston and Betty Johnson, was born June 28,1875. He married three times; first to Robbye Webb and after her death in 1911, he married her sister, Susie, and he then married Belle Randell. James T. Johnson died in 1948 and his second wife, Susie, died in 1925.

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From: Cabins to Castles


James Edwin Fortson was a school teacher who taught school in Guthrie, Kentucky for many years. He was the son of Robert M. Fortson who was born in Kentucky in 1809. The Fortsons came to Tennessee in the early 1800’s.
Before his death, Robert Fortson requested a cedar fence be built around his grave in the Fortson Cemetery near Fortson Springs in District 1. This fence was built but it no longer stands. Robert Fortson died July 23,1866 near Tait’s Station.
James E. Fortson married Lucy Cross Parham on February 18,1869. They had three children; one of whom died young; Robert William born November 11,1883; and Ella Boyd, born December 8,1869, who married Mr. Gower. James Fortson, who was born November 6,1844, died on August 14,1912. He and his wife are buried on the property along with their parrot.

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From: Cabins to Castles


Lewis Clay Bourne was the son of Lewis Whitfield Bourne and Fannie Ellen Myers. Lewis W. Bourne and Fannie Ellen Myers were married in 1864 in Brandon, Mississippi, and they had seven children. Lewis W. Bourne, who was born August 4,1834, died on April 1,1891. His wife Fannie Ellen, who was born in Holmes County, Mississippi, on May 16,1844, died in November 1883.
Lewis C. Bourne, who was born August 27,1876, married Fannie Peterson Jones who was born August 5,1887. She was the daughter of Andrew J. Jones who died in 1925 and Nannie Jackson Peterson Jones who died in 1933. L.C. and Fannie Bourne had seven children. L.C. Bourne died June 23,1962 and his wife died November 24,1961. They are buried in the Greenwood Cemetery, Clarksville, Tennessee.

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From: Cabins to Castles


Nathaniel Wickham was the son of Harvie Wickham who came to America from England in October 1787. Nathaniel Wickham was born September 1787 aboard ship en route to the United States.
Tradition has it that the Wickhams were in this area before 1814 and lived in a tent until better quarters could be built. Once while Nathaniel Wickham was away, his wife shot and killed a panther outside their home. Harvie Wickham was buried in the John Nolen Cemetery.
Nathaniel Wickham, who married Mary Thompson on March 31,1814, died October 1,1844 and was buried in Missouri. Mary Thompson Wickham, was born May 17,1792.
Robert Lewis Wickham, son of Nathaniel and Mary Wickham, was born on June 26,1828. In 1859 he married Elizabeth Marsh who was born September 25,1841. Robert Wickham died June 19,1892 and his wife died April 19,1920. They are buried in the Wickham Cemetery.
Enoch Tanner Wickham, son of Robert and Elizabeth Wickham, married Annie Lena Yarbrough. E.T. Wickham was born June 11,1883 and his wife was born in 1884.
E.T. Wickham was not only a farmer and land surveyor, he was a folk artist who did many unique and interesting outdoor sculptures in an outdoor museum in the Wickham Hollow area. This talented sculptor began his art career at the age of 69. These larger-than-life concrete statues have been featured in many publications and two stand on the campus of Austin Peay State University.
In the 1960s, the Federal government commissioned work by this self-taught artist for an outdoor museum at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. After its completion, this work, that was modeled after the “Spirit of Infantry” in Arlington Cemetery, was transported to Fort Campbell for a dedication ceremony.
Some of Wickham’s statues are religious in nature and reflect his spiritual faith. Many of the statues homor famous people and some are dedicated to individuals. There are statues honoring Andrew Jackson, Babe Ruth, and Alvin C. York, just to name a few. There is one dedicated to his oldest brother, Dr. John Wickham, a physician, who was a member of the Tennessee Legislature at one time. One of Tanner Wickham’s uncles was also a doctor. There is another statue dedicated to Tanner’s son Ernest who was killed in France during Would War II and it is also dedicated to all those from Montgomery county who gave their lives for their country.
Wickham’s family were Union supporters and there is one statue dealing with the Civil War. During the Civil War, a vote was taken in the Montgomery Furnace area to determine who was for the Confederacy. Mr. Russell, who was later to become a captain in the Confederate Army, advised the voters if anyone voted for the Union, he would be hung. Under these circumstances, two courageous men, Robert L. Wickham, who was Enoch Tanner’s father, and William Marsh, who was Tanner’s grandfather, voted against the Confederacy. They were forced to leave town and did not return until the war ended.
The majority of the folk art in the outdoor museum in Wickham Hollow has been vandalized over the years and few of these remain intact. the State of Tennessee in conjunction with the Metropolitan Museum of Art is attempting to save Tennessee’s outdoor sculpture and perhaps with their help, these folk art pieces can be preserved.
E.T. Wickham died August 27, 1970 and his wife died May 20,1968 and they are buried in the Wickham Cemetery, not far from this outdoor museum.

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From: Cabins to Castles


Meredith Howard , who was born in 1786, married Minerva Peterson in 1836. Minerva Peterson, who was born in 1810, was the daughter of Roland and Nancy Farrier Peterson. Roland Peterson was born January 20,1783 and died n November 1835. He was the son of Isaac Peterson, who discovered Dunbar Cave, and Mary Ann Burns Peterson. Meredith Howard died in 1860 and his wife died in 1889 and they are buried in the Howard Cemetery.
Meredith Howard’s son, Isaac Peterson Howard, was born in 1840. Isaac Peterson Howard married Martha Ann Cooley who was born in 1837. Isaac Howard, who died in 1923, fought in the Civil War. His wife died on October 23,1873 and they are also buried in the Howard Cemetery.
Isaac Howard’s son, Joe Bryant Howard was born in 1868. He married Martha Buck, who was born in 1882, Joe Howard died in 1948 and his wife died in 1971 and they are buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Clarksville.

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From: Cabins to Castles


Joseph Woodson, who was born circa 1842, was the son of William B. and Sally Woodson. William B. Woodson was born in Virginia circa 1819 and his wife, also born in Virginia, was born circa 1812.
Joseph Woodson married Sarah Smith. Their son Ernest Woodson, who was born in 1886, married Deana Brown. Ernest Woodson died in 1958 and was buried in Sango Cemetery.

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From: Cabins to Castles


Jack Miller who was born circa 1895 n Inglefield, Indiana, served during World War I, being discharged as a lieutenant in 1919. After his discharge he worked for the Firestone Company in charge of sales for India, Burma, and Kashmir. He came to Clarksville in the early 1920s and on April 26, 1922, he married Mary Louise Perkins, daughter of Frank A. Perkins.
In 1917, the Perkins Implement Company was located at 123 South Third Street. In 1922, the company moved to 412 Commerce Street in the Coulter Lumber Company building. In 1923 Miller became a partner with Perkins in the International Harverster, Firestone Tire dealership, and the company became known as Perkins and Miller.
Jack Miller was instrumental in expanding the local airport facilities to accommodate regular air service, in securing a more modern hospital for Clarksville in the 1950s and enhancing the industrial and agricultural diversification of Montgomery County. Jack Miller died in 1977 and the firm continued operation under the Miller family with Frank Miller until 1988.

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From: Cabins to Castles


Isham Sidney Harris, who was born October 19,1878, and his brother, James Frances Harris, who was born November 11,1880, were the sons of James R. Harris and Martha Ann Matthews. James R. Harris who was born March 18,1842 died on July 8,1915 and his wife, Martha, who was born May 4,1843, died April 8,1865. They had ten children.
Isham Sidney Harris married Eunice Farmer Scott who was born in 1882. Isham Harris died in 1950 and his wife in 1961. They are buried in the Southside Cemetery.
James Frances Harris married twice, first to Rosa Waller who was born in 1883 and died in 1935. They had three children. He next married Jenny Morrison who was born October 21,1887 and died April 22,1945. Isham and Eunice Harris’ daughter, Martha, married Ewing Weakley, a Methodist minister. Ewing Weakley died in 1986.

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From: Cabins to Castles


Samuel Durham, who was born January 29,1828, served in the Confederate Army during the Civil War. He died on December 27,1907 and his wife, Susannah, who was born July 10,1832, died on April 28,1913 and they are buried in the Sango Cemetery.
Their son, Jefferson Durham was born January 25,1879 and died on May 16,1948. His wife, Nannie F. Durham, who was born October 18,1862, died on October 29,1946. They are also buried in the Sango Cemetery.

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From: Cabins to Castles


Richard B. Thacker was born in Virginia circa 1804. After the death of his first wife, Martha, on May 13,1840, he married Nancy (maiden name unknown) circa 1841. His children were: Virginia who married Hugh L. Foster, Elvira, Fidelia, William H., Edward G., Mary M., Martha D., and Ann M. Thacker.

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From: Cabins to Castles


Joseph Sturdivant was born October 1,1791 in Dinwiddie County, Virginia. He died suddenly at his home on March 1,1853 and is buried a short distance from his home. He married Mary Elliott, a sister of Colonel William Elliott, about 1830. They were the parents of two children, John E. Sturdivant, born circa 1831 in Virginia, and Mary Josepha (pronounced Jo-ci’-fi), born circa 1834 in Tennessee. Mary Josepha married Albert G. Long on October 25,1855 but the marriage ended in divorce. There were no children born to this union. On July 7,1871, Mary Josepha took her own life in her upstairs bedroom.

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From: Cabins to Castles


A Civil War veteran, John W. Jones, who was born at Keysburg, Kentucky, died on June 24,1912 at the age of 75. His wife, Mary E. preceded him in death on April 2,1906. The family attended Bethel Methodist Church. John and Mary Jones were the parents of two daughters, Mrs. W.D. Elliot and Mrs. Dr. J.A. Word.

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From: Cabins to Castles


In 1933 Ruby Batson, daughter of Lewis S. and Maggie Harper Batson, married Edgar Hatton Thompson. Edgar Thompson’s first wife was Clara Sharp McCurdy who was born May 29,1885 and died November 9,1931. They were married on December 17,1906 and had six children. Edgar Thompson’s second wife, Ruby Batson Thompson, was born June 25,1894 and died on December 1990. They had one daughter. Edgar Thompson was born September 23,1881 and died August 17,1954.
Paul E. Thompson, son of Edgar and Clara Sharp McCurdy Thompson, served as Trustee of Montgomery County from August 1936 until his death on May 24,1974. He had served as Deputy Trustee for eight years before being elected in 1936. He was born October 24,1907 and married Lucy Elizabeth Harris on June 25,1926. She was born December 21,1908 and died December 22,1987. She was the daughter of John and Susan Jane Harris.

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From: The History of Central and Western Texas


Dr. Gabriel B. Beaumont was born in 1845 in Clarksville, Tennessee, the son of William and Susan Cook Beaumont. Susan was the daughter of Valentine Cook of Kentucky.
He moved to Texas in 1848 to Coleman County.

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From: Cabins To Castles


Samuel Smith came to Montgomery Tennessee, from North Carolina in the early 1800's, shortly after his marriage to Nancy Sullivant Harvey, a young widow with seven little children. Nancy's father, William Sullivant, owned a 4800 acre Revolutionary War grant in Montgomery County, of which he gave Samuel 160 acres.
Samuel built a house, increased his acreage and later, owned many slaves. His daughter, Nancy, was born July 10, 1806.
In 1821, Nancy Smith married Thomas Hatton Batson, a young man born September 1, 1800. They eventually had thirteen children and became a prominent family.
Thomas was the Postmaster at McAllister's Crossroads from November 30, 1819 to 1831.
Thomas died in 1861 and Nancy in 1865.
John Carney Batson, born December 13, 1846 married Nancy Enola Daniel. She was from Dickson County, daughter of Jesse and Phoebe Anne Cooksey Daniel, born September 13, 1855. John was then Postmaster from 1876 to 1888. Enola was Postmaster from 1898 to September 14, 1905 when the Post Office was closed.
John and Enola had six children.
Their son, Walter C. Batson was Deputy Tax Assessor from 1908 to 1928, then became Tax Assessor until his death in 1950.
Their son Vernon was born September 5, 1883. Vernon's son, Jewel, was a dentist in Clarksville.

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From: Tennessee State Library and Archives


William Walter McLaughlin was born Nov. 29, 1869 in Rutherford County, Tennessee, son of Henry Conner McClaughlin and Harriet Amanda Edmondson. William Came to Clarksville around 1893 to open a law practice. He attended school in Bell Buckle, Tennessee, University of Tennessee, Southwestern Presbyterian University and Cumberland Law School. He was a Mason. He later worked for the L&N Railroad. William married Betty Looney Franklin Bailey, born 1875, daughter of Jesse Bailey of Montgomery County. They were members of the First Presbyterian Church. They had three children: William Walter Jr., journalist; Betty Looney; Jessie Bailey, married Jack W. Killebrew. William died Aug. 29, 1947 and is buried with Looney in Bailey Cemetery.

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From: Samuel Weakley papers, Tn. State Archives


Andrew Stewart was born in Virginia (1176-1850), son of John and Mary Stewart. He came to Tennessee at an early age and in 1821, married Margaret Morris, the daughter of Jeremiah and Elizabeth Morris. He eventually settled at Cheap Hill, Montgomery County (now Cheatham County) and at his death, owned 500 acres.
Their children include: Susan, Wiley B., Benjamin F., Mary, Andrew W. and Montgomery.
Mary married Reverend Hamilton Parks. They moved to Dyer County in 1845.

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From: Ansearchin', v.46, no.1


Timothy Reagan was an Irishman from Pittsylvania County, Virginia. In 1817 he married for the second time to Elizabeth Lusk, whose Welsh and English ancestors migrated to North Carolina long before the Revolutionary War.
Timothy and Elizabeth had five children: John Henninger; Richard B.; William Regin; Morris; Joseph Daniel and Sarah.
Elizabeth died when oldest son, John, was 13.

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From: Clarksville Semi-Weekly Tobacco Leaf


July 30,1889--Polk Grundy Johnson, the youngest son of Cave Johnson, Postmaster General under President Polk, was born November 2,1844, the day that Polk was elected president of the United States. Mrs. Felicia Grundy Porter, who passed to her eternal rest only a few weeks ago, then a young lady, Miss Felicia Grundy, daughter of the celebrated Felix Grundy, asked of Mr. Johnson the privilege of naming the babe. It was granted, and at her instance he was christened Polk Grundy Johnson, for the newly elected president and the young lady’s father-an honored name honorably borne.
When only sixteen years old he entered Capt. Bailey’s Company of the 49th regiment, was captured with it at Fort Donelson remained a prisoner at Camp Douglas, until exchanged at Vicksburg in September 1862; served with the regiment as a private until September 1863, when he was detailed for duty at the headquarters of Brigadier General Quarles. Just one Year later he was appointed first lieutenant and aid de camp, and served on General Quarles’ staff until that officer was disabled, when he was assigned to duty as inspector-general on General McComb’s staff, and was the only staff officer present with McComb when he surrendered with Lee at Appomattox. He was in fifteen battles, and whether in camp, on the field or on march, he was the same high-toned chivalrous soldier ready for duty, though duty demanded his life.
After the close of the war he returned home to Clarksville. For a while he attended school at Montreal, Canada, but determining to devote himself to the practice of law he entered the Lebanon Law School, and graduated there in 1868. For 2˝ years he was associated with his old commander General Guarlis in the practice of law, and in July 1870, he was appointed by C.G. Smith, then chancellor of the district, clerk and member of the chancery court for Montgomery County. This important office he held at the time of his death.
After his return from Cumberland University in 1868 Mr. Johnson married the Miss Emma V. Robb, daughter of the late Alfred Robb, commander of the 49 Tennessee Regiment. She lived only four years, dying in 1872. In 1875 he was wedded to Miss Nannie Tyler, daughter of the late D. Tyler, long a distinguished educator in this county. She survives her husband with two children, Cave and Mildred.

See Death Notices for Obituary.

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From: The Southern Family of Rye
Located at the Montgomery County Public Library


HENRY CLINTON RYE Sr.    born 1806 - died 1862
Married: Martha Jane Broome, daughter of William and Elizabeth Cobb Broome
MARTHA JANE BROOME    born 1815 - died 1887
Buried: Broome Cemetery

PAMELA ANN RYE    born Nov.24,1821 - died April 12,1904
Married: Francis Epps Broome Sr., son of William and Elizabeth Cobb Broome, on January 29,1839
FRANCIS EPPS BROOME SR.    born July 20,1816 - died March 22,1861
MARY KATHERINE BROOME, daughter of Pam and Francis Broome    born March 18,1847 - died January 24,1866
Married: James Henley on October 7,1865
PAMELY ANN BROOME, daughter of Pam and Francis Broome    born February 9,1853 - died April 12,1863
Buried: Broome Cemetery

MARY JANE DAVIDSON    born May 1823 - died September 30,1911
Married: John Henry Rye
Buried: Rye Cemetery MARY CATHERINE RYE, daughter of Mary and John Henry Rye    born January 1848 - died January 11,1929
Buried: Baggett Cemetery

THOMAS RYE    born June 10,1836 - died August 9,1920
(1) Martha Frances West, September 25,1855
(2) Sarah Alley Frost, December 4,1885
MARTHA FRANCES WEST    born December 10,1834 - died June 27,1883
Buried: Cooksey Cemetery, Houston County, Tennessee

ALEXANDER BLOUNT RYE    born November 1837 - died May 8,1919
(1)Nancy Fulghum
(2)Sarah J. Bryant--December 14,1859
(3)Nancy A. Seals--March 20,1861
(4)Sarah Jane Heath--August 21,1866
(5)Mary Jane Bell--March 14,1873
(6)Mary Ann Lyle--May 6,1876
MARY ANN LYLE    born April 11,1848 - died Feb.15,1922--buried: Greenwood Cemetery--6th wife of A.B. Rye

Dr. THOMAS HARTWELL RYE    born August 3,1830 - died May 24,1903
Married: Martha Ellington Hagewood, daughter of Nicholas Paschal and Amy T. Cunningham Hagewood in 1858
MARTHA ELLINGTON HAGEWOOD    born February 23,1837 - died 1894
TOMMY RYE, son of Martha and Dr. Thomas Rye, born 1868 - died ????
Buried: Rye’s Chapel Cemetery
EDWARD ELISHA RYE, son of Martha and Dr. Thomas Rye,    born November 6,1864 - died July 31,1941
Married: Mary Catherine Neblett
Buried: W.M. Batson Cemetery

JAMES F. RYE    born June 11,1836 - died February 27,1875
Married: Helen J. Nesbitt, daughter of Samuel A. and Mary Jane Thompson Nesbitt
HELEN J. NESBITT    born Jan.1,1838 - died February 1,1873
Buried: Nesbitt Cemetery
headstone reads: Helen J. Rye--buried beside James F. Rye

MARTHA JANE RYE    born December 29,1864 - died July 11,1917
Married: James Lewis Nesbitt, son of Samuel A. and Mary Jane Thompson Nesbitt
JAMES LEWIS NESBITT    born April 2,1840 - died Feb.15,1924
HENRY AIKEN NESBITT, son of James and Martha Jane Nesbitt    born January 15,1868 - died September 23,1945
Married: Mary C. Polly Weems in 1907
THOMAS C. NESBITT, son of James and Martha Jane Nesbitt    born November 20,1873 - died 1881
HELEN NESBITT, daughter of James and Martha Jane Nesbitt    born Feb.15,1876 - died October 20,1892
NANNIE F. NESBITTdaughter of James and Martha Jane Nesbitt    born April 21,1878 - died Dec.6,1881
MOLLY T. NESBITT, daughter of James and Martha Jane Nesbitt    born Sept.30,1880 - died October 24,1881
Buried: Nesbitt Cemetery

FRANCIS “Bud” BROOME II    born January 30,1839 - died December 12,1925
Married: Pamelia Frances Harris, daughter of John and Sarah Vaughn Harris, November 17,1863
PAMELIA FRANCES HARRIS    born March 4,1842 - died July 7,1919
Buried: Myers Cemetery

FRANCES ELIZABETH BROOME    born November 5,1839 - died ????
Buried: Myers Cemetery
Married: Charles Jefferson Hodges, son of William Jefferson and Sarah Leona Luke Hodges, July 22,1854
CHARLES JEFFERSON HODGES    born 1835 - died Aug.8,1909
OFELIA HODGES, daughter of Frances and Charles Hodges    born May 14,1877 - died November 6,1880
Buried: Broome Cemetery
Charles is in unmarked grave; Ofelia headstone has born in 1878

JOHN THOMAS BROOME “John Henry”    born May 28,1843 - died February 14,1926
(1) Viola Dean Lambert, February 19,1887
(2) Mattie Florence Britt, daughter of John Madison and Eliza Ann Powers Britt, September 2,1895
Buried: Sailor’s Rest

Buried: Cumberland Heights

THOMPSON POWERS    born August 31,1832 - died August 20,1918
Buried: Powers’ place near Palmyra

JOHN HARRIS MORGAN    born November 15,1851 - died July 8,1927
Buried: Morgan burial ground

MARTHA ANN BROOME    born February 17,1855 - died November 18,1932
(1) John Adams Webb, son of Benjamin and Margaret Davenport Webb, July 18,1877
(2) Hugh Lawson Suggs, son of Greenberry and Joanna Birdwell Suggs, May 31,1885
Hugh and Martha are buried in Claudell Fletcher Cemetery
NAOMI SUGGS, daughter of Martha Ann and Hugh Lawson Sugg    born August 9,1896, died July 21,1988
Married: Irving R. Wright, son of Wayne Rye and Vinie Owen Wright December 26,1934
Buried: Greenwood Cemetery

JOSIAH S. YARBROUGH “Bud”, son of Joseph Weldon and Millie Yarbrough    born December 22,1856 - died March 27,1911
Married: Frankie Rosanna Broom February 6,1879--born Nov.12,1859 - died January 16,1949

REBECCA ANN BRITT    born August 9,1842 - died August 23,1894
Married: James B. Baggett, son of Wiliam and Susan Davis May 30,1860
Buried: Baggett Cemetery
CORA BAGGETT, daughter of Rebecca and James Baggett    born April 29,1885 - died August 31,1910
Married: Joe Davis in 1900
Buried: Hezekiah Davis Cemetery

JAMES JACKSON BRITT    born December 17,1851 - died December 11,1919
(1) Susan Baggett, daughter of Jesse and Sarah Leona Luke Baggett February 8,1871
(2) Winnie Catherine Underwood, daughter of Calvin Meredith and Amanda Baggett Underwood in 1890
WINNIE CATHERINE UNDERWOOD BRITT    born November 3,1878 - died February 11,1947
Buried: Baggett’s Chapel Cemetery
IVA J. BRITT, son of James Jackson and Winnie C. Britt,    born September 7,1899 - died July 28,1975
Married: Bertha Wooten
Buried: Greenwood Cemetery
NANCY AGNES BRITT, daughter of James Jackson and Winnie C. Britt,    born October 23,1904 - died May 7,1976
Married: Mitchell Henry Black, son of William H. and Mary Ellis Black
Buried: Gum Springs Cemetery

WILLIAM WILBURN HODGES    born June 6,1859 - died December 10,1923
Married: Florence Averitte
FLORENCE AVERITTE HODGES    born February 11,1858 - died Dec.12,1951
JESSIE EDITH HODGES, daughter of William and Florence Hodges    born June 1,1898 - died July 13,1899
Buried: Davidson Cemetery

WYLIE JACKSON RYE    born May 1846 - died October 16,1914
Married: Mary Adeline Green, daughter of Liberty Felix and Fredonia Lewis Green September 7,1868
C.O.D.--heart disease
Buried: Baggett Cemetery
Wylie’s grave is unmarked
ELIZA M. RYE “Lida”, daughter of Wylie and Mary Rye    born September 29,1886 - died May 10,1946
Married: W.J. Worthington December 26,1902
Buried: Antioch Church Cemetery

JOSEPH S. RYE    born May 1850 - died February 19,1905
Married: M. Fredonia Grimes July 28,1871
FREDONIA GRIMES    born August 1851 - died 1912
WILLIAM FELIX RYE, son of Joseph and Fredonia Rye    born December 1874 - died March 1901
GEORGE WASHINGTON RYE, son of Joseph and Fredonia Rye    born January 1886 - died January 14,1906
DAN RYE, son of Joseph and Fredonia Rye    born 1900 - died 1901
Buried: Rye Cemetery; Highway 13

WILLIAM ROBERT RYE    born November 1855 - died August 10,1929
Married: Elizabeth Catherine Rye, daughter of James R. and Janie Ann Burgie Rye December 15,1877
ELIZABETH CATHERINE RYE “Betty”    born June 1854 - died February 27,1939
Buried: Baggett Cemetery
Elizabeth’s grave is unmarked

SARAH ELIZABETH RYE    born September 20,1858 - diedMarch 5,1920
Married: William Jacob Puckett, son of W.J. and Nancy Morris Puckett in 1876
WILLIAM JACOB PUCKETT    born November 25,1855 - died Aug.7,1915
Buried: Puckett Cemetery
BENJAMIN JACK PUCKETT, son of Sarah and William Puckett    born February 7,1896 - died October 31,1969
Buried: Ferrell Cemetery

JAMES WILLIAM COLEMAN    born October 27,1860 - died December 10,1934
Married: Parmelia Elizabeth Rye
Buried: Ferrell Cemetery

JOSEPH BLOUNT RYE    born May 23,1852 - died January 23,1916
Married: Rebecca Baggett, daughter of Jesse and Sarah Leona Luke Baggett March 21,1883
REBECCA BAGGETT    born October 13,1861 - died August 27,1936
IDA RYE, daughter of Joseph and Rebecca Rye    born June 16,1884 - died July 17,1886
Buried: Baggett’s Chapel Cemetery

ROBERT ALVIN RYE    born September 13,1898 - died September 17,1969
Buried: Baggett’s Chapel Cemetery
Married: Mabel Beatrice Sprague November 9,1929

JAMES BENJAMIN RYE    born April 25,1853 - died February 7,1931
Married: Irene Frances Trogden, daughter of Ezekial and Juda India Foust Trogden June 12,1873
IRENE FRANCES TROGDEN    born October 1852 - died April 13,1923
Buried: Myers Cemetery
MARGARET R. RYE    born January 22,1881 - died June 25,1971
Buried: Greenwood Cemetery

JOSEPH HOWELL RYE    born December 25,1851 - died February 8,1935
Married: Alice E. Sinks, daughter of Powell and Nancy Lyles August 1887
Buried: Dunbar Cemetery
Alice E. Sinks    born March 6,1868 - died January 15,1919
Buried: Palmyra Cemetery

MARTHA AMY RYE    born July 31,1860 - died June 20,1943
Married: John Calvin Batson, son of Thomas Hatton Batson and Melinda Margaret Batson August 3,1880
JOHN CALVIN BATSON    born August 3,1855 - died July 30,1940
Buried: W.M. Batson Cemetery

MARY ELIZABETH RYE “Bessie”    born December 4,1862 - died May 6,1903
Married: Joseph Burch Weems Sr., son of Nathaniel Chapman and Elizabeth Ann Hatton Weems January 11,1883
JOSEPH BURCH WEEMS SR.    born August 3,1845 - died December 2,1896
Buried: Weems Cemetery

EDWIN ELIJAH RYE    born November 6,1864 - died August 8,1938
Married: Blanche Elizabeth Batson, daughter of Thomas Hatton Batson and Melinda Margaret Batson December 5,1889
BLANCHE ELIZABETH (Eveline) BATSON    born July 6,1869 - died Aug.8,1938
CHARLES EDWARD RYE, son of Edwin and Blanche Rye    born December 14,1890 - died February 2,1926
WILLIAM HARTWELL RYE, son of Edwin and Blanche Rye    born October 28,1902 - died February 25,1956
Married: Mary Irene Wood, daughter of Daniel Mallory and Katherine E. Lee Wood January 31,1932
Buried: W.M. Batson Cemetery
MATTIE MALINDA RYE, daughter of Edwin and Blanche Rye    born Aug.4,1898 - died August 25,1899
Buried: McAllister Crossroads

AGNES H. RYE    born November 22,1869 - died November 14,1958
Married: Alex Jackson Baxter Sr. December 1,1886
ALEX JACKSON BAXTER SR.    born January 21,1860 - died December 5,1942
SALLIE BAXTER, daughter of Alex and Agnes Baxter    born December 27,1893 - died October 10,1913
ALEX JACKSON BAXTER JR., son of Alex and Agnes Baxter    born April 15,1904 - died January 21,1969
WATKINS BAXTER, son of Alex and Agnes Baxter    born January 12,1900 - died March 30,1910
Buried: Rye’s Chapel Cemetery
JOE B. BAXTER, son of Alex and Agnes Baxter    born April 27,1905 - died October 1,1970
Married: Amanda Collier
Buried: Greenwood Cemetery

ANGELINA ROSS RYE    born February 28,1870 - died May 12,1946
Married: William Cheatham Baxter in 1890
LEW HICKS BAXTER, son of William and Angelina Baxter    born February 27,1897 - died October 16,1918
Buried: Rye’s Chapel Cemetery

HARRIET RYE    born 1872 - died 1956
Married: David Harris Harper
DAVID HARRIS HARPER    born 1867 - died 1934
ARTHUR H. HARPER, son of David and Harriet Harper    born Mar.18,1892 - died April 12,1895
THOMAS EDWIN HARPER, son of David and Harriet Harper    born November 10,1900 - died December 29,1900
Buried: Rye’s Chapel Cemetery

ELIZABETH “Lida” RYE    born November 1877 - died 1908
  gravestone has birth year 1876
Married: George Frederick Talley Jr. in 1898
GEORGE FREDERICK TALLEY JR.    born December 15,1872 - died 1965
Buried: Rye’s Chapel Cemetery

LEWIS (Louis) W. NESBITT    born February 22,1866 - died June 30,1961
(1) Mary Katherine Powers, daughter of Thomas J. Powers March 14,1886
(2) Lillie Jane Baggett January 9,1921
MARY KATHERINE POWERS    born February 1869 - died 1920
MINNIE LEE NESBITT, daughter of Louis and Mary Nesbitt    born February 11,1888 - died October 10,1918
Married: George W. Edlin 1909
TIMOTHY NESBITT, son of Louis and Mary Nesbitt    born May 13,1904 - died July 6,1914
LILLIE JANE BAGGETT    born 1878 - died 1955
SAMUEL LOUIS NESBITT, son of Louis and Lillie Nesbitt    born 1921 - died 1966
Married: Mary Wilda Boaz
Buried: Nesbitt Cemetery

MINNIE E. NESBITT    born 1869 - died 1954
Married: William P. Rowland
WILLIAM P. ROWLAND    born 1868 - died 1942
Buried: Nesbitt Cemetery

RUBY ROWLAND    born 1895 - died March 26,1923
Buried: Nesbitt Cemetery

CHARLES BAILEY NESBITT    born May 19,1883 - died June 23,1962
(1) Jo Ferguson 1905
(2) Ada Helen Ellis, daughter of James William and Mary Jane Sinks Ellis June 20,1908
JO FERGUSON    died 1908
LEONA NESBITT, daughter of Charles and Jo Nesbitt
ADA HELEN ELLIS    born November 2,1885 - died February 11,1958
DORIS IRVIN NESBITT, son of Charles and Ada Nesbitt    born August 6,1914 - died December 15,1934
BAILEY LEE NESBITT, son of Charles and Ada Nesbitt    born November 13,1926 - died November 30,1970
Buried: Nesbitt Cemetery
Jo and Leona’s graves are unmarked

NEWTON LARKIN NESBITT    born February 12,1885 0- died June 30,1964
Married: Lena V. Boone 1904
LENA V. BOONE    born October 4,1879 - December 18,1919
Buried: Nesbitt Cemetery

FRANKLIN EPPS BROOME    born October 13,1864 - died December 12,1925
Married: Martha Lou Ella Karnes, daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth Brown Karnes December 26,1894
MARTHA LOU ELLA KARNES    born June 11,1870 - died June 28,1959
VERDA BROOME, daughter of Franklin and Martha Broome    born October 25,1897 - died April 24,1985
Buried: Myers Cemetery

JOHN WILLIAM HARTWELL BROOME    born March 1,1866 - died July 7,1925
Married: Amanda Hunt, daughter of Thomas S. and G.E. White Hunt
MARGARET AMANDA HUNT    born June 5,1867 - died November 7,1963
ELMER BROOME, son of John and Margaret Broome    born January 31,1891 - died August 4,1911
ERMER BROOME, son of John and Margaret Broome    born September 21,1895 - died October 14,1910
C.O.D.--Typhoid Fever
HENRY BROOME, son of John and Margaret Broome    born, February 21,1905 - died September 26,1911
Buried: Myers Cemetery

NANCY ANN HODGES    born 1859 - died 1937
Married: William Robert Yarbrough, son of William and ? Hunt Yarbrough March 3,1879
WILLIAM ROBERT YARBROUGH    born January 27,1853 - died March 5,1939
Buried: Bob Yarbrough Cemetery
HAZEL YARBROUGH, daughter of William Robert and Nancy Ann Hodges Yarbrough    born May 10,1895 - died January 31,1970
(1) ?? Lang
(2) Claude Jorden
(3) Omie Powers
(4) Rollow Welch
Buried: Greenwood Cemetery

ARMINTA McCULLOCH BIRDWELL    born May 20,1880 - died March 1,1915
Buried: Powers Cemetery--not sure which Powers cemetery

EPSIE HODGES    born November 27,1871 - died March 28,1920
Married: Nathan Dunloch Rye, son of James Henry ‘sr. and Angelina Burney Rye Drc.27,1887
C.O.D.--Acute Gall Stones
Buried: Mt. Lebanon Church Cemetery--not sure of location of cemetery

GLADYS TINY BROOME    born August 31,1888 - died September 26,1965
Married: Robert Thomas Parker, son of George and Mary Elliott Parker February 7,1904
ROBERT THOMAS PARKER    born September 11,1873 - died March 25,1958
Buried: Resthaven Cemetery
ELZIE OZROE PARKER, daughter of Robert and Gladys Parker    born May 2,1907 - died October 29,1925
Married: Grady Davidson
Buried: Greenwood Cemetery

JOHN OLIVER BROOME    born Aug.16,1897 - died December 7,1988
(1) Lula Etha Ellis, daughter of James William and Mary Jane Sinks Ellis December 24,1915
(2) Dessie Kelly Crockett, daughter of Albert Kelly and Lillie Lyle after 1974
LULA ETHA ELLIS    born August 6,1896 - died August 28,1973
JOHN GARNER BROOME, son of John and Lula Broome    born November 23,1932 - died November 24,1994
Buried: Broome Cemetery
DESSIE KELLY CROCKETT    born February 1903

PEARL LENA BROOME    born October 16,1899 - died May 24,1983
Married: Carl Raymond Fletcher August 30,1924
Buried: Fletcher Cemetery, Houston County, Tennessee
CARL RAYMOND FLETCHER    born October 16,1899

JOHN FRANK POWERS    born 1861 - died 1899
Married: Louella Margaret Weaver, daughter of Henry H. and Ann Vaughn Weaver December 23,1883
Buried: Powers Place near Palmyra. May be Weaver-Wickham Cemetery

EPPS LEN SUGGS    born January 6,1870 - died July 20,1954
Married: Delphia Ann Rye, daughter of Joseph Blount and Rebecca Baggett Rye
Occupation: Lumberman
DELPHIA ANN RYE    born July 8,1878 - died August 16,1957
OCIE ESTELLE SUGGS    born April 28,1908 - died September 4,1910
WILMOTH MALOYE SUGGS, daughter of Epps Len Suggs and Delphia Ann Rye Suggs    born February 19,1910 - died August 8,1994
Married: James Henry Bragg December 23,1933
Buried: Baggett’s Chapel Cemetery

JOSEPHINE SUGGS    born August 6,1874 - died June 11,1915
Married: William Riley Baggett, son of Micajah C. & Mary A. Nash Baggett
WILLILAM RILEY BAGGETT    born January 17,1873 - died February 12,1951
Buried: Baggett’s Chapel Cemetery

VERNON BRANDON RYE, son of Mary Katherine Morgan Rye and James Henry Rye    born December 1894 - died June 16,1906
C.O.D.--killed by sister Jewel while playing with a gun
Buried: Morgan Family Cemetery

WILLIAM OZZERO WEBB SR.    born October 18,1878 - died September 12,1949
Married: Hula Adeline Cocke March 8,1905
Buried: Greenwood Cemetery

ARMINTA V. SUGGS    born December 24,1886 - died March 2,1966
Married: William Hartwell Hayes, son of Larkins and Virginia Thompson Hayes
Buried: Myers Cemetery

EMMA ROMA YARBROUGH    born February 24,1881 - died June 6,1954
Married Albert L. Baggett, son of John and Mary Martha Underwood Baggett December 19,1897
ALBERT L. BAGGETT    born June 3,1875 - died January 29,197-
CLYDE LATHOM BAGGETT, son of Emma and Albert Baggett    born December 21,1898 - died December 19,1908
COY BAGGETT, son of Emma and Albert Baggett    born July 29,1911 - died October 24,1928
Buried: Baggett Cemetery

LYDA YARBROUGH    BORN July 4,1883 - died January 26,1968
Married: Allen Frances Baggett
ALLEN FRANCES BAGGETT    born March 20,1880 - died June 26,1924
Buried: Baggett Cemetery
LAWRENCE GRADY BAGGETT, son of Lyda and Allen Baggett    born March 13,1905 - died February 10,1996
(1) Minnie Viola Chapman, daughter of William Thomas and Florence R. Rye Chapman January 18,1930
(2) Lucy Allen Sims after 1931
Buried: Myers Cemetery

JO ANNA YARBROUGH    born April 25,1887 - died January 1950
Married: Arthur Baggett, son of John Baggett and Mary Martha Underwood Baggett November 2,1909
Buried: Baggett’s Chapel Cemetery

JOHN EDWARD RYE, son of John Edward Sr. and Pearl Louise McClain Rye    born January 11,1945 - died January 31,1945
Buried: Solomon Rye Burial Ground

FOREST MORGAN RYE    born Decembger 19,1910 - died April 24,1988
Married: Rhoda Jane Turner September 19,1944
Buried: Rye Cemetery, Erin, Tennessee

JAMES ZEDEKIAH BAGGETT    born September 30,1862 - died February 16,1939
Married: Parthenia Yarbrough, daughter of Joseph Weldon and Millie Yarbrough 1883
PARTHENIA YARBROUGH    born September 5,1863 - died August 26,1947
JAMES WELDON BAGGETT, son of James and Parthenia Baggett    born December 29,1884 - died January 24,1888
WILLIAM OLIVER BAGGETT, son of James and Parthenia Baggett    born March 31,1887 - died November 3,1910
ALEXANDER BAGGETT, son of James and Parthenia Baggett    born December 23,1891 - died July 26,1913
Buried: Millie Yarbrough Cemetery

MARY ELIZABETH BAGGETT    born January 28,1865 - died June 7,1916
Married: William Franklin “Buck” Smith 1882
ED SMITH, son of Mary and Buck Smith    born January 7,1898 - died March 5,1924
Buried: Buck Smith Cemetery

SUSAN BAGGETT    born July 14,1867 - died February 28,1942
Married: Leonard Davis, son of Oliver Sr. and Elizabeth Vaughn Davis
LEONARD DAVIS    born December 30,1866 - died March 18,1944
EMILY FLORENCE DAVIS    born October 21,1869 - died May 26,1893
Married: Oliver Davis Jr., son of Oliver Davis Sr. and Elizabeth Vaughn Davis 1887
ELLA DAVIS, daughter of Emily and Oliver Davis Jr.    born November 7,1888 - died January 6,1889
EMMA DAVIS, daughter of Emily and Oliver Davis Jr.    born March 17,1892 - died July 20,1911
Buried: Oliver Davis Cemetery

THEORA ADELINE BAGGETT    born January 6,1873 - died March 6,1963
Married: Henry Yarbrough, son of Joseph Weldon and Millie Yarbrough 1891
HENRY YARBROUGH    born November 15,1870 - died October 6,1973
CARNEY YARBROUGH, son of Theora and Henry Yarbrough    born December 21,1896 - died December 10,1979
Married: Teressa Marhoffer
JEWEL YARBROUGH, son of Theora and Henry Yarbrough    born May 6,1916 - died June 2,1987
Married: Gertrude Ragan
Buried: Millie Yarbrough Cemetery
PEARL YARBROUGH, daughter of Theora and Henry Yarbrough    born August 8,1920 - died July 7,1990
Married: O.W. Smith
Buried: Buck Smith Cemetery

JOHN OLIVER BAGGETT    born March 30,1875 - died September 24,1956
Married: Betty Elizabeth Davis 1895
Buried: Lone Oak Baptist Church Cemetery
SARAH ELIZABETH BAGGETT, daughter of John Oliver and Betty Elizabeth Davis Baggett    born August 31,1913 - died January 20,2000
Married: Utley Harmon, son of John H. and Mary Finch Harmon November 7,1942
Buried: Marion Church Cemetery
DEWEY HERSCHEL BAGGETT, son of John Oliver and Betty Elizabeth Davis Baggett    born August 25,1916 - died 1916
Buried: Oliver Davis Cemetery

JAMES MADISON BRITT    born November 12,1870 - died March 23,1932
Married Emma Ann Baggett, daughter of Micajah C. and Mary A. Nash Baggett 1889
EMMA ANN BAGGETT    born September 7,1869 - died January 29,1938
Buried: Baggett’s Chapel Cemetery
EDWARD ALONZO BRITT, son of James and Emma Britt    born January 28,1902 - died September 9,1994
Married: Mary Adkins
Buried: Greenwood Cemetery
ROY ALVIN BRITT, son of James and Emma Britt    born May 17,1911 - died June 16,1974
Married: Lora Mackens, daughter of Charlie Mackens and Susie Jane Lewis Mackens December 25,1932
Buried: Slayden Church of God Cemetery
VERNON LEE BRITT, son of James and Emma Britt    born May 27,1914 - died June 10,1979
Married: Mina Bee Mackens, daughter of Charlie Mackens and Susie Jane Lewis Mackens
Buried: Slayden Church of God Cemetery

ELIZA LEONA BRITT    born December 17,1873 - died December 3,1903
Married: Matthew William Baggett, son of Willis B. and Olive Ann Morgan Baggett 1896
MATTHEW WILLIAM BAGGETT    born August 2,1873 - died August 26,1944
(1) Eliza Leona Britt
(2) Lydia Ann Hodges January 8,1904
Buried: Baggett’s Chapel Cemetery

EMMA BRITT    born December 25,1875 - died July 25,1905
Married: Robert Charlie Mockbee, son of Henry Mockbee 1891
ROBERT CHARLIE MOCKBEE    born April 1,1862 - died July 5,1930
SUSIE MARTHA MOCKBEE, daughter of Emma and Charlie Mockbee    born February 12,1894 - died March 21,1925
Buried: Baggett’s Chapel Cemetery

GEORGE W. BRITT    born April 13,1891 - died May 9,1979
Married: Panthy Myrtle Trotter, daughter of Joseph P. and Tennessee Baggett Trotter March 10,1913
PANTHY MYRTLE TROTTER    born April 9,1891 - died March 14,1986
Buried: Gum Springs Cemetery

MAGGIE JANE BRITT    born 1893 - died 1953
Buried: Black Cemetery
(1) James M. Rye, son of Thomas Henry and Mary Elizabeth Puckett Rye 1911
(2) Charlie Black, son of Willie Jake and Julia Yarbrough Black 1923
JAMES M. RYE    born October 1890 - died November 28,1912
C.O.D.--logging accident
Buried: family burial ground
CHARLIE BLACK    born July 15,1891 - died July 16,1976
Buried: Black Cemetery

ELLA BEE BRITT    born December 26,1911 - died October 1,2000
Married: Henry McWhorter
Buried: Gum Springs Cemetery

GEORGE WASHINGTON BRITT    born March 18,1880 - died December 30,1968
Married Fannie Irene Johnson, daughter of Lewis Edward and Mary Ann Bailey Johnson
FANNIE IRENE JOHNSON    born November 1,1891 - died September 27,1974
Buried: Gum Springs Cemetery

JOHN WILLIAM RYE    born March 6,1865 - died October 18,1942
Married: Leona Frances Baggett, daughter of William Oliver and Eli8zabeth Ann Hodges Baggett October 1884
LEONA FRANCES BAGGETT    born October 14,1865 - died May 22,1941
Buried: Baggett Cemetery

COY BUFORD RYE, son of Robert N. and Lanie Louise Smith Rye    born July 20,1901 - died May 10,1989
Married: Esther Mai Biter, daughter of William Oliver Biter and Mary James Davis Biter 1936
Buried: Shiloh Cumberland Presbyterian Church Cemetery

ROBERT RYE, son of Binkley and Nettie Jackson Rye    born 1904 - died 1904
Buried: Burney Cemetery

LAVINA JACKSON RYE a.k.a. Lavinnie    born 1870 - died October 26,1922
Married: Ambrose M. Martin, son of James Madison Sr. and Delana L. Allen Martin in 1892
AMBROSE M. MARTIN    born February 2,1862 - died November 18,1917
C.O.D.--spinal trouble
Buried: Brame-Jones Cemetery
Lavina has unmarked grave

JOHN L. RYE    born May 1871 - died November 1917
Married: Ida Virginia Martin 1893
Buried: Brame-Jones Cemetery
John and Ida have unmarked graves

JOHN STERLING RYE, son of John and Virginia Rye    born October 2,1899 - died November 4,1983
ELSIE RYE, daughter of John and Virginia Rye     born November 28,1903 - died April 29,1982
Buried: Antioch Church Cemetery

JAMES THOMAS RYE    born 1873 - died March 22,1910
Married: Dessie A. Martin, daughter of James M. and Mary E. Fowler Martin 1898
Buried: Rye burial ground

WILLIAM ROBERT RYE    born March 29,1882 - died July 10,1965
Married: Hattie Ann Yarbrough, daughter of Samuel and Mary Black Yarbrough 1904
HATTIE ANN YARBROUGH    born September 13,1886 - died March 30,1968
Buried: Keesee Cemetery

GEORGE DANIEL RYE SR.    born May 4,1890 - died November 10,1940
Married: Eva Pearl Yarbrough, daughter of Jim and Mary Dickson Yarbrough December 26,1908
Buried: Rye Cemetery
EVA PEARL YARBROUGH    born March 15,1892 - died September 26,1974
Buried: Keesee Cemetery

ALVIN RICHARD RYE    born February 1898 - died 1959
Married: Sarah Francis Lyle, daughter of John T. and Lora Ann Ellis Lyle 1920
SARAH FRANCIS LYLE    born August 5,1905 - died February 20,1974
Buried: Palmyra Methodist Church Cemetery

JOHN THOMAS SLAYTON RYE    born March 29,1877 - died January 20,1958
Married: Emily Caroline Baggett, daughter of Willis and Olive Ann Morgan Baggett July 8,1900
EMILY CAROLINE BAGGETT    born May 12,1884 - died July 20,1964
Buried: Oakridge-Rye Cemetery
FREDONIA “FREEDIE” RYE, daughter of John and Caroline Rye    born November 24,1903 - died October 1909
Buried: Rye Cemetery

MARY ELIZABETH RYE    born March 20,1880 - died June 1,1912
Married: Burrell Edward Allen January 10,1904
Buried: Rye Cemetery
BURRELL EDWARD ALLEN    born October 29,1882 - died November 26,1934
Buried: Nettleton Cemetery, Nettleton, Arkansas
Burrell and Mary have two infants buried at Rye cemetery with no names or dates known. After Mary’s death Burrell married Lola Mai Sykes in 1913.
ROBERT EDWARD ALLEN, son of Burrell and Mary Allen    born May 3,1905, died 1916
GERTIE MARION ALLEN, daughter of Burrell and Mary Allen    born May 12,1910 - died 1915
Buried: Rye Cemetery

SELINA FREOLA “LANIE” RYE    born September 17,1889, died March 3,1981
Buried: Greenwood Cemetery
(1) Joseph S. Hodges August 4,1907
(2) Meredith Allen Jacobs after 1924
JOSEPH S. HODGES    born March 1,1880, died October 28,1951
Buried: Marion UMC Cemetery

MOLLIE OLIVIA RYE    born March 31,1881 - died July 18,1940
Married: Thomas Wesley Bryant, son of Benjamin Franklin Bryant and Fredonia Reynolds
THOMAS WESLEY BRYANT    born March 15,1876 - died March 23,1970
Buried: Ben Bryant Cemetery
MINA MARIE BRYANT, daughter of Thomas and Mollie Bryant    born January 2,1913 - died June 16,1995
Buried: Hopewell Church Cemetery

JOSEPH HAWKINS BLACK    born March 3,1880 - died September 18,1968
Buried: Marion Church Cemetery

JAMES HARDON RYE    born February 1878 - died 1955
Married: Frances Elizabeth Baggett, daughter of Micajah C. and Mary A. Nash Baggett December 25,1904
FRANCES ELIZABETH BAGGETT    born May 1882 - died April 28,1958
Buried: Baggett Cemetery
LAURA BELLE “PALLY” RYE, daughter of James and Frances Rye    born March 5,1906 - died November 20,1996
Married: Lee Hunt, son of Stephen and Sarah Hunt May 5,1922
Buried: Buck Smith Cemetery
WILMOTH ANGIE RYE, daughter of James and Frances Rye    born October 8,1908 - died August 12,1996
Married: Stutson Baggett, son of Jessee and Frances C. Crockett Baggett 1943
Buried: Baggett’s Chapel Cemetery

JORDAN MOORE “Jird” RYE    born August 15,1880 - died May 26,1936
Married: Eliza L. Yarbrough, daughter of Samuel and Mary Black Yarbrough January 6,1909
ELIZA L. YARBROUGH    born November 13,1892 - died December 22,1988
Married: John W. Davidson, son of William and Roberta Ferrell Davidson October 9,1938
ETHA POLLY C. RYE, daughter of Jordan and Eliza Rye    born April 30,1914 - died February 28,1983
(1) Alonzo Martin
(2) Gilbert Lee Gaither, son of Jim and Littie Oldham Gaither January 26,1931
Buried: Baggett Cemetery

DAVID MARION RYE    born July 17,1888 - died September 27,1950
Married: Angeline Elizabeth Hendricks, daughter of Joseph Alfred and Leona Frances Hodges Hendricks September 27,1908
ANGELINE ELIZABETH HENDRICKS    born August 22,1891 - died February 1,1977
(1) David Marion Rye
(2) Robert Rives March 15,1959
Buried: Baggett Cemetery
LELA BELL RYE, daughter of David and Angeline Rye    born August 25,1914 - died June 25,1916
Buried: not sure where buried. If in Baggett Cemetery she is unmarked.

JOHN THOMAS RYE    born March 3,1892 - died June 23,1965
Married: Georgia Elder, daughter of George R. and Addie Sharron Elder December 20,1914
GEORGIA ELDER    born December 20,1899 - died June 4,1977
Buried: Resthaven Cemetery

ROBERT FLOYD RYE    born June 7,1895 - died September 15,1979
Married: Lela Belle Baggett, daughter of James Bellfield and Sallie Ann Biter Baggett December 16,1916
LELA BELLE BAGGETT    born October 24,1890 - died February 20,1972
Buried: Baggett Cemetery

MARY ANN PUCKETT    born March 31,1879 - died July 6,1939
Married: Charles Tyler Biter, son of Andrew Jackson and Lucy Jane Baggett Biter December 20,1898
CHARLES TYLER BITER    born July 20,1878 - died January 24,1958
Buried: Gum Springs Church Cemetery
WILLIAM BOYD BITER, son of Mary Ann and Charles Biter    born September 7,1901 - died May 6,1978 Married: Sadie Hall
Buried Slayden Cemetery, Slayden, Tennessee

MAGGIE SUSAN PUCKETT    born February 15,1881 - died April 2,1929
Married Josiah Newton Morrison December 15,1910
JOSIAH NEWTON MORRISON    born February 15,1878 - died September 14,1948
Buried: Puckett Cemetery

NANCY CATHERINE “Katie” PUCKETT    born November 1,1885 - died January 26,1966
Married: Joseph Melvin Baggett, son of Micajah C. and Mary A. Nash Baggett June 10,1907
JOSEPH MELVIN BAGGETT    born January 4,1886 - died August 28,1963
Buried: Resthaven Cemetery
CLARA EVA BAGGETT, daughter of Joseph and Nancy Baggett    born September 25,1908 - died September 26,1908
VIVA DOUGLAS BAGGETT, son of Joseph and Nancy Baggett    born January 13,1920 - died May 11,1921
Buried: Baggett’s Chapel Cemetery

ETHEL PEARL PUCKETT    born August 12,1902 - died July 4,1987
Married: Johnnie L. Shelton, son of James Mark and Mollie Russell Shelton December 21,1919

BURRELL EWING COLEMAN    born August 17,1885 - died February 24,1919
Buried: Broome Cemetery
Married: Fannie Elizabeth Bryant, daughter of John and Mary Louise Bryant
Buried: unknown

JOHN WILLIAM COLEMAN    born Apr.19,1887 - died Sept.23,1956
(1) Effie Weatherford, daughter of Robert F. and Susan L. Coleman Weatherford
(2) Susie Delma Blackwell, daughter of Robert Allen and Sarah A. Gunthart Blackwell after 1925
Buried: Marion Church Cemetery
EFFIE WEATHERFORD    born March 13,1897 - died May 11,1922
Buried: Dogwood Cemetery
CLARIE EDNER COLEMAN, daughter of John and Effie Coleman    born May 25,1915 - died February 4,1916
Buried: Rye Graveyard
WILLIAM THOMAS COLEMAN, son of John and Effie Coleman    born June 13,1920 - died December 25,1992
Married: Margaret Louise Smith
Buried: Gum Springs Church Cemetery
SUSIE DELMA BLACKWELL    born May 12,1901 - died March 12,1987
(1) George W. Ferrell
(2) Marshall V. Baggett December 22,1921
(3) John William Coleman
Buried: Marion Church Cemetery

WYLEY R. COLEMAN    born April 3,1889 - died February 13,1962
Married: Minnie Jane Baggett, daughter of Thornton Baggett and Josephine Woodard McCollom in 1915
MINNIE JANE BAGGETT    born July 22,1892 - died February 27,1986
Buried: Gum Springs Church Cemetery

NANCY FLORENCE DAVIDSON    born November 12,1885 - died 1924
Married: Willie Haynes 1905
Buried: Buck Smith Cemetery

ERVN LOUIS DAVIDSON    born September 4,1890 - died April 15,1959
Married: Effie Rose
Buried: Buck Smith Cemetery

DELPHIA ANN RYE    born July 8,1878 - died August 16,1957
Married: Epps Len Suggs, son of John Howell and Sarah Jane Broome Suggs April 4,1897
EPPS LEN SUGGS    born January 6,1870 - died July 20,1954
Occupation: Lumberman
Buried: Baggett’s Chapel Cemetery

SUSAN FLORENCE RYE    born September 14,1885 - died June 17,1960
Married: William Thomas Beard January 7,1917
WILLIAM THOMAS BEARD    born August 17,1888 - died January 28,1964
World War II veteran
Occupation: Farmer
Buried: Baggett’s Chapel Cemetery

INEZ WILTON RYE    born August 14,1887 - died July 24,1958
Married: Isham Harris Baggett, son of Richard and Mary Frances Peck Baggett December 24,1907
Occupation: planning mill worker
C.O.D.---septic meningitis
J.B. BAGGETT, son of Isham Harris Baggett and Inez Wilton Rye Baggett    born June 24,1916 - died January 1,1986
JAMES RICHARD, son of Isham Harris Baggett and Inez Wilton Rye Baggett    born June 9,1920 - died March 6,1973
Buried: Baggett’s Chapel Cemetery

SARAH LOUELLA RYE    born March 28,1889 - died August 13,1974
Married: Joseph Hilton Mockabee, son of Robert Charlie and Emma Britt Mockabee December 25,1912
JOSEPH HILTON MOCKABEE    born July 4,1892 - died July 30,1965
EMMA NEWELL MOCKABEE, daughter of Joseph Hilton Mockabee and Sarah Louella Rye Mockabee    born October 9,1913 - died April 16,1930
Buried: Baggett’s Chapel Cemetery

ISAAC LEONARD RYE    born February 9,1894 - died September 4,1955
Married: Minnie Isabelle Underwood, daughter of George W. and Elizabeth Dawson Underwood November 22,1927
World War II veteran
Buried: Baggett’s Chapel Cemetery
MINNIE ISABELLE UNDERWOOD    born November 19,1897 - died August 14,1979
Married: (1) Isaac Leonard Rye (2) Henry Alfred Edwards
Buried: Baggett’s Chapel Cemetery
JOSEPH NEWELL RYE, son of Isaac Leonard Rye and Minnie Isabelle Underwood Rye    January 3,1931 - died May 21,1999
(1) Clarice ?
(2) Anne Browne September 23,1964
Buried: Baggett’s Chapel Cemetery

ZELPHIE LEE RYE    born May 23,1896 - died November 6,1971
Married: Sidney Baggett, son of Joseph and Salie Simmons Baggett December 30,1917
SIDNEY BAGGETT    born February 7,1894 - died January 10,1973
Buried: Baggett’s Chapel Cemetery

JESSIE LATHIE RYE    born July 10,1900 - died February 13,1979
Married: Mary Lucille Taylor, daughter of Charles Monroe and Ida Lancaster Taylor March 13,1928
MARY LUCILLE TAYLOR    born April 3,1907 - died August 28,1978
Buried: Greenwood

ADA LERENA RYE    born March 10,1875 - died June 20,1915
Married: Clarence Monroe Carver April 28,1900
Buried: Rye Cemetery
INFANT, infant of Clarence Monroe Carver and Ada Lerena Rye    born and died June 18,1915
Buried: ??

FLORENCE R. RYE    born May 27,1885 - died January 29,1924
Married: William Thomas Chapman July 3,1904
WILLIAM THOMAS CHAPMAN    born 1883 - died 1966
ALFRED THOMAS CHAPMAN, son of William Thomas Chapman and Florence R. Rye Chapman    born July 25,1907 - died August 24,1984 in Nashville, Tennessee
Married: Mary Lena Brunson
MARY LEE CHAPMAN, daughter of William Thomas Chapman and Florence R. Rye Chapman    born September 11,1914 - died October 8,1916
PASCHALL BERNARD CHAPMAN, son of William Thomas Chapman and Florence R. Rye Chapman    born May 10,1917 - died July 17,1918
MINNIE VIOLA CHAPMAN, son of William Thomas Chapman and Florence R. Rye Chapman    born April 7,1905 - died May 15,1965
Married: Lawrence Grady Baggett, son of Allen Frances and Lyda Yarbrough Baggett January 18,1930

WILLIAM HENRY RYE    born August 23,1887 - died February 9,1970
Married: Mary Elizabeth Burney, daughter of John Greenfield and Mary Elizabeth Dillon Burney December 5,1919
MARY ELIZABETH BURNEY    born 1897 - died March 9,1987
Buried: Greenwood

OMA ROBERTA RYE    born January 9,1891 - died May 13,1987
Married: John Thomas Broome, son of John William Hartwell and Margaret Amanda Hunt Broome November 25,1912
JOHN THOMAS BROOME    born May 5,1887 - died July 27,1966
Buried: Greenwood

ROBERT MAURICE BROOME    born May 26,1914 - died 1991
Married: Hilda Vick
Buried: Riverview

NOLLIE NELL WAYNICK    born January 8,1881 - died December 6,1961
Married: Robert Parker
Buried: Waynick Cemetery, Dickson County, Tennessee

WADE L. WAYNICK SR.    born June 14,1886 - died May 11,1955
Married: (1) Ada Mae Green, daughter of Liberty Felix and Maggie Lankford Green (2) Minnie Shelton
ADA MAE GREEN    born October 30,1892 - died February 16,1939
Buried: Waynick Cemetery, Dickson County, Tennessee

MORGAN MATTHEW WAYNICK    born February 17,1893 - died July 28,1972
Married: Susie Reddick Buried: Waynick Cemetery, Dickson County, Tennessee

POWELL ALEXANDER RYE    born May 19,1888 - died February 14,1934
Married: Pearly Mae Wainwright August 16,1908
Buried: Dunbar Cemetery

THOMAS BURR BATSON    born March 17,1886 - died May 31,1970
Married: Anna Mabel Neblett November 11,1913
ANNA MABEL NEBLETT    born 1890 - died 1971
Buried: Greenwood Cemetery

ALEX SMITH BATSON    born November 30,1894 - died January 29,1983
Married: Jettye Mavis Champion April 20,1926
Buried: W.M. Batson Cemetery

ANNIE MAUDE RYE    born May 8,1905 - died May 18,1998
Married: (1) Felix Nunn, son of Charles and Letha Rhodes Nunn October 18,1924 (2) William Rosson after 1925
Buried: Little Hope Church Cemetery

ANNIE RYE SMITH    born July 4,1900 - died February 28,1989
Married: Irvin Dotson Abernathy
IRVIN DALE ABERNATHY, son of Irvin Dotson Abernathy and Annie Rye Smith Abernathy    born April 28,1929 - died December 4,1994
Married: Betty Ruth Burton
Greenwood Cemetery

EWING F. BAXTER    born December 16,1907 - died April 16,1970
Married: Mary Elizabeth Puckett May 23,1942
Buried: Greenwood Cemetery

MARY REBECCA BAXTER    born January 23,1893 - died May 6,1973
Married: Charles Hershel Swift
Buried: Rye’s Chapel Cemetery

TOM SIMMONS TALLEY    born April 14,1901 - died December 17,1971
Married: Martha Doris Daniel, daughter of William Robert and Lavenia Agnes Nesbitt Daniel December 20,1930
Buried: Rye’s Chapel Cemetery

BERTHA NESBITT    born December 22,1886 - died November 12,1948
Married: Henry Clay Wilson Powers May 30,1906
HENRY CLAY WILSON POWERS    born October 7,1885 - February 7,1964
Buried: Barnabas Powers Cemetery

HELEN NESBITT    born March 10,1893 - died November 20,1972
Married: Doris Thomas Oldham
DORIS THOMAS OLDHAM    born April 17,1893 - died December 3,1977
Buried: Nesbitt Cemetery

JAMES LOUIS NESBITT    born April 5,1909 - died September 23,1985
Married: Ruth Baggett, daughter of Matthew William and Lydia Ann Hodges Baggett February 1,1929
RUTH BAGGETT    born September 12,1911 - died December 9,1999

MARY ANN NESBITT, daughter of James Louis Nesbitt and Ruth Baggett Nesbitt    born August 6,1932 - died August 6,1932
Buried: James and Ruth Nesbitt homeplace

ANNA LALURA NESBITT    born September 26,1911 - died October 12,1991
Married: Thomas Franklin Baggett, son of Matthew William and Lydia Ann Hodges Baggett January 18,1930
THOMAS FRANKLIN BAGGETT    born May 5,1909 - died September 22,1981
Buried: Canaan Cemetery

ADA MAURINE NESBITT    born October 16,1918 - died March 16,1983
Married: Joseph Outlaw Schmittou, son of Stewart O.V. and Lena Bell Trotter Schmittou
Buried: Canaan Cemetery

HENRY LEDBETTER NESBITT    born November 3,1923 - died January 10,1970
Married: Christine Brewer
Buried: Nesbitt Cemetery
Christine, if buried here, is unmarked

EDIE WARD NESBITT    born March 14,1909 - died April 14,1988
Married: (1) Clarence Forest Shelton (circa) 1928 (2) McMurdock Nolen Sr., son of William W. and Fannie McCauley Nolen after 1930
CHARLES THOMAS SHELTON, son of Edie Ward Nesbitt Shelton and Clarence Forest Shelton    born February 4,1929 - died January 6,1967
Buried: Nesbitt Cemetery
McMURDOCK “DOC” NOLEN SR.    born July 24,1902 - died December 21,1987
Buried: Nesbitt Cemetery

FRANCES RUTH BROOME    born March 10,1902 - died June 27,1974
Married: Louis Ray Batson, son of Burney Zachariah and Agnes Von Schmittou Batson January 1,1924
LOUIS RAY BATSON    born November 17,1901 - died January 27,1978
Buried: Louise Methodist Church Cemetery

JOHN THOMAS BROOME    born May 5,1887 - died July 27,1966
Married: Oma Roberta Rye, daughter of James Benjamin and Irene Frances Trogden Rye November 25,1912
OMA ROBERTA RYE    born January 9,1891 - died May 13,1987
Buried: Greenwood Cemetery

BESSIE YARBROUGH    born april 16,1881 - died January 10,1958
Married: Henry H. Weaver
HENRY H. WEAVER    born December 15,1876 - died October 3,1921
Buried: Bob Yarbrough Cemetery

WILLIE YARBROUGH    born June 30,1885 - died July 19,1958
Married: Henry W. Baggett 1906
HENRY W. BAGGETT    born December 17,1869 - died march 11,1925
ANDERSON DONNELL BAGGETT, son of Henry W. Baggett and Willie Yarbrough Baggett    born August 19,1914 - died July 26,1941
Buried: Bob Yarbrough Cemetery

NORA YARBROUGH    born September 28,1888 - died August 30,1973
Married: Tony Jackson
Buried: Bob Yarbrough Cemetery

WILLIAM MATTHEW YARBROUGH    born May 29,1892 - died July 28,1977
Married: Johnnie Epsie Rose, daughter of John and Epsie Ann Jackson Rose
JOHNNIE EPSIE ROSE    born April 8,1894 - January 31,1985
Buried: Bob Yarbrough Cemetery

ANGELINE ELIZABETH HENDRICKS    born August 22,1891 - died February 1,1977
(1) David Marion Rye, son of William Robert and Elizabeth Catherine Rye September 27,1908
(2) Robert Rives March 15,1959
DAVID MARION RYE    born July 17,1888 - died September 27,1950
Buried: Baggett Cemetery
ROBERT RIVES    born November 4,1883 - died January 4,1971
Buried: Dunbar Cemetery

PAUL H. HENDRICKS    born May 24,1902 - died 1977
Married: Vallie Jane McWhorter, daughter of Idaho H. and Etta Conatser McWhorter October 19,1931
VALLIE JANE McWHORTER    born October 12,1912 - died November 19,1968
Buried: Gum Springs Church Cemetery

BEEDIE ANN UNDERWOOD    born June 11,1898 - died May 13,1963
Buried: Hopewell Church Cemetery

ADA LEE HUGHES    born April 21,1882 - died December 3,1967
Married: Floyd Kelley
Buried: Canaan Church Cemetery

OLIVER OZZERO BROOME    born November 18,1916 - died July 5,1974
Married: Lela Compton
Buried: Broome Cemetery

MONTGOMERY FRANK BROOME    born June 2,1919 - died November 8,1991
Married: Elizabeth Bryant
Buried: Broome Cemetery

JAMES LOUIS BROOME SR.    born January 31,1922 - died June 19,1996
Married: Beulah Mae Jackson, daughter of Joe Buford and Nellie Ruth Jackson November 26,1943
JERRY GLENN BROOME, son of James Louis Broome Sr. and Beulah Mae Jackson Broome    born May 31,1924 - died February 4,1966
Buried: Broome Cemetery

AUBREY BROOME    born May 31,1924 - died February 17,1997
Married: Ada Sue Lawrence
Buried: Broome Cemetery

WILLIE D. KELLEY    born March 1,1929 - died June 18,1996
Buried: Broome Cemetery

CARL OSBORNE FLETCHER    born April 10,1929 - died June 11,1979
Married: Ruth Faye Pulley, daughter of Robert H. and Ruth Edith Patton Pulley November 22,1950
Buried: Fletcher Cemetery, Houston County, Tennessee

GLADY USSERY SUGGS    born March 12,1898 - died January 31,1984
Married: Johnnie Pugh Breeden January 30,1922
Buried: Baggett’s Chapel Cemetery

IRVIN J. MARTIN, son of Ambrose M. and Lavina Jackson Rye Martin   &baseborn January 4,1896 - died November 28,1939
Married: Ora Bell Baggett
Buried: Liverworth Church Cemetery

JAMES MILTON BAGGETT    born January 25,1900
(1) Bertha Mae Baggett, daughter of Jesse and Frances C. Crockett Baggett
(2) Susie Jane Lewis, daughter of Robert Lee and Lou Vina Elizabeth Sinks Lewis
BERTHA MAE BAGGETT    born September 19,1902 - died August 1,1966
SUSIE JANE LEWIS    born October 10,1903 - died February 12,1984
Married: Charlie Mackens--burial unknown
Buried: Baggett’s Chapel Cemetery

STELLA HAZEL BAGGETT    born October 11,1911 - died August 16,1977
Married: Carney Baggett, son of Jesse and Frances Crockett Baggett in 1930
CARNEY BAGGETT    born August 10,1906 - died March 13,1947
Buried: Baggett’s Chapel Cemetery

LAWSON HAYES    born April 10,1927 - died September 26,1970
Married: Margie Ann Rittenberry
Buried: Myers Cemetery

LOUIE LEE YARBROUGH    born September 8,1908 - died December 21,1981
Buried: Baggett’s Chapel Cemetery

ELZIE RUFUS BAGGETT    born December 8,1910 - died December 16,1984
(1) Anna Baggett in 1933
(2) Emma Bell Underwood January 8,1946
Buried: Baggett’s Chapel Cemetery

RUFUS BAGGETT    born April 20,1889 - died March 13,1983
Married: Nell Yarbrough, daughter of Isham and Beckie Hunt Yarbrough November 13,1913
NELL YARBROUGH    born March 8,1894 - died May 20,1968
Buried: Millie Yarbrough Cemetery

DAILEY LEE SUGGS    born March 22,1888 - died April 10,1971
Married: Maude Baggett
Buried: Millie Yarbrough Cemetery

CLAY BAGGETT SR.    born May 21,1900 - died March 25,1986
Married: Maude Underwood, daughter of Arch and Lou Alma Harvey Underwood
MAUDE UNDERWOOD    born December 13,1900 - September 26,1992
Buried: Greenwood Cemetery

CLIFTON BAGGETT    born November 14,1904 - died November 10,1990
Married: Tula Grace Biter, daughter of Charles Tyler and Mary Ann Puckett Tyler in 1925
TULA GRACE BITER    born June 12,1908 - died April 23,1989
Buried: Millie Yarbrough Cemetery

ALBERT J. DAVIS    born January 14,1890 - died December 7,1970
Married: Helen Bell Lizenbee
Buried: Riverview Cemetery

HUGH DAVIS    born December 15,1891 - died August 4,1978
Married: Ludie Angeline Harrrison, daughter of Morgan and Lenora Gibbs Harrison December 18,1920
Buried: Resthaven Cemetery

IRVING DAVIS    born November 7,1893 - died November 25,1970
Married: Daisy Bell Black, daughter of Robert L. and Margaret Arthy Baggett Black September 20,1925
Buried: Hezekiah Davis Cemetery

CLARENCE H. YARBROUGH    born November 27,1891 - died February 19,1978
Married: Julia Mills
Greenwood Cemetery

HERMAN YARBROUGH    born May 28,1898 - died August 7,1982
Married: Grace Davis, daughter of John and Una Kennedy Davis March 6,1927
Buried: Greenwood Cemetery

O.W. “BUSTER” SMITH, son of I.D. and Dora Powers Smith    born May 11,1900 - died
Married: Pearl Yarbrough
Buried: Buck Smith Cemetery

JESSE BAGGETT    born March 25,1908 - died February 23,1981
(1) Stella Thelma Underwood March 3,1929
(2) Clarice Emma Mardlin June 29,1957
STELLA THELMA UNDERWOOD    born April 9,1911 - died January 2,1990
(1) Jesse Baggett March 3,1929
(2) Albert Kersten October 6,1962
Buried: Lone Oak Church Cemetery
Jesse and Clarice are buried in Lone Oak Church Cemetery. Stella is buried at Hopewell Church Cemetery with second husband Albert Kersten.

LOUI RUSSELL BAGGETT    born August 25,1916 - died November 26,1988
Married: Eva Lee McWhorter, daughter of Idaho H. and Etta Conatser McWhorter May 29,1937
Buried: Gum Springs Church Cemetery

LESTER FREDONIA BRYANT    born December 21,1907 - died February 15,1988
Married: William McKinley Mayfield, son of Howard and Stella Hand Mayfield
Buried: Gum Springs Church Cemetery

NINA MAI BAGGETT    born March 9,1897 - died February 2,1979
Married: William T. Martin, son of Ambrose M. and lavina Jackson Rye Martin may 24,1919
WILLIAM T. MARTN    born November 6,1899 - died August 12,1975
WILLIAM CARLIS MARTIN, son of William T. Martin and Nina Mai Baggett Martin    born June 4,1922 - died June 6,1944
Was killed in action on D-Day in Normandy, France.
Buried: Canaan Church Cemetery
THOMAS LEE MARTIN, son of William T. Martin and Nina Mai Baggett Martin    born March 12,1920 - died March 12,1920
Buried: Liverworth Church Cemetery

JOSEPH HLTON MOCKABEE    born July 4,1892 - died July 30,1965
Married: Sarah Louella Rye, daughter of Joseph Blount and Rebecca Baggett Rye December 25,1912
SARAH LOUELLA RYE    born March 28,1889 - died August 13,1974
Member of Rebecca Lodge of Odd Fellows
Buried: Baggett’s Chapel Cemetery

ROBERT EPPS MOCKABEE    born October 31,1902 - died November 10,1989
Married: Lucy Dorothy Davis March 6,1926
Buried: Baggett’s Chapel Cemetery

MONROE HARDING BRITT    born July 31,1929 - died February 26,1994
Married: Gladys Smith, daughter of Enoch Carl Sr. and Minnie Lee Meadows Smithy
Buried: Gum Springs Church Cemetery

EMERY JOSEPH “PEEWEE” RYE SR.    born October 25,1912 - died November 22,1984
Married: Odell Rye EMERY JOSEPH RYE JR., son of Emery Joseph and Odell Rye    born December 21,1933 - died August 30,1934
Buried: Black Cemetery

W. JAKE BLACK    born February 23,1929 - died February 16,1986
Married: Verble Mae Wells
Buried: Black Cemetery

LARRY CARNELL BRITT, son of Johnny Lurton and Anna Aline Bass Britt    born June 19,1940 - died September 14,1992
Married: Brenda Hodges, daughter of Arther and Stella Underwood Hodges
Buried: Gum Springs Church Cemetery

WILLIAM ARTHUR RYE    born July 9,1885 - died June 7,1933
Married: Myrtle Catherine Ward October 21,1918
Buried: Baggett Cemetery

ELIZA ANN RYE    born March 18,1887 - died July 31,1918
Married: David Davis, son of Hezekiah Jr. and Temperance Yarbrough Davis August 1905
DAVID DAVIS    born August 12,1872 - died July 26,1926
RETHA TEMPY DAVIS, daughter of David and Eliza Ann Rye Davis    born November 14,1907 - died 1940
Buried: Hezekiah Davis Cemetery

LULA RYE    born September 13,1891 - died October 12,1987
Married: Dossie Baggett December 9,1909
JULIA MAY BAGGETT, daughter of Dossie and Lula Rye Baggett    born June 2,1917 - died February 21,1931
CARL EDWARD BAGGETT, son of Dossie and Lula Rye Baggett    born May 5,1923 - died July 17,1988
Married: Clara Ophelia McWhorter, daughter of Luther Lloyd and Lela M. Bryant McWhorter November 1942
Buried: Baggett’s Chapel Cemetery

MARY EVA MARTIN    born February 11,1904 - died March 2,1997
Married: Tally Edward Moss, son of Wiliam and Florence Edwards Moss 1922
Buried: Resthaven Cemetery

MARGARET RYE, daughter of Jasper and Annie Mai York Rye    born April 25,1920 - died June 19,1922
Buried: Pleasant View Church Cemetery

NORA ANNE OLDHAM    born April 11,1905 - died December 5,1988
Married: (1) Elija Baggett in 1923 Buried: Baggett’s Chapel Cemetery (2) Jasper William Rye
Nora Anne and Elijah Baggett had four children. Two unnamed babies who died at birth and Mildred Marie and Catherine Estelle Baggett.
MAUDE ELLEN RYE, daughter of Jasper William Rye and Nora Anne Oldham Baggett Rye    born June 5,1946 - died June 12,1946
CARRIE LEE RYE, daughter of Jasper William and Nora Anne Oldham Baggett Rye    born December 7,1934 - died June 15,1922
Buried: Antioch Church Cemetery

LEVI JACKSON RYE SR.    born November 22,1901 - died March 12,1975
Married: Fannie Baggett, daughter of Matthew William and Lydia Ann Hodges Baggett August 28,1926
FANNIE BAGGETT    born August 7,1906 - died September 14,1991
Buried: Resthaven

MINNIE BUMPUS    born March 6,1902 - died August 7,1987
Married: Clarence Jarman

WILLIE LEE BUMPUS    born August 31,1906 - died July 18,1956
Married: (1) Mable Estelle Davis, daughter of David and Eliza Ann Rye Davis September 26,1926 (2) Arlie Mai Ferrell after 1930
MABLE ESTELLE DAVIS    born February 14,1909 - died July 14,1930
ARLIE MAI FERRELL    born June 12,1912 - died July 16,1988

BERTHA MAE RYE    born November 12,1904 - died April 8,1998
Married: Coy Hogue in 1923
Buried: Pleasant View Church Cemetery

JOHN WILLIAM RYE SR.    born August 2,1907 - died December 21,1995
Married: Marie Brumit
Buried: Keesee Cemetery

HATTIE MARY RYE    born January 15,1911 - died January 29,2000
Married: Charles Repps Suiter
Buried: Keesee Cemetery

SIDNEY RYE    born September 6,1910 - died May 12,2000
Married: Susie Lois Ferrell, daughter of Henry Thomas and Leona Spradlin Ferrell
Buried: Keesee Cemetery
SUSIE LOIS FERRELL    born May 13,1910 - died July 11,2000
Buried: Gum Springs Church Cemetery

HENRY RICHARD RYE    born May 25,1922 - died October 29,1997
Married: Marie Rose
Occupation: painter
Buried: Greenwood Cemetery

ANNIE PEARL RYE    born March 19,1926 - died April 2,1994
(1) ?? Sanford
(2) Robert Howard Elliott, son of Robert L. and Betty Mae Tanner in 1948
ROBERT HOWARD ELLIOTT    born December 25,1924 - died January 4,2000
Buried: Canaan Church Cemetery

LESLIE THOMAS RYE SR.    born March 12,1938 - died September 14,1997
(1) Patsy Bryant, daughter of Billy and Gladys Bryant in 1958
(2) Linda Barrs in 1980
Buried: Resthaven Cemetery

ROBERT NEWTON HAMS, son of H. Hams and Mattie Carver Hams    born September 13,1903 - died February 5,1971
Married: Annie Idell Rye
Buried: Oakridge-Rye Cemetery

OSIE ELMER RYE    born January 26,1907 - died February 24,1960
Married: Bessie Mary Bell Yarbrough, daughter of Irvin and Alma Black Yarbrough March 1,1935
BESSIE MARY BELL YARBROUGH    born September 18,1911 - died February 26,1987
Buried: Lone Oak Cemetery

DAISY JEWELL RYE    born October 7,1909 - died July 23,1980
Married: Joseph Marion Eads, son of Joseph and Josie Benefield Eads July 20,1929
JOSEPH MARION EADS    born November 24,1903 - died April 23,1975
Buried: Baggett Cemetery

JOHN MARION “GRADY” EADS    born May 28,1930 - died September 16,1949
Buried: Baggett Cemetery

MAMIE WILMOUTH HODGES    born June 4,1908 - died November 4,1998
Married: Cullom Chester Bryant, son of George Washington and Nonnie Hatton Baggett Bryant April 16,1927
CULLOM CHESTER BRYANT    born October 24,1905 - died March 26,1953
Buried: Baggett’s Chapel Cemetery

BURNEY E. HODGES    born January 7,1910 - died January 4,1985
Buried: Greenwood Cemetery

STEVEN BENJAMIN HODGES    born September 24,1917 - died November 30,1972
Married: Virginia Clay Vaughn, daughter of Everett and Della Webb Vaughn April 16,1939
VIRGINIA CLAY VAUGHN    born March 17,1918 - died July 29,1996
Buried: Greenwood Cemetery

LUTHER LLOYD McWHORTER    born July 7,1900 - died December 1970
Married: Lela M. Bryant
Buried: Gum Springs Cemetery

JOSEPH HORACE BLACK    born April 17,908 - died October 9,1967
Occupation: retired automobile mechanic
World War II veteran
Buried: Marion Church Cemetery

LEE HARTWELL RYE    born June 7,1911 - died July 12,1984
Married: Stella Harris, daughter of Jim and Jennie Green Harris
CORDA MAI RYE, daughter of Lee Hartwell Rye and Stella Jessie Harris Rye    born May 20,1937 - died June 9,1937
Buried: Baggett Cemetery
Lee Hartwell’s grave is unmarked

EDNA ELLA RYE    born October 20,1917 - died November 10,1968
(1) Hubert Harris in 1934
(2) Lester Miller after 1939
Buried: Baggett Cemetery

GLADYS THELMA RYE    born June 5,1924 - died February 2,1985
Married: Robert P. Wynn
Buried: Greenwood Cemetery

FRANCES NOELLE HARRIS    born June 29,1917 - died December 29,1993
Buried: Greenwood Cemetery

FLOYD ROBERT RYE    born June 13,1928 - died October 20,1997
Married: Vergie Hester August 24,1946
Buried: Resthaven Cemetery

MOLLIE BEE RYE    born May 29,1931 - died June 22,1994
(1) Frank Barger (circa) 1950
(2) Robert Douglas after 1983
not sure where buried
FRANK BARGER    born April 23,1926 - died September 15,1982
Buried: Greenwood Cemetery

JOHN ROBERT RYE    born November 30,1909 - died September 30,1996
Married: Mary Beatrice, daughter of Isham and Tempe Ella B. Baggett Harris
MARY BEATRICE HARRIS    born May 14,1909 - died December 20,1959
JAMES PHILLIP “GOOK” RYE, son of John Robert and Mary Beatrice Harris Rye    born July 10,1946 - died July 15,1990
Buried: Baggett’s Chapel Cemetery

WILLIAM CAGE BAGGETT    born August 22,1917 - died February 15,1994
Married: Mabel Rye
Buried: Resthaven Cemetery

LOMA LAVINA BITER    born February 9,1903 - died September 19,1980
Married: Andrew Warren Ferrell, son of Thomas Joseph and Nancy Emma Vaughn Ferrell
Buried: Gum Springs Church Cemetery

EULA BITER    born February 8,1905 - died March 19,1989
Married: Banner Harrison, son of Morgan and Lenora Gibbs Harrison
BANNER HARRISON    born November 22,1903 - died November 10,1975
Buried: Gum Springs Church Cemetery

TULA GRACE BITER    BORN June 12,1908 - died April 23,1989
Married: Clifton Baggett, son of James Zedekiah and Parthenia Yarbrough Baggett
CLIFTON BAGGETT    born November 14,1904 - died November 10,1990
Buried: Millie Yarbrough Cemetery

JOHN CONROY BITER, son of Charles Tyler and Mary Ann Puckett Biter    born April 25,1911 - died June 11,1969
Married: Eula Mae Coleman, daughter of Wyley R. and Minnie Jane Baggett Coleman
Buried: Gum Springs Church Cemetery
EULA MAE COLEMAN    born april 9,1916 - died ??
In 1986 Eula Mae’s name was given as Winn
Buried: Resthaven Cemetery

ROXIE JEWEL BITER    born February 27,1914 - died July 31,1998
Married: Owen Clifton Hayes
Buried: Gum Springs Church Cemetery
LINDA DIANE HAYES, daughter of Owen Clifton Hayes and Roxie Jewel Biter Hayes    born April 28,1946 - died April 30,2000
Married: ?? Hameline
Buried: Resthaven Cemetery

ETHA ESTELLE BAGGETT    born May 15,1912 - died August 29,1994
Married: William Norman Powell, son of Charlie W. and Lena Jackson Powell February 3,1034
Buried: Resthaven Cemetery

DAILEY EDGAR BAGGETT    born August 5,1914 - died March 9,1995
Married: Ora Lee Yarbrough, daughter of Oscar and Berdie Carver Yarbrough in 1936
ORA LEE YARBROUGH    born January 9,1920 - died August 28,1990
Buried: Alex Yarbrough Cemetery

WILLIAM CAGE BAGGETT    born August 22,1917 - died February 15,1994
Married: Mabel Rye, daughter of John Thomas and Georgia Elder Rye September 23,1939
Buried: Resthaven Cemetery

HARRY CULLAN WALL    born January 2,1918 - died September 9,1996
Married: Rushia Carnell Baggett
Buried: Greenwood Cemetery

BILLY JULIAS SHELTON    born August 14,1933 - died April 21,1987
Married: Betty Bracey
Buried: Greenwood Cemetery

ETHEL COLEMAN    born February 5,1917 - died November 17,1999
Married: Clarence David Murphy
Buried: Louise Church Cemetery

HERSCHEL LEE BAGGETT    born March 27,1911 - died November 2,1975
Married: Ruby Lane Richardson, daughter of James L. and Annie Rebecca Dilley Richardson November 11,1933
RUBY LANE RICHARDSON    born March 26,1911 - died July 13,1969
ROGER DALE BAGGETT, son of Herschel Lee Baggett and Ruby Lane Richardson Baggett    born November 30,1944 - died September 28,1952
Buried: Baggett’s Chapel Cemetery

IRA WILTON BAGGETT    born April5,1918 - died May 3,1991
Buried: Baggett’s Chapel Cemetery

JO ANN MOCKABEE    born April 2,1916 - died June 6,1984
(1) Nathaniel Riley Lamberth August 23,1937
(2) Jewel Percy King, son of William Frank and Ophelia Kelly King may 31,1941
JEWEL PERCY KING    born February 7,1916 - died September 30,1991
Buried: Baggett’s Chapel Cemetery
Nathaniel’s burial place is unknown

ARCHIE NOLEN RYE    born March 27,1929 - died ?
Married: Nell Elizabeth Hancock, daughter of Clifton Powell and Dorothy Joiner Hancock January 31,1953
Buried: unknown

J.L. FULTON BAGGETT    born December 8,1918 - died July 18,1981
Married: Jane Elizabeth Baker January 18,1947
Buried: Baggett’s Chapel Cemetery

THOMAS LEE ROY UNDERWOOD, son of Hugh Thomas Sr. and Kizzie L. ferrell Underwood    born March 5,1921 - died November 14,1991
Married: Anne Ophelia Baggett July 31,1948
World War II veteran
DANNIE FAYE UNDERWOOD, son of Thomas Lee Roy Underwood and Anne Ophelia Baggett Underwood    born July 16,1953 - died July 16,1953
DONNIE RAY UNDERWOOD, son of Thomas Lee Roy Underwood and Anne Ophelia Baggett Underwood    born July 16,1953 - died July 16,1953
Buried: Baggett’s Chapel Cemetery

ODISE EUGENE BAGGETT SR.    born October 15,1925 - died December 24,1972
Married: Patricia Ann Diggers November 1,1952
Buried: Baggett’s Chapel Cemetery

EDWARD DEAN BATSON    born January 27,1917 - died October 21,1989
Married: Lucy Jane Gannaway
Buried: Greenwood Cemetery

ANGELINE S. SWIFT    born December 29,1914 - died May 9,1998
Married: James Leroy Bumpus
Buried: Rye’s Chapel Cemetery

TYNA CLAUDE POWERS    born July 4,1913 - died November 4,1981
Married: Annie Lucille Shearon September 2,1933
Buried: Greenwood Cemetery

AMBROSE DOYLE POWERS    born July 11,1917 - died April 13,1979
Married: Ann Forrest Chandler November 9,1940
Buried: Barnabas Powers Cemetery

BRENDA KAYE BAGGETT, daughter of James Otis and Laura Bell Hughes Baggett    BORN November 12,1956 - died March 20,1957
Buried: Canaan Church Cemetery

DARLENE VIRGINIA CUMMINGS, daughter of Darwin and Virginia Schmittou Cummings    born October 31,1962 - died November 1,1962
Buried: Canaan Church Cemetery

ETHEL M. WEAVER    born January 17,1903 - died December 13,1985
(1) ? Donahoo
(2) Luther N. Jackson
Buried: Bob Yarbrough Cemetery

EDWARD JACKSON    born Sept.23,1913 - died June 11,1988
Buried: Greenwood Cemetery

JAMES HERMAN LYLE SR., son of Enoch Herman and Effie Sivels Lyle    born December 8,1929 - June 7,1993
Married: Emma Mai Yarbrough
Buried: Palmyra Church Cemetery

AGNES LUCILLE McWHORTER, daughter of Luther Lloyd and Lela M. Bryant McWhorter    born February 11,1931 - died March 10,1983
Married: James William Hodges
Buried: Hopewell Church Cemetery

REAH OPAL KING    , born February 17,1927 - died December 17,1990
Married: Archie Leo Hodges
SHELIA KAYE HODGES, DAUGHTER OF Archie Leo Hodges and Reah Opal King Hodges    born April 30,1955 - died September 21,1984
Buried: Gum Springs Church Cemetery

WALLACE KELLY    born April 12,1912 - died February 18,1977
Married: Mildred Black
Buried: Lone Oak Church Cemetery

ORA KELLEY    born July 3,1913 - died September 11,1971
Married: Paul Foster
Buried: Canaan Church Cemetery

JOE HENRY KELLEY    born January 31,1936 - died March 30,1975
Married: Pauline Bryant
Buried: Canaan Church Cemetery

GOBEL PRESTON PARKER    born January 31,1936 - died February 2,1982
Married: Juanita Foster
Buried: Fletcher Cemetery, Houston County, Tennessee

MILDRED LOUISE BROOME    born December 19,1944 - died July 10,1996
Married: (1) Jerry Harold Coxwell, son of William T. and Irma W. Harrell Coxwell September 17,1962 (2) ?? Johnson after 1964
Buried: Broome Cemetery

JAMES LOUIS BROOME III, son of James Louis Jr. and Vicki Macie Glasgow Broome    born August 29,1974 - died January 4,1975
Buried: Broome Cemetery

IRVIN E. MARTIN, son of Irvin J. Jr. and Hazel Huff Martin    born October 19,1949 - died January 24,1969
died in Vietnam--was Cpl. In Vietnam war
Buried: Riverview Cemetery

HARL DOUGLAS BAGGETT    born November 10,1924 - died September 25,1993
(1) Terry Phillips Hooker
(2) Dorothy Claxton
(3) Frances Lucille Harris November 1967
retired Pentecostal Church of God minister
Buried: Baggett’s Chapel Cemetery

NORA GLADYS BAGGETT    born December 23,1935 - died November 23,1971
Married: Gayther Robert Harris, son of Coney Robert and Nellie M. Hembree Harris February 20,1957
Nora’s husband was accused and convicted of killing her. He was granted a second trial and convicted again. He served several years in prison.
JOHNNIE RAY HARRIS, son of Gayther Robert Harris and Nora Gladys Baggett Harris    born February 2,1967 - died February 2,1967
Buried: Baggett’s Chapel Cemetery

WILBERT STEVEN BAGGETT    born July 2,1934 - died September 12,1987
(1) Catherine Maye Greene
(2) Ruby Lee Durham, daughter of Alvin and Ethel Ellen Baggett Durham
Buried: Baggett’s Chapel Cemetery

JAMES ALEX BAGGETT    born September 16,1918 - died September 27,1987
Married: Lois Parker
Buried: Millie Yarbrough Cemetery

JEWELL CARNEY BAGGETT    born September 16,1918 - died September 27,1987
Buried: Millie Yarbrough Cemetery

ZEDDIE HICKMAN SUGGS    born January 23,1928 - died March 15,1981
Married: Dorothy Taylor April 17,1954
Buried: Resthaven Cemetery

THELMA AILENE DAVIS    born October 28,1921 - died April 4,2000
Married: Marvin Lauren Atkins
Buried: Resthaven Cemetery

HENRY HATTON YARBROUGH    born April 7,1921 - died December 10,1979
Married: Dorothy Petway
Buried: Greenwood Cemetery

HENRY AUSTIN BEARDEN    born August 26,1926 - died June 19,2000
Married: Mary Grace Green
Retired Baptist Minister of Slayden Baptist Church, building contractor, deacon of Lone oak Baptist Church. Served in U.S. Army World War II.
Buried: Lone Oak Church Cemetery

LURTON DARNELL BRITT    born June 19,1940 - died February 18,2001
Linda Joye Mixon
Buried: Gum Springs Church Cemetery

MABLE ESTELLE DAVIS    born February 14,1909 - died July 14,1930
Married: Willie Lee Bumpus, son of Jesse Samuel and Mary Catherine Rye September 26,1926
WILIE LEE BUMPUS    born August 31,1906 - died July 18,1956
(1) Mable Estelle Davis September 26,1926
(2) Arlie Mai Ferrell after 1930
Buried: Hezekiah Davis Cemetery

HATTIE CHRISTINE BAGGETT    born September 9,1910 - died July 7,1999
(1) Sam Ferrell in 1924---died May 18,1930--burial unknown
(2) Barney Glen Trotter, son of Joseph P. and Scottie Powers Trotter June 28,1941
DORIS MILDRED FERRELL, daughter of Sam Ferrell and Hattie Christine Baggett Ferrell Trotter    born July 1,1928 - died March 3,1991
Married: Frank Edward Culbreath, son of Graham and Linnie Underwood Culbreath
BARNEY GLEN TROTTER    born September 3,1909 - died February 26,1985
Buried: Marion Church Cemetery

COY J. D. BAGGETT    born April 20,1914 - died November 29,1998
(1) Ovie Bell Neblett October 1933
(2) Magga Lee Clements after 1967--burial unknown
OVIE BELL NEBLETT    born December 27,1914 - died January 4,1967
Buried: Mt. Zion Church Cemetery (Indian Creek)

JUNIOR BRAKE SMALLEY, son of Robert Lee and Mattie Lee Sinks Smalley    born January 8,1930 - died January 18,1999
Married: Dorothy Rye
Buried: Antioch Church Cemetery

HERBERT O. RYE    born March 15,1929 - died August 4,1995
Married: Margaret ??
Occupation: construction worker
served in U.S. Army
Buried: Canaan Cemetery

DOROTHY JEAN RYE    born November 21,1934 - died July 12,1996
Married: Billy Hunt, son of Marvin and Nora S. Seiber Hunt May 22,1954
Buried: Canaan Cemetery

ROBERT LEE BUMPUS    born September 23,1926 - died December 9,1963
Married: Atha Wade Hayes, daughter of Perry Hayes
Buried: Resthaven Cemetery

BOBBY LEWIS TERRY    born June 28,1941 - died May 9,1986
Buried: Greenwood Cemetery

CECIL H. BLACK    born September 16,1926 - died December 16,1992
Married: Violet Edwards
Buried: Greenwood Cemetery

AGNES LUCILLE McWHORTER    born February 11,1931 - died March 10,1983
Married: James William Hodges, son of Dewey Lee and Beedie Ann Underwood Hodges
Buried: Hopewell Church Cemetery

RUTH MODEAN McWHORTER    born February 14,1933 - died March 10,1983
Married: Harry Eugene Clark, son of John Willard and Alice Mackey Clark
Buried: Gum Springs Church Cemetery

LARRY DALE RYE    September 1,1950 - died May 27,1980
U.S. Army--Vietnam
Buried: Baggett Cemetery

OSCAR BROWN FERRELL    born December 11,1921 - died April 17,1990
Married: Helen Marie Scott
Buried: Gum Springs Church Cemetery

CARL ROBERT BITER SR.    born July 16,1945 - died August 8,1984
Married: Linda J. Malitz
Carl was injured in an accident in Dover, Tennessee July 31 while working for Wright and Lopez Construction Company of Nashville, Tennessee
Buried: Gum Springs Church Cemetery

JEREMY MICHAEL McCAFFERY, son of Tracey and Kathy darlene Bailey McCaffery    born October 16,1977 - died October 16,1977
Buried: Oakridge-Rye Cemetery

ANA BONITA BAGGETT    born February 18,1935 - died November 9,1988
Married: James Marvin Crawford August 3,1954
Buried: Baggett’s Chapel Cemetery

WILBURN HARRY BAGGETT    born April 12,1941 - died April 24,1984
Married: Johnnie Sue Rayburn June 17,1960
Buried: Baggett’s Chapel Cemetery

WILLIE D. KELLEY    born March 1,1929 - died June 18,1996
Married: Dorothy Marie Broome, daughter of John Oliver and Lula Etha Ellis Broome June 13,1955
Buried: Broome Cemetery

WILLIAM IRVIN BAGGETT SR.    born July 15,1938 - died February 1,1997
Married: Peggy Pittman
Buried: Mt. Zion Church (Indian Creek) Cemetery

MATTIE FLORENCE BRITT    born 1862 - died 1902
Married: John Thomas Broome, son of Francis Epps Sr. and Pamelia Ann Rye Broome September 2,1895
Buried: Britt Cemetery

REBECCA OLIVE HODGES    born June 7,1852 - died August 5,1917
Married: William A. Suggs 1969
Buried: Suggs Cemetery

JOHN HENRY RYE    born 1822 - died before 1900
Married: Mary Jane Davidson April 20,1840
Buried: Rye Cemetery Highway 13

WILLIAM ARTHUR RYE    born July 9,1885 - died June 7,1933
Married: Myrtle Catherine Ward October 21,1918
Buried: Baggett Cemetery

JAMES M. RYE    born October 1890 - died November 28,1912
Buried: family burying ground

BERTHA NESBITT    born Decmeber 22,1886 - died November 12,1948
Married: Henry Clay Powers May 30,1906
Buried: Barnabas Powers Cemetery

GIP BAGGETT, daughter of Robert Baggett    born November 2,1911
Buried: Jarrell Cemetery

Buried: Rye Cemetery, Shiloh

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