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From Gary Matthews take Highway 48/13 South 2.6 miles to Highway 149. Turn right, go about 9 miles to Tarsus Road. Turn left and go .7 mile. Cemetery is on the right as you go around a curve.
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We try to keep families grouped together. If someone's last name is listed, it means they have a separate headstone. If it is not listed, they are sharing a headstone with someone else. Sometimes children are on the same headstone as parents.
Since we do not personally know these families, if we aren't sure of a relationship we list who they are buried next to. Any help matching folks with their relatives will be greatly appreciated.
The information is exactly as it appears on the stones. If you know the person's full name, please let us know.
Click on the tombstone icon for additional information.
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ATKINS    Reams M.    Mar.13,1932 - Aug.7,1988

AVERITT    Aaron E.    Apr.28,1874 - Nov.17,1934
Addie L.    Jan.18,1882 - Oct.1,1956
At Rest

AVERITT    Verlie Viola    Dec.23,1902 - Nov.9,1995    Sister

More Information BAGGETT    Grady    May 13,1905 - Feb.10,1996
(footstone: Husband)
funeral home marker: Mr. Lawrence Grady Baggett 5/13/1905-2/10/1996 age 90
More Information Minnie    Apr.7,1905 - May 15,1965        (footstone: Wife)

BAGGETT    Jesse    May 4,1868 - Dec.23,1906

BAGGETT    John Marshall    Sept.2,1894 - Oct.2,1896

More Information BAGGETT    Lena Lee    Feb.22,1875 - Jan.9,1929

BAGGETT    Lina Wilton    Apr.13,1899 - Nov.26,1900

More Information BAKER    Marvin 1912 - 1982
Rena    1905 - 1969    (footstone: R.P.B.)
Memory Lane

More Information BAUCOM    Sam Thomas    Sept.15,1920 - Feb.3,1992
SEPT.15,1920 - FEB.3,1992
Annie E.    Oct.22,1922 - Sept.15,1990

BAYER    Martin H.    Sept.2,1907 - Jan.12,1996
    (footstone: M.H.B.)
Sarah E.    Sept.12,1911 - Dec.31,1933     (footstone: S.E.B.)
married Dec.9,1955    Memory Lane

BITER    Marion Elise    1961 - 1964     funeral home marker only, no headstone

BLACK    Ashlee Michelle    inf. daughter of Wayne & Cindy Black
Jan.21,1987 - Mar.20,1987

BLANKENSHIP    Estel    1934 - 2000    funeral home marker only

BROMLEY    Herman B.    Aug.23,1910 - Aug.28,1979    (footstone: Daddy)
Estelle    Mar.30,1915 - Oct.21,1996    (footstone: Mother)
In loving memory

BROOKS    Donald    July 23,1959

JUNE 15,1932 - MAY 30,1997
funeral home marker: Donald Marshall Brooks 1932-1997
Betty Jean    Nov.6,1936 -
Beloved wife and mother

BROOKS    Terry    July 16,1958

BROOM    Fines    Born Nov.23,1886  Died Oct.2,1909
Beloved one farewell

BROOM    Infant of G.G. & Mrs. Glover Broom
May 6,1921 - May 6,1921
Weep not father & mother for me For I am waiting in glory for thee

More Information BROOME    Frank E.    Oct.13,1864 - Dec.12,1925
Gone but not forgotten
More Information BROOME    Ella K.    June 11,1870 - June 28,1959
Gone but not forgotten
More Information BROOME    Verda B.    Oct.25,1897 - Apr.24,1985

More Information BROOME    J.W.    March 1,1866 - July 7,1925
More Information BROOME    Amanda    June 5,1867 - Nov.6,1963
BROOME    Elmer     Jan.31,1891 - Aug.14,1911
More Information BROOME    Ermer     Sept.21,1895 - Oct.14,1910
BROOME    Henry    Feb.27,1905 - Sept.26,1911

BROOME    Pamela    March 4,1842 - July 7,1919
Meet me in Heaven

BRYANT    J.O.    March 31,1877 - Mar.23,1949    Father
Mary M.    Sept.16,1880 - Sept.22,1941    Mother
BRYANT    Winnie L.    dau. of J.O. & Mary Bryant
Nov.28,1907 - Oct.21,1909
From mother’ s arms to the arms of Jesus

BRYANT    Sam W.    1871 - 1958
BRYANT    Ophelia    wife of S.W. Bryant    1880 - 1928    
(footstone: O.B.)
Infant  1918
(next to Ophelia’s headstone is a stone that says “Baby” and a footstone

BUCHINGHAM    J.T.    Born Oct.12,1826  Died July 31,1915
Gone But not forgotten

BUCHINGHAM    Mrs. Nannie L.
Born Oct.8,1838  Died Feb.7,1906
She is not dead but sleepeth

BUCKINGHAM    Martha B.     Died 1874
wife of P.T. Buckingham

BURGESS    J.R.    Born May 7,1876   Died Sept.24,1913   
At Rest

BUSH    Willie L.    May 1,1904 -   (footstone: Husband)
funeral home marker: 1904-1975
Lucy Neblett    June 12,1901 - Sept.12,1975

BYRD    Andrew    March 15,1885 - Nov.4,1976    
(footstone: Father)
Lelar M.    July 15,1888 - Aug.28,1969    (footstone: Mother)

More Information CARNNAHAN    Peggy A.    1902 - 1982

CHANCE    Robert
Julia Birdwell

More Information CHAPMAN    Alfred Thomas    July 25,1907 - Aug.24,1984
(footstone: Daddy)
Mary Lena Brunson    July 15,1912 - June 20,1970
(footstone: Mama)

More Information CHAPMAN    W.T.    1883 - 1966    (footstone: Father)
More Information Florence    1885 - 1924    (footstone: Mother)
Anna    1905 - 1965    (footstone: Step-mother)
More Information CHAPMAN    Bernard   son of W.T. &Florence Chapman
May 10,1917 - July 17,1918
Suffer little children to come unto me
More Information CHAPMAN    M.L.    dau. of W.T. & Florence    (footstone: M.L.C.)
Born Sept 11,1914  Died Oct.8,1916
Our darling one has gone before to greet us on the blissful shore

CHAPMAN    Mary E.   dau. of W.W. & Sarah E. Chapman
Born May 20,1891 Died Apr.2,1903
Gone but not forgotten

CHAPMAN    Mary Juanita    Aug.25,1936 - Aug.4,1949

CHAPMAN    Sarah L.    wife of W.Y. Chapman
Born Mar.20,1853 Died Nov.16,1898
She died as she lived, Trusting in God

CHAPMAN    W.H.    1851 - 1925    At Rest

CHOATE    Nick Thomas    Jan.19,1946    Our son(footstone)

CHOATE    William Floyd    May 10,1904 - Mar.28,1993
Ozella Hughes    Sept.22,1920 - Apr.18,1997

CLAWSON    Baby Boy

CLAWSON    Herman E.    1891 - 1963    
(footstone: Father)
Ruth D.    1897 - 1970    (footstone: Mother)

CLAWSON    Margaret Louise    Oct.17,1926 - Jan.24,1930

COLLEY    Barbara S.    Sept.15,1951 - July 28,1978
Our Father which art in Heaven

COULTER    Zola May    1913 - 1941    She hath done what she could

WORLD WAR II   BSM- PH  NOV.14,1925 - DEC.4,1963

CRAWFORD    John Douglas    Feb.10,1934 - Mar.23,1934
Asleep in Jesus

CRAWFORD    Solomon K.    Oct.26,1875 - May 24,1953
Annie M.    Feb.22,1895 - Mar.21,1973
We will meet again

DILLING    Joshua    Born May 10,1778  Died Sept.13,1860
Whilst in the tomb our father lies, His spirit rest above;
In realms of bliss it never but knows Saviour’ s love
DILLING    Mary wife of Joshua    Born Oct.18,1780  Died Apr.23,1848
Mother, Thou art gone to rest and this shall be our prayer,
That when we reach our journies end and thy glory we may share

DILLION    Children of P.H. & Prudence Dillion
Edna, Newton, Charlie, Jasper, Luther, and Thomas

DILLON    Minte    wife of L.C. Dillon
Born Dec.25,1849 Died Mar.17,1885
Farewell my husband and children all,
From you a mother Christ doth call,
Mourn not for me, All is in vain,
To call me to your sight again

DRAKE    Charles Ernest    Oct.20,1867 - Jan.5,1940

DUKE    Charles E.    died Jan.5,1940   age 69 years

EDINFIELD    Sharon M.    Dec.12,1959 - Nov.9,1977

OCTOBER 12,1895 - NOVEMBER 24,1968    footstone: Father)

ELLIOTT    Betty Tanner    June 10,1900 - July 5,1979    (footstone: Mother)

ELLIS    Joe    Feb.5,1875 - June 8,1958
Josie    Oct.30,1868 - May 6,1949

ELLIS    Lester L. Jr.    1946 - 1949

ELROD    Allie     Sept.14,1877 - Apr.21,1941

ELROD    Ed    Mar.28,1909 - Dec.1,1984

ELROD    Gertie     Mar.19,1909 - July 27,1998

ELROD    Infant Boy    July 20,1958

ELROD    J. Nelson    June 10,1879 - Mar.8,1950

ELROD    M.F.    Sept.30,1855 - July 25,1922    
(footstone: M.F.E.)
Death is eternal life  Why should we weep

ELROD    Margaret    June 18,1858 - Aug.6,1934
(footstone)    Until we meet again

ELROD    Orville E.    Oct.3,1942 -
Donna B.    June 27,1943 -

ELROD    Rommie N.    Dec.6,1904 - June , 1939

FESSEY    Cuy Boswell   son of G.R. & J.E. Fessey     (footstone: C.B.F.)
Born Oct.7,1886  Died May 11,1894
Sleep on dear child and take thy rest, In Jesus arms forever blessed

FITZGERALD    W.H.    1900 - 1967

FOOY    M.B.    Jan.8,1843 - Nov.11,1846

GLOVA    infant of G.G. & Mrs. Glova    1921

HALL    T.Mai    1878 - 1964

MAY 15,1946 - APR.3,1982

HARRIS    Hubert L.    1915 - 1968

HARRIS    James H.    1877 - 1949    
(footstone: Father)
Jennie V.    1878 - 1972     (footstone: Mother)

HARRIS    James L.    1917 - 1969
OCT.21,1917 - JAN.22,1969

HAYES    Bernice E. Powell    Feb.23,1919 - Nov.11 1986
(footstone: Mom)    Mother of nine

HAYES    Hattie Clay    Sept.27,1890 - April 15,1932    (footstone: H.C.H.)

WORLD WAR II    APRIL 10,1927 - SEPT.26,1970

HAYES    Roger Powell    Aug.21,1944 - Feb.15,1999
Peace at last    Father of Three

More Information HAYES    William H.    1879 - 1966    (footstone: Father)
More Information Mintie S.    1886 - 1996    (footstone: Mother)

More Information HEGGIE    Edna Marie    age 73 years    died Dec.10,2008

HEMBREE    Anne L.    Jan.9,1921 - Dec.3,1985
(footstone: Sister)    Rest in peace in Jesus

HEMBREE    William A.    1895 - 1967    (footstone: Father)
Birdie P.    1897 - 1993    (footstone: Mother)

HEMBREE    William E.    Sept.5,1929 - June 1,1999

HOPP    Sarah F.    Sept.23,1928 - May 27,2000
Daughter and Mother

HUGHES    Belle Chapman    Nov.24,1874 - Feb.22,1935
Mother    At Rest

HUGHES    Carney “Dink”    Sept.30,1911 - Dec.4,1986
(footstone: Daddy)    At Peace

HUGHES    Henry E.    Oct.9,1893 - July 26,1966
Goldie B.    June 20,1904 - June 21,1939     (footstone: Mother)

More Information HUGHES    Paul Edward    May 24,1930 - Sept.27,2008

More Information HUGHES    Paul Franklin    May 28,1949 - Apr.14,2004

HUGHES    Sidney C.    Feb.14,1910-Oct.26,1972

JACKSON    Archibald    1793-1856
Tabetha    1803-1879

JACKSON    Archie    Dec.13,1870 - Apr.19,1915
Gone but not forgotten

JACKSON    Eliza Beth    Feb.27,1827

JACKSON    J.B.    Born Aug.20,1839  Died Jan.11,1897
(J. Brice Jackson)
Safely anchored in the harbor of eternal rest

JACKSON    James M.    May 3,1814 - Feb.16,1865

JACKSON    Louisa C.    Born Oct.11,1836
aged about 18 years     (footstone: L.C.J.)

JACKSON    Lovina T.    Born Jan.6,1826  Died Nov.1,1851
married to M. McCauley Dec.20,1850    (footstone: L.T.J.)

More Information JACKSON    Norman Lee "Slick"    Jan.8,1926 - July 30,2004

JACKSON    M.A.    Born Oct.3,1830    Died Mar.2,1906
His money and his farm the noblest monument to his memory
JACKSON    Lavina    wife of M.A. Jackson
Born Mar.18,1831 Died Nov.14,1908
She is not dead but sleeping

JACKSON    Mrs. S.B.    Born Mar.25,1843  Died Mar.9,1909
(footstone: S.B.J.)    There is no parting in Heaven

JACKSON    V.C.    Headstone is broken in pieces

JARMAN    Benjamin F.    1912 - 1970    (footstone: Son)

More Information JARMAN    Wm. Scott    May 24,1882 - Nov.16,1930
Una B.    Feb.1,1885 - Mar.17,1963

JOHN    Lester L.    Apr.23,1946 - May 17,1949
(footstone)    Asleep in Jesus

DEC.29,1944 - JAN.30,1991

JOHNSON    Joyce A.    Dec.9,1964 - Nov.5,1984    (footstone: Joyce)

JOHNSON    Pete    1931 - 1997    funeral home marker only

More Information KILLEBREW    Charles Allen    Mar.31,1935 - May 15,2005

KILLEBREW    Thomas S.    Aug.13,1964 - Aug.16,1964

More Information KITCHER    Jerry Grigg    Feb.25,1930 - Sept.24,2006      (footstone: Papaw)
Sally Lee    Dec.3,1935 - Sept.11,1999    (footstone: Nina)

LAFAVE    Ernest J.    June 24,1890 - Sept.19,1965
Reather E.    July 16,1899 - Aug.1,1924
Gone but not forgotten

LAITINEN    Jeffery A.    Dec.4,1963 - Dec.28,1987    Beloved husband

LAITINEN    John A. Jr.    May 26,1929 - Mar.20,1994  (footstone: Husband)
On Back:About normal guy
More Information Lyda    Feb.20,1930 - May 27,2005      (footstone: Wife)
wed Oct 12,1953

LAITINEN    Robert S.    July-Oct 1956

LAND    John T.    Nov.17,1917 - July 6,1983    
(footstone: Daddy)
NOV.17,1917 - JULY 6,1983
Ruby Estell    Aug.3,1923 -      (footstone: Mother)
LAND    Wanda    1953 - 1970    (footstone: Daughter)

LEHMAN    Hershel C.    1911 - 1968    (footstone: H.C.L.)
Lorene S.    1925 -
In my Father’ s house are many mansions
More Information LEHMAN    Charles B.    Dec.30,1947 - Mar.30,2004

LEHMAN    Joe Eddie    Apr.23,1962 - Dec.29,1998    
(footstone: Daddy)
On Back:Our unending love  Husband of Trina,
Father of Eddie Dean and Cody

LEHMAN    Joe Edward    Aug.2,1942 - June 1,1991
Daddy, I love you

LEWIS    Frances Elizabeth    Dec.4,1878 - Nov.17,1915
Meet me in Heaven

LISENBY    Clyde K.    Born Apr.21,1885  Died Mar.16,1947

LISENBY    Coleman W.    May 1,1888 - Nov.19,1967
U.S. Flag flying

More Information LISENBY    James Stanley    son of J.W. & Mary Lisenby
Born Feb.1,1895  Died in France Oct.4,1918    (footstone: J.S.L.)
A precious one from us has gone, A voice we loved is stilled,
A place is vacant in our hearts which never can be filled

LISENBY    Mary Ellen    Feb.5,1860 - Feb.15,1926    (footstone: M.E.L.)
Having life’ s duty, She now sweetly rests

LISENBY    Oscar T.    Nov.11,1892 - Feb.19,1973     (footstone: Papa)

LOKEY    James W.    June 10,1931 -
Sarah I.    Feb.4,1929 - Oct.23,2000

LYNCH    Adron    Feb.13,1912 - Aug.20,1947

LYNCH    Charles T.    Aug.9,1939 - Sept.12,1972

LYNCH    Janet Elaine    Oct.26,1956 - July 4,1964

More Information LYNCH    John David    April 18,1907 - March 31,1982

LYNCH    John Wade    June 24,1937 - July 15,1978

More Information LYNCH    Larry Don    age 73 years    died July 4,2009

MARCH 18,1938 - APR.23,1981

LYNCH    Orin Bud    Mar.11,1877 - Oct.5,1952

MARABLE    H.H.    July 4,1895 - Aug.15,1933

MARABLE    Mrs. Inis E.    Born Sept.3,1853  Died Feb.26,1912
(footstone: I.E.M.)    She died as she lived, trusting in God

MARABLE    Madison Jackson    son of S.A. & Bettie Marable
Born Sept.28,1886   Died Apr.8,1890
The self same hand from whence was given,
Has taken back our babe to Heaven

MARABLE    Mary Helen    daughter of S.A. & Bettie Marable
Born Aug.16,1884  Died July 31,1887    (footstone: M.H.M.)
Sleep on sweet babe and take thy rest,
God called thee home, He thought it best

MARABLE    Dr. Samuel A.(Addison)    Nov.2,1857 - Oct.30,1931
Elizabeth M.    May 16,1863 - May 15,1906    (footstone: Mother)

MARABLE    W.H.    Born Jan.4,1882  Died Nov.12,1906
Sleep on dear child and take thy rest, In Jesus’ arms forever blest

MARSHALL    John    Sept.2,1894 - Oct.2,1896

MARTIN    Eugean F.    Born Aug.30,1884    Died May 30,1909
Sleep on dear child and take thy rest, In Jesus’ arms forever blest

McCAULEY    A. Ralph    Sept.1,1928 - June 18,1996
SEPT.1,1928 - JUNE 18,1996

McCAULEY    Alberta M.    Jan.1,1905 - Jan.2,1988    (footstone: Mother)

McCAULEY    Alice Buchingham     Apr.4,1869 - Jan.19,1935    At Rest

McCAULEY    Anguis    Sept.8,1899 - Dc.25,1962

McCAULEY    John J.    Born Dec.16,1865  Died Feb.7,1884
It was an angel that visited the green earth and took the flower away

McCAULEY    Lina L.    daughter of Maude & M.L. McCauley
Born Oct.30,1910 Died Oct.30,1910    (footstone: L.L.M.)

McCAULEY    Lucy A.    Apr.7,1833 - Jan.19,1920

McCAULEY    Lucy M.    Born Sept.24,1858  Died July 4,1885

McCAULEY    M.C.    Born Apr.24,1824  Died Mar.12,1907
There is rest in Heaven

McCAULEY    Murdock    1824 - 1907
Lucy 1833 - 1920

McCAULEY    Willie    Born Nov.24,1853    Died Jan.20,1909
Our darling one hath gone before to greet us on the blissful shore

MCINTOSH    Lula M.    Sept.22,1895 - Oct.6,1987    (footstone: L.M.M.)

More Information MYERS    Bartley R. Sr.    June 20,1922 - July 16,2007

OCT.9,1907 - MARCH 14,1954

MYERS    Carmer O.    Jan.25,1895 - Jan.5,1976
We will meet again

MYERS    Cecil C.    June 20,1905 - Dec.24,1951
He was our sunshine

MYERS    Dudley    Dec.28,1904 - Aug.25,1905

More Information MYERS    Ella    died Feb.7,1928    unmarked

MYERS    Ella Norris    Feb.14,1898 - Feb.14,1928

MYERS    George L.    Dec.30,1899 - Dec.27,1974
(footstone: G.L.M.)    In God’ s care
GEORGE L. MYERS  PVT  U.S. ARMY  DEC.30,1899 - DEC.27,1974

MYERS    H.A.    Born Feb.26,1890  Died Aug.9,1909
Sleep on dear child and take thy rest in Jesus’ arms forever blest

MYERS    H.H.    Born Jan.25,1842  Died Feb.28,1871
There is no parting in Heaven

MYERS    H. Leam    Jan.22,1864 - June 1,1940
Mary E. McCauley    Nov.4,1866 - Dec.24,1960
Their memory is blessed

MYERS    Irving    Sept.7,1890 - March 7,1975
(footstone: Daddy)     U.S.Flag flying
Bessie R.    June 25,1895 -Oct.5,1991  (footstone: Mother)    
Gone but not forgotten

MYERS    J.J.    Sept.22,1864 - Feb.23,1960    (footstone: Father)
Ida L.    Feb.21,1869 - June 25,1945    (footstone: Mother)
Thy trials ended thy rest is won

MYERS    Reps E.    son of J.J. & Ida Myers
Born Nov.25,1922  Died Oct.15,1914
age 11 yrs 10 mos. 20 days
(footstone)    Gone but not forgotten

MYERS    James O.    1833 - 1912
Octave B.    1837 - 1916    (footstone: Mother)
MYERS    Lena J.    daughter of J.O. & O.A. Myers
Born Aug.22,1869  Died Mar.17,1889
MYERS    Margaret    daughter of J.O. & O.A. Myers
Born June 11,1874  Died Sept.24,1881
MYERS    Newton E.    son of J.O. & O.A. Myers
Born Dec.19,1858  Died July 9,1885

MYERS    John Will    Dec.20,1867 - Nov.17,1892

MYERS    L.S.    Born Nov.14,1807  Died Feb.8,1880
Gone but not forgotten

MYERS    Lena W.    Nov.17,1889 - Aug.24,1902    (footstone: L.W.M.)

MYERS    Neal    Jan.7,1899 - July 9,1971    (footstone: Father)
More Information Grady S.    March 20,1901 - Feb.3,1992     (footstone: Mother)
MYERS    Nancy Neal    infant daughter of Neal & Grady Sugg Myers
Born & Died Aug 25,1944    (footstone)
A fairer bud of promise never bloomed

MYERS    Ophelia    wife of Allen Myers
Born Nov.16,1865  Died Oct.3,1895
Gone too soon

MYERS    Warren    Apr.16,1892 - May 6,1893

JUN.5,1890 - NOV.17,1933

WORLD WAR I    JAN.28,1887 - NOV.21,1963

NEBLETT    Annie L.    Dec.2,1888 - July 20,1935

NEBLETT    Ernest Ray    July 30,1898 - May 17,1937
Christ is my hope

NEBLETT    Hillard W.    Feb.23,1902 - Nov.5,1922

NEBLETT    Robert E.    Oct.7,1931 - Oct.11,1931

NEBLETT    William R.    Jan.14,1870 - Feb.13,1958

NEBLETTE    William M.    July 21,1909 - Jan.31,1970    
(footstone: Daddy)
More Information Sarah C.    Nov.23,1909 - July 15,2005

NEWMAN    Hubert Donald II    May 14,1994    
Now I lay me down to sleep

NOLEN    Billy    1951 - 2000    funeral home marker only

NOLEN    John T.    July 29,1900 - July 6,1985
Annie B.    Jan.19,1910 - Aug.24,1991
At Rest

NOLEN    William W.    1868 - 1952
Fannie M.    1871 - 1944
At Rest

NORRIS    Albert L.    Aug.3,1886 - Aug.24,1968
Nannie H.    June 10,1887 - March 10,1964

NORRIS    Henry Clay    Oct.22,1911 - Feb.27,1988
Emilie Marion    Feb.13,1916 -

WORLD WAR I  JAN.1,1887 - OCT.23,1949   (footstone)

PARCHMAN    M.P.    died Oct.23,1949   age 62 yrs 9 mos 22 das

PARCHMAN    Sallie B.    Jan.29,1889 - Jan.13,1949
She is just away

PARKER    Bailey    Sept.22,1876 - Aug.20,1958    
(footstone: Father)
Molly    Oct.15,1882 - July 25,1954    (footstone: Mother)

More Information PARKER    Coy    Sept.4,1913 - Apr.1,1982    In loving memory

PARKER    Omie Sr.    July 4,1887 - Nov.22,1970

PATTERSON    Albert Lee    Feb.28,1913 - Nov.10,1989
Ethel Gatha    July14,1915 - Jan.7,1998     (footstone: Mother)
Precious memories

PATTERSON    Artie    1888 - 1964

PATTERSON    Charlie C.    1917 - 1962

PATTERSON    John G.    1891 -

POWELL    Andrew    1973 - 2000    funeral home marker only

POWELL    R.D.    May 20,1918 - Mar.29,1961    (footstone)
Minnietta Hayes    Oct.13,1915 - Jan.14,1943    (footstone)
In loving memory

POWELL    Helene Elizabeth    inf. dau. of Mr. & Mrs. R.D.
June 26,1936 - Oct.26,1937    Our darling baby

POWERS    Annie Reddick    Oct.9,1903 - Nov.29,1989
(footstone: Mother)

POWERS    Clarence M.    Born Feb.13,1893  Died July 18,1926
(footstone)    Gone but not forgotten

OCT.2,1919 - DEC.24,1978

POWERS    SGM. James Lurton    Apr.14,1923 - Feb.7,1998
WORLD WAR II KOREA    APRIL 14,1923 - FEB.7,1998
More Information Dorothy Chapman    June 1,1921 - Sept.24,2008
married April 18,1975

POWERS   Judge Lurton    (footstone)
He took thee from a world of care, In everlasting bliss to share

POWERS    Reba    1924 - 2000    funeral home marker only

POWERS    W.H.    Feb.19,1864 - Aug.3,1935
Nannie    (His wife)    Apr.17,1870 - Jan.5,1957
POWERS    Annie Lou    daughter of Harrison & Nannie Powers
Born July 8,1912  Died Feb.6,1914    (footstone)
Our darling baby
Sleep on sweet babe and take thy rest.
God called thee home, He thought it best

REDDICK    William M.    Apr.8,1907 - May 1,1971
(footstone: Husband)

REDDICK    Ethel Lorene    Apr.25,1930 - Feb.20,1995
(footstone: Wife)

REDDICK    William (Bill)    Feb.18,1957 - Oct.18,2000

RITTENBERRY    James Alfred    Dec.27,1953 -
More Information Pauline Choate    Feb.10,1953 - Dec.6,1972

ROWLAND    T. Stephen    June 9,1905 - June 25,1987    
Bessie M.    Nov.10,1902 - Oct.30,1991 (footstone: Mother)
wed Dec.2,1926

RYE    Betty F.    Apr.24,1927 - July 9,1973
(footstone: Mother)    Rest in peace

More Information RYE    J.B.    April 25,1853 - Feb.26,1931
More Information RYE    Irene    Oct.24,1852 - April 13,1923

SANFORD    Emitte L.    Jan.30,1901 - Sept.23,1986    
Mary M.    Oct.15,1910 - Mar.26,1993
(footstone: 2 bricks)    Mother

SANFORD    George T.    1886 - 1957    (footstone: Father)
Dorothy B.    1885 - 1940

WORLD WAR II    JANUARY 9,1917 - JULY 17,1944

SCEBRA    Dovie E.    Oct.27,1900 - Feb.18,1928    (footstone: D.E.S.)

SCEBRA    Tom C.    June 11,1900 - Aug.13,1951

SCEBRA    Rosie C.    June 25,1910 - June 8,1936
SCEBRA    infant daughter of Tom C. & Rosie C. Scebra
May 13,1936

More Information SCHMITTOU    Kathryn Elizabeth    Feb.26,1921 - Sept.12,2006

SCOTT    W.M.    1882 - 1930
Una B.    1885 - 1963(?)

SEEFRIED    Rose Elaine    1987    
funeral home marker only

SEIBER    Fred

SEIBER    John Alton    died Jan.5,196?   age 82

SEIBER    Katie

More Information SEIBER    Larry Darrell    Apr.30,1947 - Jan.17,2003


SEIBER    Thurman P.    1906-1979
More Information Bettie L.    1908-1992    (footstone)
Sweetly resting

SEXTON    James W.    1925-1990

SPANGENBERGER    Johnny Mack    Dec. 56 Jan. 57


SEPT.4,1927 - FEB.16,1995

STEELEY    Robert L.    1901 - 1978
Lola Williams    1906 - 1955

STONE    Harry Cecil    Nov.18,1913 - Feb.26,1981

STONE    Harry F.    Apr.21,1912 - Nov.1,1918    
At Rest

STOEVER    Daryl Frank    Oct.11,1959 -
Cathey Sue    June 23,1964 - Feb.25,1993
married Feb.24,1989
Kind and faithful are your ways, faithful, fond & true

STONE    Harry Cecil    Nov.18,1913 - Feb.26,1981
STONE    Lola Irene    1920 - 2000    
funeral home marker only

STONE    Harry F.    Apr.21,1912 - Nov.1,1918    At Rest

SUGG    Hugh E.    1876 - 1959    (footstone: Father)
Cora S.    1878 - 1960    (footstone: Mother)

SUITER    Carney Lee    1935 - 2000    funeral home marker only

SUITER    George D. Jr.    Aug.23,1925 - Apr.22,1975
WORLD WAR II  AUG.23,1925 - APR.22,1975
Mary C.    Jan.1,1925 -

More Information SUITER    George Dewey    May 18,1900 - Apr.28,1971    (Daddy)
More Information Clyde S.    Feb.26,1904 - May 21,1974    (footstone: Mama)

SUITER    James William    July 30,1938 - Oct.27,1986    {footstone: Bill)
Rosemary Blackford    May 15,1931 - June 22,1987
(footstone: Rose)
married May 6,1966

SUITER    John Nelson Sr.    Dec.15,1936 - June 27,1987    {footstone: Dad)
Nancy Hogue    Oct.1,1934 -
Safely Home

More Information SUITER    Lonette "Lonnie" June    Mar.25,1945 - Aug.16,2006

SUITER    Paul Nelson    Feb.25,1913 - Nov.12,1997    
(footstone: Father)
More Information Annis Abbott    Sept.4,1919 - Mar.7,2006    (footstone: Mother)
married Feb.15,1936    Two hearts one love

SYKES    Effie B.    Sept.9,1904 - May 8,1976

THOMAS    Minnie G.    June 21,1897 - Oct.22,1976
Asleep in Jesus

TOOMALATAI    Jennifer Rose    Dec.1,1980 - May 26,1981
(footstone: daughter)    Our little angel

TOWE    Louis M.    Oct.16,1915 - Sept.3,1983    Father
OCT.16,1916 - OCT.1,1983     Dates as written
TOWE    Annie M.    Jan.22,1922 - Jan.8,1997    (footstone: Wife)
TOWE    John L.    Dec.9,1947 - July 2,1986    (footstone) Son

VAUGHN    Bertha L.    1909 - 1913

VAUGHN    Earlie J.    Feb.2,1909 - June 15,1971
Margaret S.    July 5,1918 -
More Information VAUGHN    Mary Katherine    Mar.18,1944 - Apr.19,2005

VAUGHN    Dale Allison    July 26,1949 - Oct.20,1951
(footstone: Son)

VAUGHN    Homer E.    Feb.5,1890 - Apr.16,1961
Annie B.    Sept.15,1897 - Aug.23,1968

VAUGHN    Macon M.    1906 - 1909    
(footstone: M.M.V.)

VAUGHN    Nolen H.    1900 - 1927

VAUGHN    Robert L.    Dec.1,1859 - Nov.29,1919
Eliza    Apr.8,1861 - Jan.31,1930

VAUGHN    William J.    1901 - 1970
S. Esther    1905 - 1995

VAUGHN    William Riley    July 6,1852 - June 9,1940
In loving memory   Father
VAUGHN    Sarah    Oct.14,1855 - Mar.16,1922
In loving memory     Mother

VAUGHN    Willie G.    1877 - 1944
Winnie E.    1881 - 1911
Eliza J.    1887 - 1965

VELEZ    Theresa Lynn    July 18,1961 - July 19,1961

WARREN    Jason    1979 - 2001    
funeral home marker only

WEAKLEY    Joshua T.    1866 - 1941    (footstone: Father)
Kate    1871 - 1914    (footstone: Mother)
William T.    1901 - 1922    (footstone: Brother)

WICKHAM    Herbert L.    1884 - 1963    (footstone: Father)
More Information Tennie Mai    1900 - 1991    (footstone: Mother)
More Information WICKHAM    Aaron Newman    Oct.11,1922 - Feb.15,2009

More Information WILLIAMS    Etta Faye    age 69 years    died Aug.6,2009

WILLIAMS    James B.    Apr.7,1901 - Nov.3,1975
APR.7,1901 - NOV.3,1975
Mattie L.    July 25,1909 - Nov.11,1981     (footstone: mom)
married Dec.24,1935

WILLIAMSON    Harry J.    Aug.14,1890 - Sept.6,1963
footstone: H.J.W.)
Pauline M.    July 7,1902 - Oct.13,1963
(footstone: P.M.W.)
married March 15,1922

WINFREE    Ann M.    Nov.25,1942 -     At Rest

WINFREE    C.L.    Nov.9,1868 - Aug.1,1939
(footstone)    Father
Elizabeth    July 23,1877 - Feb.26,1862
Mother    Gone but not forgotten

WINFREE    Genn A.    June 13,1939 - Apr.18,1940
(footstone)    Gone but not forgotten

More Information WINFREE    Joe Corbin    Nov.9,1937 - July 3,2008

WINFREE    Robert C.    Sept.6,1908 - Sept.3,1965    
(footstone: Father)
Hilda M.    Oct.29,1915 - Jan.25,1996    (footstone: Mother)

WINFREE    William C.    Feb.25,1966 -     At Rest

WINFREE    William W.    Jan.9,1913 - Feb.3,1996
More Information Evergreen    Oct.14,1920 - June 15,2003

WINFREE    Wilson Lee    Jan.28,1918 - 4 29 90    
(footstone: Father)
Jessie Elma    July 22,1921 - Sept.17,1973    (footstone: Mother)

YORK    Harry    Aug.25,1892 - Oct.26,1918    (footstone: Father)
Our dear companion and father has left us and is at rest

YOUNG    William H.    June 30,1866 - Aug.19,1930

YOUNT    Nancy    Dec.6,1943 - June 27,1987
In loving memory

B.C.H.    1903 - 1938

H.E.H.    1892

Many unmarked graves and graves marked by fieldstones

Transcribed: April 5,2000

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