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My HONE line is in Warwickshire and Northern Oxfordshire.  Those in Oxford are mainly based around the Sibford, Swalcliffe and Epwell area.  Below are the extracts from the Parish Registers from these three churches for the Marriages which concern the HONE's.

If you are searching HONE, I hope this helps in some way.



1767 Nov 16   HONE William otp
                      SMITH Ann otp
                      Wit: William REASON, John HONE banns      SWALCLIFFE



1768 Apr 12  HONE John otp Weaver
                     MANCILL Ann of Chapelry of Epwell Spin
                     Wit: Thomas WALKER, William REASON banns     SWALCLIFFE



1794 Sep 9  HONE William
                   HANDS Hannah
                   Wit: Hannah WILLIAMS, John HONE banns     SWALCLIFFE



1795 Dec 26   WILLIAMS Daniel Psh Kingham
                      HONE Sarah otp
                      Wit: John HONE, Hannah WILLIAMS banns     SWALCLIFFE



1796 Aug 11   HONE John otp Widower
                     BROWN Betty of Shutford itp
                     Wit: Daniel CROSS, William WHITE     SWALCLIFFE



1801 Nov 30   CASTLE John Bach
                      HONE Susanna botp Spin
                      Wit: George HONE, Thomas HARIS banns    SWALCLIFFE



1803 Jun 13   HONE George Bach otp
                     COMPTON Lydia Spin otp
                     Wit: Samuel LIVELY, Cattern HONE banns



1803 Feb 8    WATSON Robert Widr otp
                     HONE Hannah Spin otp
                     Wit: Edward SOLLIS, Elizabeth WATSON banns



1805 May 24  AUSTIN William Bach
                      HONE Catherine Spin botp
                      Wit: Charles HAINES, John CRAWLEY banns     SWALCLIFFE



1811 Nov 18     HONE John Bach
                      STOCK Ann Maiden botp
                      Wit: James HANCOCK, Sarah STOCK, Nathan BARRETT       SWALCLIFFE



1813 Nov 9   DUMBLETON Daniel Widower
                    HONE Charlotte Widow botp
                    Wit: Thomas SUMMERS, Hannah GOFF banns      SWALCLIFFE



1813 Dec 27  HONE James Bach
                     BENNETT Elizabeth Maiden botp
                     Wit: Thomas BIRD, Mary BENNETT, John HUNT banns



1816 Jun 10  BENNETT Thomas Bach
                    HONE Sarah Maiden botp
                    Wit: James HONE, Elizabeth HONE, Wm. POTTER banns



1816 Dec 16   BIRD John Bach otp
                     HONE Phebe Spin
                     Wit: Mary BIRD, Thos. BIRD, Wm. POTTER



1822 Oct 17  NICHOLLS Edward Bach
                     HONE Mary Spin botp
                     Wit: Benjamin GREEN, Sarah HONE, Nathan BARRETT banns      SWALCLIFFE



1824 Jun 29 SIMONS Mark Psh. Hornton, Co. Oxford Bach
                    HONE Hannah of Sibford Gower itp
                    Wit: James SIMONS, Mary HONE banns       SWALCLIFFE



1830 Aug 4   HONE James Widower
                    PRUE Elizabeth Spin botp
                    Wit: John PITTAM, Jane HILLMAN banns



1831 Jan 3  SOMMERTON Mark Bach Psh, Wasperton, Co Warwick.
                   HONE Mary Spin of Sibford Gower Psh. Swalcliffe
                   Wit: James HONE, Patience SAVAGE banns



1833 Apr 9  HONE David Widower
                   SIMMONS Ann Spin botp
                   Wit: John LINES, Anna GREEN, Nathan BARRETT banns      SWALCLIFFE



1847 Apr 27  CARTER William FA Bach Labourer Ilmington, Warwicks s. Thomas, Labourer
                     HONE Elizabeth FA Spin Sibford Gower d. Thomas, Labourer
                     Wit: Thomas HONE, Mary Ann CARTER banns             SIBFORD



1864 Oct 6  PAYNE Jabez George FA Bach Labourer Sibford s. Richard
                   HONE Phebe 19 Spin Sibford d. David, Labourer
                   Wit: William PAYNE, Ann PAYNE                 SIBFORD



1866 Dec 31  HONE Thomas Henry FA Bach Labourer Sibford s. Richard
                     CALCUTT Lydia FA Spin Burdrop d. John, Labourer
                     Wit: Adeline EDEN, William SABIN banns              SIBFORD



1871 Dec 28  HONE Thomas Henry FA Widower Labourer Sibford Gower s. William Labourer
                     TRUSS Sarah Ann FA Spin Swalcliffe d. John Shepherd
                     Wit: William TRUSS, Mary Ann KATE        SWALCLIFFE



1875 Oct 18  HOLLAND Thomas 29 Bach Lab Sibford Gower s. Edward, Labourer
                     HONE Elizabeth 25 Spin Burdrop d. George, Labourer
                     Wit: Joseph ALCOCK, Maria HONE banns               SIBFORD



1884 Aug 24  HONE George 24 Bach Lan Sibford Gower s. George, Labourer
                     MILES Elizabeth 22 Spin Hook Norton (Charles Busby, Carpenter)
                     Wit: Joseph WEBB, Maria HONE banns             SIBFORD



1886 Nov 17   UPTON Henry 44 Widow Labourer Shennington s. James, Labourer
                      HONE Maria 36 Spin Burdrop d. George, Labourer
                      Wit: George HONE, Elizabeth FOX banns             SIBFORD



1900 Dec 26  BRAIN John James 25 Bach Quarreyman Sibford Gower s. James, Labourer
                     HONE Lucy Florence 20 Spin Sibford Gower d. David
                     Wit: William Stephen HICKS, Gertrude Alice BARTON             SIBFORD



1902 Jun 3  JAMES William 32 Bach Labourer Sibford s. James, Labourer
                   HONE Louisa Ellen 22 Spin Sibford d. Thomas Henry, Labourer
                   Wit: Arthur John HONE, Caroline Hannah COVEY banns            SIBFORD



1920 Sep 22  HONE William Jason 26 Bach Farmer Adderbury s. Jason, Farmer
                     PAGE Mabel Elizabeth 28 Widow Sibford Gower d. Frank WEALSBY (deceased)
                     Wit: Philip ABERNATHY, Frank WEALSBY, Mabel PAGE Lic.           SIBFORD



1947 Apr 26  SHAW William 31 Bach NAC Worker Banbury s. William, Retired
                      HONE Kathleen Mary 21 Spin NAC Worker Folly Farm d. Wilfred Victor, Farmer
                      Wit: Wilfred Victor HONE, Beatrice Elizabeth SHAW banns           SIBFORD



Marriage Witnesses

1851 Oxford Census
1851 Warwick Census