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Other children of Alexander Nicol and Margaret Forsyth: David-1795,
William-1796, Janet-c1798, Christian "Cursty"-1799, Heneretta,
James-1807, Margaret-1811, Isabella-1814 and Charles-1817.

William Nicoll (1844-1922)

Born Dummer Township, Ontario, Canada - died Bruce County, Ontario, Canada.
Great Grandson of David Nicol & Janet Bremner.

The seventh child of Alexander Nicol and Lydia Bain, William was born in Dummer Township, Ontario, Canada. He married Emma Swindlehurst in 1871 just before moving to Bruce Township with his parents. He arrived in the next township, presumably staying with a sister's family, then moved to their 300 acres in Bruce Township where he stayed for the next 50 years.

William and Emma had five children born to them. A mystery exists since the year they moved they adopted an Emma Jane Emary. Why take on such a burden in the middle of a move?   Is the child a result of a liaison by William? Unknown.

William and Emma's children were James Alexander b1872, Eleanor Helena b1875, William George Albert b1879, Lydia Alberta b1881, and Mabel b1882.

William died in Bruce Twp. in 1922, his wife Emma in 1911.

Circa 1901: William Nicoll-Emma Swindlehurst family.
Behind their parents, (L to R): James, Mabel, Lydia, William George Albert and Eleanor.

The William George Albert Nicoll & Charlotte Rowley Family.
Circa 1915. Children, L-R: Joseph Rowley,
Emma Margaret & James William

William George Albert Nicoll (1879-1932)

The third child of William Nicoll and Emma Swindlehurst, William George Albert Nicoll married Charlotte Luella Rowley in 1909. (The Rowley family were already twice married into the Nicoll line.) They moved into Charlotte's widowed mother's house. In this house, occupied until the middle of WWII, six children were born. They were James William b1910, Emma Margaret b1911, Joseph Rowley b1913, Mary Luella b1919, George Arthur b1921 and Harold Nelson b1926. The men of this family were all kind, gentle and good looking men. My research suggests they were very popular with the ladies.

William George Albert Nicoll died young of a brain tumor in 1932. The eldest son, James took over as the head of household, but he also died young in 1940 of a kidney infection. Tragedy seemed never far from the leaders of this family.  WWII saw the other three sons join the services, luckily all survived this event.


George Arthur Nicoll's (1921 - 2005)

The fifth child of William George Albert Nicoll & Charlotte Rowley, George Arthur Nicoll married Mable Margaret Cooper and lived his life in the outskirts of Toronto. Family tradition holds the belief that we are part of the McLeod Clan, and related to Dame Flora McLeod.

His memory went as far back as two years old. He often spoke with fondness of the times on the farm. The depression was lessened by the lucky fact that they were farmers. They grew their food and traded wood for other needs like boots. They also had a piece of land with gravel the township purchased, at times even boarding road workers at the house.

The Nicoll family was close, even with, or because of the tragedy of the senior men. George and his brother Nelson (Nels) bought bikes after the war and went on a tour of America. Art worked in the giant Morenzy mines in Arizona, USA to make some money.  In about 2001, while in the hospital he actually recognized a man who had been his supervisor at the mine. Imagine a memory that went that clear that far back!  

George Arthur Nicoll and wife Mable have a total of 4 children: 3 girls and Lawrence Nicoll. George Arthur died in 2005. Although buried in Mississauga, he was honoured in 2006 with a military stone in his family cemetery in Bruce County so that future researchers can find his information.

George remembered that his father had a touch of brogue, his grandfather a strong brogue but both lived during the life of the man who came from Scotland to homestead --Alexander Nicol (1802-1894)!

§This Page Contributed by Lawrence Nicoll, 2007

George Arthur Nicoll & Mabel Margaret Cooper



Christina (Cursty) Nicol

Heneretta Nicol (b 1846) & Andrew MacKenzie

Alexander Nicol (b circa 1860) & Jane Urquhart

Margaret Nicol (b 1811) & Alexander Corbet ---> Australia

Alexander Nicoll (b 1802) & Lydia Bain ---> North America

Ann Nicoll (b 1839) & James Dinsdale

William Nicoll & Emma Swindlehurst

Christiana Nicoll (b 1851) & Robert McConnell





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