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Marjory (May) Nicol (1877-1939)

Born 1877 Rosemarkie - died Ballifeary Road, Inverness
Great Great Granddaughter of David Nicol & Janet Bremner.

Marjory (May) Nicol was born in 1877 in Rosemarkie to John Nicol & Christina Cameron.  Her son, Malcolm John Ross, was born apparently illegitimately, in 1897 in Rosemarkie.  His father was John Ross, a son of the Ross Family of Balnagown Estate in Sutherland, who subsequently went to Canada and apparently stayed there.

Marjory was sent to Edinburgh, seemingly very soon after the birth, to become a nurse.  She seemed to have made this into a successful career. The photograph, right, was taken of Marjory at the City Hospital in Edinburgh in 1912.  

In 1921 she was presented with a silver inkwell from Glenalmond Hospital where it is believed she had been Matron for a few years.  (This was a hospital for war wounded.)

It is thought she returned to Inverness after that and married a Malcolm Fraser, possibly from the Ardersier area.  He was a few years older than her - they had no children.

Her granddaughter, Jean, often spoke of spending many happy times with her 'Granny Ballifeary' helping out with hens and cattle at the house in Ballifeary Road.

Malcolm Fraser died before Marjory.  She was a very fit and capable woman and ran the croft  until the end of her life  in 1939 .  She passed away, doing what she enjoyed,  tending her small holding.



Marjory at the City Hospital in Edinburgh in 1912.

Malcolm John Ross (1897-1965)     ->

Son of Marjory (May) Nicol (1877-1939).

Malcolm John Ross was brought up by his grandparents. John Nicol & Christina Cameron at 'Drumarkie' Rosemarkie, Ross & Cromarty.  He was born to Marjory Nicol, a seamstress and John Ross, a son of the Ross family of Balnagown Estate, who moved away to Canada after Malcolms birth. As far as we know, John was never involved with his son or Marjory.

Little is known about his boyhood except that he was very musical and good at maths.  He was also skilled at carpentry and could turn his hand to making or repairing anything.  In his early 20's, he lived on the Isle of Skye, working as a foreman with Tawse where the first tarmac roads were being constructed.

Malcom John Ross (who was called Jock) married Catherine (Kate) MacLennan in 1926.  Following the birth of their children, John and Marjory Jane (Jean) Ross, the family moved to Dochfour Estate, Inverness, where Jock worked as forester.  Life was good there.  He worked hard and in his spare time played the pipes.  He even formed a pipe band with the estate workers.  Sadly, many of these boys went away to war and never returned.  In 1957, he retired from the sawmill and moved back to Inverness, to the home his mother had lived in at Rowanbank.

Not idle for long, he started work with Rossleigh's Garage as a taxi driver.  His popularity as a taxi driver grew so successfully that he started up his own taxi service, based at Rowanbank.  At the height of its success, he owned 3 taxis and officiated at weddings, funerals and lots of everyday bookings.  John, Jean and her husband Donnie also helped out at busy times.  In his spare time he grew all his own vegetables and worked tirelessly in the garden, keeping the household supplied with fruit and vegetables.

Malcomb John (Jock') and Kate's son did not marry. Read about their daughter Jean to the right. Sadly, Kate died in 1964 and Jock the following year.


Marjory Jane (Jean) Ross (1927-2004)

Daughter of Malcomb John Ross & Kate MacLennan
Married Donald Fraser in 1951.

Marjory, known as Jean, was born to Malcolm John & Catherine (Katie) McLennan in Inverness in 1927.

She was brought up at The Lodge, Dochfour attending Dochgarroch School, Central School and Inverness High School.

She started work at age 15 in Inverness.  Her first job was a clerkess with Herraghty, Wine Merchants and then in the Town Hall in the Town Chamberlain's Office.  She also worked in the Food office at night, dealing with the administration of Ration Books.

In 1951 she married Donald Fraser, farmer of Balmore, Scaniport.  Jean and Donnie separated in 1964 and subsequently divorced.  Jean moved to Inverness, and she returned to full time employment. Donnie remarried and died in 1991.

In 1968 Jean met Geddes McWilliam, an Aberdonian who was employed as Superintendent of Cleansing with Inverness Town Council. They eventually married in 1983.  Geddes passed away in 1993. Jean passed away in 2004, aged 76.

Marjory Jane is survived by her two daughters, two grand daughters, and one grandson, and one great grandson. Marjory's brother John did not marry.







§Submitted by Marjory (Jean's) daughters - 2007



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