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Alexander Nicoll (1802-1894)

Born Scotland - died Bruce County, Ontario, Canada.
Married Lydia Bain: 11 children.
Grandson of David Nicol & Janet Bremner.

Along with two other sons of Alexander Nicol (1767-1855) & Margaret Forsyth, Alexander Nicoll (1802-1894) migrated to Canada. Brother William left Scotland with Alexander shortly after his marriage to Lydia Bain in the spring of 1831; in 1851, brother Charles joined them. Two other siblings migrated to Australia.

Their destination was Upper Canada, a trip of 3-4 months. The accommodations of the time were often no better than for cattle, women slept between male family members in bunks in the hold. Sickness and even death could attend those on the poorly kept ships. Upon arrival at Quebec city, they moved on to Montreal and the narrows. Flat bottom boats dragged by horses on shore brought the family to Lake Ontario, stopping at Prescott, then eventually arriving at Cobourg. When the Nicol boys arrived in Canada, they suddenly became Nicoll.

The lands were selected and the men were taken to their land to clear a small area and build a log cabin.The first winters were terribly severe. Both men chose Dummer Township in the county of Peterborough, in what became Ontario. It was reasonably fertile compared to neighbouring Townships. To register this new home, the men had to walk to York (later Toronto), a distance of 85 miles (127 kms). By clearing more land and meeting a few other conditions, this land (100 acres) became theirs for a pittance, (as a Crown Grant).

Alexander Nicoll had 11 children with Lydia. (See names and links below) In 1871 the word had spread about the wonderful land in Bruce County from others who had migrated from the Peterborough area. I'm sure the fact that Bruce Co. had a large population of Scots didn't hurt either.

Alexander and Lydia with their middle son, William (1844-1922) left for Bruce Township, Bruce Co., Ontario in 1872. It is amazing that a man who was born in Scotland, lived to homestead twice. Lydia died in 1876, Alexander in 1894 at the ripe old age of 94.

William Nicoll (b.1796) & Charles Nicoll (1817-1873)

And what became of the other two sons of Alexander Nicol (1767-1855) & Margaret Forsyth who migrated to the Peterborough area of Canada? We have very little information. William Nicoll (b.1796) had married Margaret Young in 1821; she died in 1841. Wm Nicoll and Margaret Young had eight children, one of whom was Charles Nicoll (1836-1902); we know that some of this Charles Nicoll's descendants resettled, at least temporarily, in Sintulata and Kindersley, Saskatchewan.

William Nicoll married Margaret Wilson the same year his first wife died (children to be taken care of). William had two more children with Margaret Wilson. He died on the homestead in 1865, and Margaret Wilson died in 1881.

The youngest child of Margaret Forsyth and Alexander Nicoll (1767-1855), Charles Nicoll (1817-1873) moved to the Peterborough area about 1851. Later he moved north of his brother Alexander in Bruce County. There appears to have been infrequent connection between the families.

§Submitted by L. Nicoll of Nova Scotia, Canada, 2009

Red box marks location of Dummer Township.



Norwood, Ontario, Canada in 1864

Children of  Alexander Nicoll (1802-1894) & Lydia Bain:

All were born in Peterborough County, Ontario, Canada.

1.   Ellen Nicoll, 1831-?.

2.   Alexander Nicoll, 1833-1897, married Elizabeth Dinsdale. Farmed and died in Goldfield, Iowa, USA.

3.   Margaret Nicoll, 1836-?. Married Thomas Doughty in Peterborough in 1859.

4.   Thomas Nicoll, 1838-?.

5.   Ann Nicoll, 1839-1878, married James Dinsdale. Ten children. Died Tama County, Iowa, USA.

6.   Lydia Nicoll, 1842-1915, married Alexander Rowley. Died in Davidson (near Saskatoon), Saskatchewan, Canada. Children: Margaret Rowley Allen (1864-1896 in S.Dakota), "Jennie" Rowley Fothergill (1866 -1954 in Vancouver, BC), William (1868-1949 in Lloydminster, Sask), Arthur Rowley (1870-1951 in Vancouver), James (1870 -?), Martha Rowley (died at 12 years), Alexander 'Sandy' (1873 --> 1952 in Davidson, Sask.), Minnie (1876 - 1877) Emma Rowley Schultz (1879-1947 in Surrey, BC), Luther (1882-1966 in Vancouver, BC), Annie Rowley Michaelis (1885 in Eagle Grove, Iowa --> 1968 in Cooperstown, N Dakota)

7.   William Nicoll, 1844-1922, married Emma Swindlehurst. Five children. Farmed and died in Bruce County, Ontario, Canada.

8.   James Nicoll, 1846-?, married Margaret. Died in Jackson, Michigan, USA.

9.   John Nicoll, 1847-1914, married Alice Dinsdale. Died in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA. Eight children: Alexander Nicoll, Lydia Nicoll Slaikeu (1875 - 1930), James D. Nicoll (1872 - 1940), Martha Nicoll Smith (1873-1948), Elizabeth Nicoll Roth (1882-1959), Ella Nicoll Ross (1884-1963), Edna Nicoll Barnum (1886-1961), and Harry Nicoll (1889-1963).

10.  Isabelle "Bella" Nicoll, 1850-1927, married William H. Rawley. Died in Tyendinaga, Ontario.

11.  Christiana Nicoll, 1851-1892, married Robert Henry McConnell and raised their eight children in Dummer Township, Peterborough County, Ontario. Five of her children resettled in Detroit, Buffalo, Saskatchewan and British Columbia.


    § Contributed by Kathleen Hay, Christiana's Great Granddaughter - USA 2007


Christina (Cursty) Nicol

Heneretta Nicol (b 1846) & Andrew MacKenzie

Alexander Nicol (b circa 1860) & Jane Urquhart

Margaret Nicol (b 1811) & Alexander Corbet ---> Australia

Alexander Nicoll (b 1802) & Lydia Bain ---> North America

Ann Nicoll (b 1839) & James Dinsdale

William Nicoll & Emma Swindlehurst

Christiana Nicoll (b 1851) & Robert McConnell





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