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Other children of Alexander Nicol and Margaret Forsyth: David-1795,
William-1796, Janet-c1798, Christian "Cursty"-1799, Alexander-1802,
James-1807, Margaret-1811, Isabella-1814 and Charles-1817.

Alexander Nicol (Born c. 1860)

Born in Resolis Parish, Ross & Cromarty, Scotland.
Married Jane Urquhart in 1880.
Great Grandson of David Nicol & Janet Bremner.

Alexander Nicol was the fourth of six children born circa 1860 to John Nicol & Isabella Stewart.  Alexander married Jane Urquhart in 1880 and had 5 children: John, James, Thomas, Annie and Alexander.

John spent most of his life in Falkirk and had several children including Tommy and Jean. I am currently researching John and his family to add his history to my research.

James followed in the family footsteps of farming at Culbo and other holdings on The Black Isle. He did not marry.

Annie married a gentleman by the name of MacKenzie and had one son.

Alex & Jane's youngest son, Alexander, did marry but had no issue. He was an Agricultural Merchant.

Thomas Nicol, Vancouver business man, bachelor
& great war veteran.
James Nicol, his cousin, farmer of Culbo, also a bachelor,
Thomas Nicol, farmer of Tore Farm R&C,
Tommy Nicol, son of John Nicol of Falkirk,
Eva Scott with children: Elizabeth, Alex, Evangeline and Jean


Editors' Note: Read about Alexander Nicol's sister, Heneretta Nicol Mackensie b1846. His other four siblings were: Thomas Nicol- 1847, Christian Nicol-1855, John Nicol, Margaret Nicol.



Wedding of Thomas Nicol & Eva Scott c 1927.
Back Row: Evan Scott, the Minister and Annie Scott.
Front Row Rt to Lt: Elizabeth Scott, bridesmaid,
the bride & groom and Alexander Nicol, Bestman.

Thomas Nicol (c 1886-1940) & Eva Scott

The third son of Alexander Nicol & Jane Urquhart, Thomas Nicol married Eva Bella Scott around 1927. They had Jane, Alexander John, Elizabeth and Evangeline.

Evangeline had her right arm damaged at birth and managed quite well, but as she grew up, she wanted her arm corrected. A surgeon in Raigmore hospital had a very good reputation, and she persuaded our mother to consult him.  He examined her and said he could help her.  The operation proceeded, and the following morning at around 2 am, a nurse phoned to say she had died.  A huge blow to all of us, she was only 14 years old.

Jane Ann, known as Sheena, died in 2005 and Elizabeth, known as Betty, died in 2006.   

My father, Thomas, died on the 7th March 1940 when I was 91⁄2 years old.  He died of a disease carried by rats. As there was no medication in those days, he lost his life leaving his wife with four young children to bring up. 

I had a poor education, as I was needed on the farm, most able bodied men being in the services and farms were labour intensive in those days.  Both my sisters had secondary school educations, but I had barely primary education.

Myself, Alexander John Nicol, son of the above Eva & Thomas Nicol, married Jessie Thomas MacLennan, otherwise known as Jack, in 1957. Both Jessie and I served with The Royal Air Force, Jessie serving in The Middle East in World War 2. We had three children and enjoy two grandaughters and five grandsons to continue our family history.




Christina (Cursty) Nicol

Heneretta Nicol (b 1846) & Andrew MacKenzie

Alexander Nicol (b circa 1860) & Eva Scott

Margaret Nicol (b 1811) & Alexander Corbet ---> Australia

Alexander Nicoll (b 1802) & Lydia Bain ---> North America

Ann Nicoll (b 1839) & James Dinsdale

William Nicoll & Emma Swindlehurst

Christiana Nicoll (b 1851) & Robert McConnell





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by Wendy McBain Brindle for the July 2007 Clan Reunion in Inverness.
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